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The Vanity


Chapter Seven

The calm after the storm

Captain Reko let the struggling woman fall to the floor. With disgust he stared down at the squabbling figure. She was worthless to him. Lower then the dirt that hindered beneath his nails.

"Worthless pirate scum" he spat on the floor just missing the girls face by an inch.

"Stop this at once!"

Rin stood stalk still amongst the crowed of men, her face hard with authority.

"Terribly sorry madam but weather or not these women are your friends the fact remains that they have chosen a life of sin; it is our dutiful right to punish them for it"

"Do not talk to me about rights captain. For it is by my birth right and position that I command you to release these women immediately"

Reko glared at the young woman who dared to question his rule. "Tell you what miss, how about you do as I say and I think secondly on killing these fine women, how dose that sound to you?"

Rin gasped "How dare you-"

"Begging your pardon miss but you're in no position to complain, you ran away from home and joined up with pirates and killed many innocent soldiers by law you should be hanged like every other pirate"

There was nothing she could say. He had a point and she despised him for it "I don't want any harm befalling them you hear?"

Reko smiled "I'll see what I can do miss but there aint no guarantee, men please escort the young lady to her room"

Rin could feel her body shaking with anger "I suggest you watch your self captain I'm not one to forget things easily" and with that Rin turned on her heal and left.


"Lock her Cabin door; I don't want her trying to escape. As for the pirates bring them to the cellar, they're to be hanged once we reach our destination"

"In you go... slut"

Sango screamed with anger as the two solders locked her door laughing.

They would pay if it was the last thing she did.

Sango slowly regained her footing, then in one swift motion brought her bound hands from behind her to her front by jumping easily over them. With out hesitation she freed her mouth of her gag and undid the ropes that laced her hands.


The jail they had been placed in was made up of thick bars rusted with age. Kagome lay rigged in the cell across from hers.

She did not budge at the sound of her name, making Sango believe that she had been knocked out.

"I can't believe Rin lied to us"

Sango lifted her head, as Kagome rolled over on the floor to face her.

"I know what you mean, she hid everything so well; but you know what....some how it all fits if you think about"

Kagome nodded "Yes"

"You aint mad at her are ya?"

Kagome sighed "In truth Sango I don't know what to think any more. I mean I kinda feel betrayed in a way"

"Yeah I hear you there, if it weren't for her we wouldn't be in this mess and our ship would still be...." There was no need to finish her sentence Kagome knew what she was talking about. The Vessel that had been their home for so many years now lay in peaces on the oceans floor.

"Ya know me mom always told me ya never really know some one till you can look through their eyes" said Kagome with a sigh "I bet you anything Rin hated her life and dreamed of adventure then some where along the way decided to become a pirate so first chance she got she escaped"

Sango growled "Gee thanks Kagome now I've got no one to blame"

Kagome laughed "So how do we get off this heap?"

Sango sighed "That depends"

"Depends on what?"

"Depends on weather or not Rin is our friend and companion"

Kagome frowned "Of course she is"

"Then we have to stay..... If we leave now there's no telling what will happen to her, and I aint about to leave a friend behind. We best stay here till we can come up with a better plan of escape"

Kagome nodded "Doesn't really matter anyways, Sesshoumaru aint about ready to let her get away"

"Neither is Inuyasha"

Kagome laughed "Don't forget Miroku he aint about to leave you behind"

"Damn straight he aint, I'd drag him to hell before he gets the chance to"


The small toad demon swallowed hard, his body trembled with fear.

"10 men are reported dead and Sango Kagome and Rin are missing"

Sesshoumaru griped the side of the boat his strength breaking the railing into a thousand chips of wood.

"Oi! they've been taken hostage!"

Sesshoumaru turned to see his brother rowing towards him. "How do you know?"

Inuyasha gave a pained look his chin resting on his chest as he stared down into the icy depths of the ocean. His form screamed guilt "I-I saw them take Kagome..... They knocked her out then carried her onto their ship"

"That doesn't make any sense though. Why would they want Sango Kagome and Rin what importance do they have to anyone but us?" Miroku pondered.

Inuyasha shook his head "maybe they'b tryin to lure us into a trap"

Sesshoumaru remained deep in thought the words from the conversation at hand drifted over him.


Inuyashas voice penetrated his thoughts making him look up.


The demon cat poked its head out from behind Miroku.

"I want you to track down The Broker give this to Naraku" said Sesshoumaru handing her a peace of paper he had just finished scribbling on. "Be swift Kirara"

The others watched as the demon flew off.

"ARE YA CRAZY! We'b in the middle of no where with out a ship. Not to mention you just sent her off to find a ship that could be anywhere and ye expect her to find it!?" Inuyasha gaped at his brother.

"Inuyasha your ignorance and tone of voice is not only irritating but irrelevant. I had received news that Naraku and his fleet where close by not but yesterday"

Inuyasha shrugged "So.... still doesn't solve the problem that we're in the middle of no where"

"Trust me Inuyasha Naraku will find us"

Inuyasha growled and mumbled a fine line of curses that made up half of his vocabulary.

Miroku leaned forward in the boat, there was still one thing that didn't fit "Captain pardon my prudence but what makes you think Naraku will help us" he asked.

"That question can remain unanswered for now"

Miroku sighed and leaned back in his seat. Typical.

"We are goanna get the girls back right? You know Kagomes my mate right?"

Sesshoumaru sighed and nodded.

This eased Inuyasha a bit. He was goanna get her back; but that didn't help his mood. He hated when she wasn't near him.

"My god!" Miroku jumped to his feat making the boat rock uncontrollably.

"What the fucking gods name you think you're doing ya stupid monk" Inuyasha growled.


Miroku pointed to a large vessel on the horizon.

It was the Broker coming swiftly to their aid.


My ship has been sunk and a few of my cherished crew members captured, I am in dyer need of your aid; and will consider your proposal on the condition that you come to us as soon as you receive this message its carrier will lead you to our location. Further information and details concerning your proposal can be discussed later.


A small smile spread across Narakus face he couldn't have been happier "Men change course The Vanity has been sunk and we shall aid them. Kirara here will lead the way"

"Naraku my dear has Sesshoumaru considered your offer yet?"

Naraku tuned to his mate.

"We shall see Kikyou we shall see"

Ambereyes: ok so yes Kikyou is Narakus mate, weird, in some senses but remember his human heart in the anime loves her...kinda so its not that weird, but in this fic lets just say they're happily mated, and Inuyasha and Kikyou were never a thing. Well that's all for today mates see ya next time and don't forget to review!!!