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The Vanity


Chapter one

From the Gallow

Rin threw the last of her bags over the side railing into the long-boat.

With a gleeful smirk she heaved her self over the edge and down the makeshift latter, into the small boat that would be her savor from a life she would never look back on.

It was to be the end of a life not worth living and the start of a new. In the dark she would escape and till day be found by the likes of an entirely different crew, if all went well that is.

So like a needle through cloth she slipped away silently through the mist without a trace left behind.

A tall figure stood strong and solid against the harsh winds. His hands resting on the scrubbed wood of his vessels railings.

The shouts and yells of the crew men below drifted in the air about him, but he paid no heed to them, it was only when a small man piped up that his attention was caught.

"Captain, we've picked up a stray sailor sir"

Rin yawned as the heavy sun beat down on her. Something was wrong she should have been found by now.

Rin glanced around; she was met with open water all around. She stifled the panic that tore at her chest.

The sun was now at its peek. Indicating the time all too clearly to Rin.

Rummaging through one of her many packs Rin emerged victoriously with her spy-glass and scanned the horizon once again.

There! her heart stopped..... She was saved.

A ship! And coming in fast.

Rin smiled as she looked the ship over through her glass.

Dark wood and tall sails glistening in the sun as it slid gracefully over the rolling waves.

It was beautiful, her ticket to freedom..... Vanity was its name.

The gallant Vanity..... A pirate's ship was it.

A silver hair hanyou looked over bored at the small long boat. The crew bustling about around him as they lowered the ladder allowing the lone sailor to climb aboard.

The dark eyed girl was clad in ruff black breeches held up by two thick hide belts hung heavy with weapons and such. Her hair was let lose to flow with the wind while on the top of her head sat a red bandana covered partially by a pirate's hat. On her back she wore a white blouse with red scarf. She had a pretty face framed by to giant gold hoops, her eyes soft and confidence; but her scent was tinged with worry.

Inuyasha smirked at this and made his way over to the girl. "You there what's your name and business"

The girl turned a watchful eye on Inuyasha and looked him over before answering "I am a pirate escaped not to long ago from the very vessel that sunk my ship, I am the last of my crew members taken hostage by the Calico, witch is just waiting for you to run into it"

Inuyasha faltered at this news, his amber eyes growing dark "and what's to say I should believe you?"

Rin frowned at his response "what's to say you shouldn't... I haven't got much reason to lie to the likes of you, especially in my current situation, if you get my drift"

"What be your name girl?"

"Rin sir"

Inuyasha gave a slight nod "Well Rin welcome aboard the Vanity, you'll be a fine prisoner till the captain decides what to do with you, until then men do what you will to her"

Rin gasped as two strong men grabbed her and begun to tear at her body as though she were some doll.

With a fast eye she dug her heal into the right mans foot and elbowed the left man in the goods; before drawing both her sword and her pistol. Bi-golly she would protect her honor till the end even if it meant death.

Inuyasha growled as he saw two men go down at the hands of such a fragile looking girl. The girl could fight like no pirate he had seen "get the captain" he growled and a short of a man behind him while quickly stepping into the fight before any more damage could be done.

"If you value your life you will drop your weapons now" he growled.

"Demon or not I would rather take you then have my honor spat on by the likes of this crew" Rin growled back her eyes burning with anger.

"Inuyasha! Let the girl be, we are not savages... she said so her self she was one of our kind and there for we should welcome her"

Rin turned to see a woman of her age with thick black hair to her waist. She was dressed in a long dress with a wad of fabric wrapped round her waist a hide vest and to straps with gun and sword draped over her shoulder. Despite the hardship of her life, her face looked warm and friendly.

Inuyasha growled softly but with drew his threat "and how are we to know whether she is trust worthy"

"Why not let the captain decide that"

"A very good idea indeed" a strong voice said from above.

Rin turned to look at the figure that spook. He was a tall and strongly built man with an unearthly beauty. With his chiseled features and long silver hair one might say he was stunning.

Rin let out a silent gasp as his piercing gold eyes washed over her challenging her very soul.

(should I leave it there?..... Nah)

The captain stood on the upper deck and looked down on the scene below.

"What be your name girl?" the voice of his first mate wafted up to him as he interrogated the young woman.

"Rin sir"

"Well Rin welcome adored the Vanity, you'll be a fine prisoner till the captain decides what to do with you, until then men do what you will to her"

"Captain?" Sesshoumaru held up his hand to silence the man beside him. He watching with mild fascination as the girl fended off to men much larger then her. She moved with grace and agility he had never seen and her technique was entirely her own.

"If you value your life you will drop your weapons now" his brother growled

"Demon or not I would rather take you then have my honor spat on by the likes of this crew"

The girls face was strong and proud; despite him self he felt a surge of respect towards her.

Sesshoumaru was brought out of his thought as his brother spoke once again "and how are we to know weather she is trust worthy"

"Why not let the captain decide that"

"A very good idea indeed" he interrupted.

Sesshoumaru made his way down the stairs onto the main deck glaring at his brother as he passed.

He stopped in front of the girl who gave a slight nod of her head in a respectful manner "So you say The Calico is planning on intersecting us?"

The girl nodded.

"And pry tell me what ship it was the you were on before they captured you"

"The Gallow sir"

"Why that ship was sunk not but a week ago... none survivors" sad a strong young lad of to the side with a crooked toothed grin.

Rin gave a silent thanks to him for he made her story that much more easier to believe.

Sesshoumaru took in this new information with a nod "very well then I thank you for the news you have brought it will prove to be most useful as for you what is it you want"

"As you herd my ship was sunk and my crew dead a job on bored your vessel would be much appreciated sir"

Sesshoumaru looked the girl over "Very well what is it that you can do?"

"I can clean and cook, I'm a good sailor and fighter I'm also some what skilled with medicine and navigating plus I can read and write in several languages"

There was a quiet murmur that went about the crowd. Rin smirked as Inuyasha glared at her from behind the captain.

(Not many pirates can read and rite and speak another language very well let alone there own)

"Good then you will assist out cook Kagome

She is usually very busy and in need of help I also might call upon you for you other skills as well but for now welcome to the Vanity Kagome will show you to your live quarters"

Rin nodded and turned to the woman who was now smiling fondly at her.

Rin gave a small smile then turned back to watch the captain leave. He was unlike any man she had seen.

"Get back to work you stupid twits" yelled Inuyasha, he wasn't too happy about having another female aboard. He always said it was bad luck but his older brother/captain never paid any head to his warnings.

"So Rin lets get all these things to our room then hey"

Rin nodded "Is it just us or are there more girls?"

Kagome smiled "Oh no there are two other girls aboard this ship lady Kaede is the doctor and Sango, she's one of our best fighters and usually helps lead the charges with Miroku and InuYasha, don't worry I'll show you around and introduce you to everyone later"

Rin smiled and nodded. The girl was friendly maybe to friendly how the girl became a pirate she hadn't the slightest clue and by thunder she wasn't sure if she really cared; but it was nice to have a friend on a vessel like this.

Rin was led down the stairs into a hall-way. Kagome opened the first door to her right.

The room was a comfy size with two bunk beds a giant closet in one corner and a desk in the other two huge treasure chests sat at the end of each bunk.

"Us girls got off good with one of the better rooms, any loot you collect goes into these trunks we share everything so I hope you don't mind, clothes in the closet personals on the shelves by your bed you get the top buck here. Bathrooms down the hall, don't worry we don't have to share with the men, shower water is rare so don't be taken a twenty minute shower everyday... lets see I think that's about all now how about we start making you at home"

Rin nodded with a smile and began to unpack with help from Kagome.

She had few personal possessions most of her possessions were books and a few cherished ornaments which she placed upon the shelf above her bed. Her clothes went into the closet and her goods were tossed into the trunk after a heavy inspection from Kagome.

"Well I must say you had quiet a bit of lout (treasure?) there"

Rin smiled "Well I decided to raid the ship before escaping the governor and his daughter were aboard that's were I got the jewels from"

Kagome laughed "I'll show you about the ship now... ever been on a ship this size?"

Rin nodded "The last one I was on was actually a bit bigger then this but the Gallow was a small ship with a crew of only twelve men and me"

Kagome nodded "I'm sorry to here that they went down"

Rin smiled "That's fine they were a bunch of slobs anyways it's nice to be part of a crew with some women again"

Kagome nodded "right... now here be the kitchen were I work and were you'll be working before and after meals"

Rin nodded and looked about the room it was large with four long tables at one end and two double doors leading to the kitchen at the other end.

"We have two eating shifts half the crew come down to eat at 7:00am then 1:00 and 7:00pm the other half comes in an hour later I usually stay in the kitchen all day so men can get snacks when ever"

Rin nodded then fallowed Kagome out the room "Down the hall is the men's bunks and the stairs that lead to the storage Over here are the stairs that lead to the upper floor were the cannons and weapons are and then the main deck were the Infirmary is and the captains quarters you might need to bring food to his room every now and then he doesn't dine with the rest of us but you already knew that didn't you?"

Rin smiled and nodded.

The day past in a happy blur as Kagome introduced her to person after person some names she knew she would have trouble with, but she didn't mind she was free from he old life now and starting a new besides she'd always have time to commit their names to memory latter.

For now she would just sit back and enjoy her new found freedom.

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