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Chapter 18 – The Curse is Broken

Yuki, Kyo, and Hatori felt strange as they saw Uo hug Akito, and they burst into flames. Besides being stunned from the sight, they felt like something was being ripped from their souls. They all fell to their knees, and gripped at their heads and bodies, as the spirits of the zodiac were removed from their souls and bodies.

Kyo saw the spirit of the cat, in it's true form and cat form. They smiled to him, and bowed, saying a silent farewell. They spoke words of wisdom to him though, 'dear Kyo, follow your heart, and never give up trying to be a part of a family you know you belong to. You belong, you always have. And you have her now, too'.......... 'and oh yeah, beat that damn rat someday for me'. He nodded and felt strangely empty suddenly, but he smirked.

Yuki saw the spirit of the rat, floating away from him. 'Yuki, I have always loved being with you in spirit, but now I must leave. You are strong, even though sometimes you have doubts. Try and forgive Akito, for it was Asa who tormented you. I only wish I was strong enough myself to help you. But, kid, I think you still turned out alright. Remember that our experiences only make us stronger, please remember that. And yeah, don't let that cat ever beat you, even though we both know he has no chance.' Yuki smiled.

Hatori saw the spirit of the dragon, in it's earthly form, the seahorse, and also the god form, a mighty Chinese dragon. 'Hatori, the burden has been lifted, please don't feel you ever have to be so weighted again. Akito will be fine now. You have nothing else to fear. I know you fear many things, and now we take with us the power of the Memory Spell. You will never have to perform this action again. We hope that you can now carry out a life with love and happiness. Goodbye, my dear friend.' Hatori saw him go, a tear dropping across his cheek.


Shigure was trying to actually get some work done after Mii insisted. Suddenly he felt sick, and he keeled over, grabbing his head in a dizzying pain. Then the pain disappeared, ripped from his head with one big tug. He looked up and saw the spirit of the dog, staring at him, a sweatdrop on its head. 'Damn, I thought I'd never get away from you.' She said, and he frowned. A girl? 'yeah, even spirits can be female, damn, you really are an annoying little bastard. Anyway, it's time for me to go, the curse has been broken.' Shigure frowned again, when the hell did that happen? The spirit sighed in embarrassment. 'You really are hopeless. But I have to say that out of all the Sohmas that I've been in, you were my favorite, for the simple fact that you were hilarious to watch.' Shut up. 'oh you shut up, Shigure, and get back to writing, you slacker. And don't think this is the last time you'll see me, either'. She then floated away. He couldn't help but smirk. He didn't know the spirits were actual beings. He stopped smiling; and really blunt and sarcastic, foul mouthed beings they were.


The flames disappeared around Akito and Uo, and the others watched as they spoke quiet words to eachother, and then kiss tenderly. Tohru found she still couldn't breathe from the sight she had just experienced. She was gripping Kyo's hand so tightly he was beginning to lose circulation. He pried himself from her, and shook her gently.

"It's over Tohru, it's over, it's okay." He said, and brought her to him in a awkward hug. She relaxed though, and melted into his arms. He was hugging her! She was hugging him! The curse was broken! Forever! She began to cry happily, and hugged him tightly.

Yuki couldn't believe it. The curse was finally, forever, broken! But what did that now mean? How would school go? How would the rest of the family react? Would they hate Akito still? Respect him? Too many questions littered Yuki's wandering mind. But through all the questions he heard an impatient throat being cleared. He looked over at Hana, who was eying him strangely. He frowned, confused. She cleared her throat louder this time, and Yuki then smiled, noticing that, indeed, he was not rejoicing like he should be. He reached out and pulled her to him hastily, and took in a deep breath in her hair.


Tohru, Kyo, and Yuki got home, after saying goodbye to Uo and Akito, who were staying together at the Sohma house. Hatori said he had to go inform the rest of the family, even though they probably already knew. On the way, they dropped off Hana at her house, where Torhu and Kyo waited for what seemed like hours for them to say their farewells. They finally ended with a lengthly and, from what it looked like, very intense kiss. Hana barely made it into the house, and Yuki almost tripped down the stairs. Kyo rolled his eyes, and Tohru blushed.

They walked into a quiet house. Where was he? There were muffling noises coming from his office. They walked closer, and suddenly Shigure opened the door a crack, and stuck his head out. "Oh, nice to see you guys made it home alright. I'm so glad the curse is broken, who broke it by the way?" He asked, a little too quickly, and a little too nonchalant.

"Uh, Miss Uotani, and I guess Akito." Yuki replied, and frowned, Shigure just nodding, and making noises of agreement. His head was the only part they saw, and his eyes were closed. He was preoccupied, they could tell. Kyo covered Tohru's eyes at the realization, and took her away. Yuki just covered his face in embarrassment, and walked away, talking about being scarred for life.

Shigure barely noticed as they left, and quickly shut the door, and turned back to Mii, who had been teasing his shoulder and chest with her lips. They were both only in their underwear. He smiled, and lifted her against him playfully, and kissed her neck. She squealed and held him tight. He smiled at the feeling. God, did he love her. He caught her mouth in his and massaged his lips to hers, and then carried her to his room, and they fell on the bed, kissing fiercely and passionately. That is, until Mii noticed something.

"Shigure, dear? There isn't a wall over there."

He stopped his actions, and looked over. "I see. Hmm." He looked back at her, below him, her cheeks flushed. "Well, I guess we can wait until there is a wall there. It might be a while, seeing as I only have teenagers to help me repair my house, and they have to go back to school tomorrow." He suggested, but he saw it was not going to go over too well. And according to his own body, waiting was not an available option.

"Screw the wall." She said, and pulled him back into a kiss.

He broke apart for a moment. "I hope there's no burglars prowling around. I'd be scared if I saw what I was about to do to you." He remarked wittily, but she just smacked him in the head playfully.


It had been one long weekend, and none of the kids had done their homsework, but none of them cared. Yuki fell into bed lazily, and fell asleep, suddenly reveling in the fact that he could still smell Hana's lingering scent on his pillow and sheets.

Kyo went to bed, but was restless. He opted to go on the roof, even though half of it was gone. His usually spot was still intact. He looked up into the night sky. It was twinkling, and he could have sworn he saw the constellations dancing. Maybe he was just exhausted. He almost fell asleep, when he heard a scuffling, someone struggling to get up the ladder. He saw a familiar brown head of hair pop up, and lovely blue eyes meet his. She made it up the ladder, and took steps towards him. She sat herself next to him.

"Hey, Kyo. I thought you'd be up here." She said, and then unexpectedly leaned into him, snuggling up under his arm. "I love holding you, Kyo." She said softly. She sighed softly, even though her heart was beating quickly from the contact.

He smiled back, and held onto tightly, and gave her a gentle squeeze. "I love it too." He said, shakily, his breath ragged from his pounding heart. But he relaxed slowly as he became used to her body against his again. He looked up at the stars again. "Do you think we'll see them again?"

Tohru frowned. "Who?"

"The spirits of the zodiac. They were real....... beings, you know. I wonder if we'll ever see 'em again." He replied, and felt Tohru snuggle against him some more.

"I'm sure we will...... Kyo?" She asked him, and he made a noise of acknowledgement. "I..... I love you, Kyo."

"I love you too." He said with no hesitation, even though actually hearing Tohru say that to him had his heart running laps and his mind swimming in possibilities and celebration. He loved her, he had always loved her.

She made a happy noise. "I didn't need Yuki's help after all."

"What about the damn rat?!" Kyo exclaimed, confused.

"Nothing, Kyo. I love you." She repeated, and crawled ontop of him and gave him a light kiss on his lips. When she was going to pull away to curl up in his arms again, he stopped her, and kissed her again, pulling her head closer with his hand. When he finally was satisified with the deep kiss, he released his hold, and she broke their liplock, panting a little bit, her cheeks extremely red. She smiled. "There's only one thing wrong, Kyo." She said, seriously.

"What is it?" He asked, worried, sitting up. She looked at him, with an odd look, like he was an idiot for not realizing it. He then thought about, and then smacked his head with his hand, and fell back to the roof, his head hitting it with a loud bang. "Kagura!"

-----------------------------------------THE END---o.O-------or is it?-------------------------------------------