Shards Of The Eclipse

By Darkness Arts

Genre- Angst/Romance

Rating-PG-13 For language, violent descriptions, suicidal/depressing character thoughs, and perhaps a few adult-oriented situations.

Pairings- Hige/Blue, Kiba/Cheza (for now)

Status- Multi-chaptered, ongoing.

Story Type- Alternate Universe; More towards modern day settings, with some wolf action added, and explained later on. Because this is an AU fic, the premise for the wolves and such will be entirely different, though still using base from the show, but more to the effect to fit the story, and the plot I'm going for.

Summary- Blue Yaiden had tried to live her life as normally as possible for the first 17 years, with only her father to raise her. Durring this time, she had been completely alone, and instead vyed for this as a form of comfort, chosing instead to be the one who always played alone at school, and sat in the back of the classroom. When her father's new job as sheriff took she and her younger brother, Toboe, to a small, rual community where she could no longer dissapear into the masses, her life takes a surprising turn when she realizes that maybe she could actually achieve some semblance of happiness beyond the shadows.

Authors Notes- There comes a time, I think, in almost every fanfic writer's career that they sit down and think " I face this hell everyday, so why not inflict it upon the unsuspecting characters of my chosing, and see how they react and deal with what I endure on a daily basis..."And while I know that two years ago, in 8th grade I swore to myself I never would write one, I am now doing just that. I am very much so writing a ...

::Drum roll, suspenseful music, lightning flashes in the background::

...Highschool fic!!!! ::Cue the shocked gasps:: Yes my friends, I have gone low this time, as now in 10th grade, I am far into a new obsession ( this being "Wolf's Rain" if you couldn't tell.... ) and actually wanting to write fanfics! ( ::HintHint:: Go read "Take A Picture-It'll Last Longer" and "Understanding" plleeeaasseee!!!!! ::begs shamelessly:: )

::All of her personal friends are shocked beyond words, as she usually sticks to strictly original stories:: Anyway...yep. I have read a few "high school" fics in the Wolf's Rain section, and needless to say, I liked them all! Anyway, so as not to copy anyone, as well as stay off of the cliché, I have added a few elements of my own to this. Blue, who the story will mostly focus on, will be the lead guitarist in a band, as will a few of our favourite wolves. ::grin:: So, I will use song lyrics in this story. If I, myself, did not write the song I am using, proper credit will be given either at the beginning, or end of the chapter. Anyway, more will be seen further throughout the story, but be warned now that if you're not open minded about the characters, then you may not like this fic. I will try desperately to keep them all in character, but I'm sure they will all stray quite a bit. Especially where the added effects of my major romance and angst kick are brought in.

Disclaimer- By now...I really dislike these. In original stories, they aren't needed, at all. But now that I'm back into writing fanfics (you poor, poor people who have to put up with me!), I am required to make one for every story (I said every story, not every chapter). Anyway, Hige belongs to Blue. Blue belongs to herself, and I'm going to say that Cheza belongs to Kiba (since she herself, as a character, doesn't seem all that possessive .). Toboe, for this fic, is Blue's bitch (aka, little brother ::big grin:: ), and the spiffiness of Quent, Tsume, Cher DeGre and Hubb Lebowski all belong to whoever owns the show, "Wolf's Rain" in it's entirety. Oh...and Darcia belongs to them also, but my friend Annie seems to think she owns yep. That about covers it.

Chapter I

The Other Side Of The Mirror

...With a lasting sigh of anger, a mascara-induced black tear rolled down her pale cheeks. Her hands trembled violently, as sharp pieces of stone began to crumble, and shatter from her pervasive grip on the concrete slab strewn around her.

Sapphire blue eyes stared down at the boy, or rather man, that was laying on the ground. Blood trickled down his chin, from his perfect lips. His soft brown hair was matted down with thick blood, and his mahogany brown eyes were barely open in agonizing pain. She didn't even want to look any further-- she didn't have to. She knew what had happened.

Hige's torso, from his chest-down had been ruthlessly shredded. The fight had been too much for the small group of rebels. Darcia had lied to her.

Or them all.

Dimly aware of the callings from either Toboe, or Cheza she kneeled down next to the one known only as Hige. Did she love him, as Cheza, dubbed 'flower maiden', insistently said? If so, that would explain why this hurt so much. It felt as though her lungs were soon to collapse in around her heart, the pressure building up at a steadily increasing rate in her chest.

With gently, caring hands, she ran her fingers dimly over his bloody brow. "Hey..." she said softly, trying to choke back her tears. All of her control nearly deminished, however, as his pained eyes met hers.

He couldn't he?

"Hey..." Hige finally managed, trying to sit up some, only to fall back on the broken up ground. He hurt all over, and he wasn't even sure if he had hands anymore. What wasn't hurting on him, was instead numb, and refused to respond to his muscles as he attempted to move the digits.

"'re going to be all right soon enough. Just hang in there, okay. Toboe just left to go get Kiba and Tsume...they should be here soon." Blue pleaded, unable to keep the tears from falling at this point, as they streaked long, slender rivulets upon her pale face.

"Ahh, come on...please don't cry." If there was one thing Hige could NOT stand, it was watching a girl cry. Woman, he quickly corrected himself, knowing that Blue Yaiden was one chick who could take care of herself in any situation.

"Damn it Hige!" she snapped, though quickly covered by averting her indigo blue eyes. "It's too hard to sit by, and watch you...die like this."

Hige focused all of the strength he still possesed not to flinch as the young woman said that. "Don't worry, Blue. I'm not dead yet..."

"Damn it Toboe! I told you to lock the front door!"

A very disgruntled Blue, awoke to find her father and younger sibling bellowing to no end with eachother. Either of them, now scarlet in the face, she found the scene rather amusing to see teeth bared in anger, and she was sure with any further progression, it would come to blows. With a sigh, she pulled her satin blue pillow over her face, breathing in the scent of her strawberry shampoo which mingled with the pleasant -or atleast it was to her- odor of cigarette smoke.

It was that same dream again. Why could she never remember it when she woke up? One thing was for certain though; every time "the dream" occurred, she woke up feeling emotionally inclined to be depressed- even moreso than was usual for the seventeen year old.

"Well I'm sorry father, but it's not exactly as if I COULD!"

A washed-out blue eye peeked out from beneath a mass of messy black hair. With a groan, Blue sat up from her less-comfortable position on the couch. She couldn't get her father, and Toboe to stop fighting long enough the previous night to help her bring in anything from their jeep. And well...alone, she had managed the less for wear sofa, and half of her own things, which she had decidedly placed in the back, master bedroom.

With no one other than herself in a position to claim a room, she had taken the largest one available on a sudden teenage impusle of selfishness, and anger at the fact that her only remaining family was being childish. Even though she knew she didn't really have much to fit the blank, white room, she figured that with a part-time job she could start buying more equipment for her guitar setup, as well as some new art supplies. All the room needed was a generous coating of dark gray and blue paint, as well as her own touchups to fill the negative space, and it would be set.

As the constant shouting droning on now just across the room from her finally began to wear on her nerves, she decided resolutely, to put an end to it.

"Will you two, PLEASE give it up!" she yelled, causing the father and son shouting match to disperse at last. She glared up at the two, pulling the pillow off of her head, before adding a more reasonably toned, "Thank you."

She stood, and dragging the quilt, and blue pillow behind her, fled to her room. She had school in about an hour, and still needed to take a shower.

Soon to be seen, Blue found herself sitting in the driver's seat of her precious 1971 Nova, trying to decide whether she really wanted to attend school, or not. She knew that she was supposed to spend time with her brother Toboe, especially now that he had just moved back in with she and their father, after the event of their grandmother's death, as he had afore lived with her. But damn it! What's the point! Sighing, she reached out for the volume knob on her radio, cranking it for the last time to simply drown herself in the Metallica that poured from her back speakers.

She knew that Toboe would probably already be in his first block Geometry class by now, and she herself should have been in German III. Right...She thought with a roll of her eyes. I'm sure my darling little brother will need me to hold his hand as he travels from the main building, to the Anex for his English class...mhmm, sure... Sighing, she righted herself and ejected the cassette from the tape player in the dash, and turned off the engine.

And here she remained. Still she was in her car, consuming even more of her precious German class time, though no longer needlessly wasting her car battery. She scowled. Not needlessly. ANY Metallica is worth it, if it isn't on the St. Anger cd...She cringed momentarily, as she popped down her viser/mirror. And "Seek And Destroy" is very worthy of my time, and the remaining life of the four-year old car battery that sits beneath the hood of the love of my life. She smiled at this, as she tried to half-heartedly flatten the annoying locks of her dark hair that stuck out all around at odd angles.

Finally pulling the keys from the ignition, she shoved them into a conveniently open pocket of her black shoulder bag. With a last, longing glance in the general direction of her home and then back to the interior of the car she cherished, she stepped out of the vehicle.

Straightening the wrinkles out of her old black tank top, she glanced forbodingly towards the bane of every teenager's existance. Then again, she didn't really know many teens that liked school, so atleast she wasn't counted as the minority in that area. But what would her new classmates think of her? Would they wrinkle their nose in distaste of her half-hazardly thrown together attire, or perhaps the fact that she was named after a shade on the colour wheel? Sighing again for the umpteenth- and she was sure it wouldn't be the last- time that morning, she slung her bag up over her shoulders before starting across the parking lot towards the high school.

The moment she stepped foot into the common place of Hillcrest Highschool, she knew that she was doomed by her already lack of conformity in the strange place... And that was only the tip of the iceberg.

A day had gone by. One, solitary day. And where it had it gotten her nowhere. Zip. She had nothing to show for spending her previous five and a half hours in the various muggy and hot classrooms that belonged to each subject she took.

Another disgruntled locker slamming shut went unnoticed, as it's owner stalked down the hall. The air seemed different- charged around her in the seething anger that radiated around and sparked off of her, giving those unfortunate enough to come within a foot of her an unpleasant buzz. So much for Trigonometry, she thought with distaste, remembering the elderly teacher's immediate response to her tardiness. It really hadn't been her fault that the office gave her the wrong schedule. But did the senile bitch understand that?!? No...of course not. With an annoyed flick of her black hair away from her icy blue eyes, the perpetually, and obviously pissed teen slowly made her way through the copse of hormone-driven teenagers that filled the narrow hallways.

She didn't fit in. That was an obvious enough statement.

Walking alone, she had somehow, miraculously enough managed to make it through the furious crowd. Most people she saw were walking in groups of four or five, which singled her out immediately with her company of only her bad mood to muse over.

She had yet to talk to another person. Toboe had attempted to gain her attention on his -which was sadly and subsequently her own- lunch period, but she walked straight on past, going out of her way to avoid him. She knew that he was fine as he had two others sitting on the bench with him, and they had looked to have been getting along fine before the only sophmore of the group had seen her.

She wasn't the type to conform to fit the expectations of them, and their rancid mix of Abercrombie and orange and blue shirts that supported school related functions, and stuff of that sort. She just didn't go for it.

That was another obvious gesture. Anyone could tell from the constant scowl marking her usually pretty features, and the solitary look in her bright blue eyes. Walking down the hallway, everybody she passed looked at her as though she was an animal to be gawked at in a zoo. Hadn't these people ever seen normal blue jeans, and combat boots? What the hell was their problem?

At this point and time, Blue wasn't even sure she could get up the proper emotion to pour into a non-sarcastic smile, should someone take the initiative to actually talk civilly to her. But by now, it didn't seem as though anyone ever would.

Blue wasn't a horrible person.

Anyone who really knew Blue Yaiden could testify to that. Her academic scores were all good, and those who had seen or heard the products of her out of school hobbies could find nothing wrong. Her only problem, currently, was her seemingly all-too-eager to permanently scare away any potential friends.

Oh well. The young woman sighed, as she walked down the steps in route of her World History class. Atleast she hadn't been given detention yet. She knew her father would be none too pleased if she received as such on her first day.

Blue continued to think about her mildly aggitating situation, and before she knew it she was standing in the empty hallway in front of room 006- Mr. George's room, as the bright, neon orange sign proclaimed loudly, tacked to the window of the door.

Wold History...

The moment she turned the knob on the door, and entered the cramped basement classroom, was exactly like the six blocks preceeding it had been- especially as she had been late to every single one, and was also the new student. A barrage of various forms of jeering, whistles, and a few catcalls assaulted her ears, the moment the loud slamming of the door behind her signalled her entrapment to the room.

It never quite ceased to amaze her. No matter how many different schools Blue Yaiden had been forced into, each one was exactly the same.

There was the gratuitously financially endorsed track and football field not located far from the main school building. The cafeteria and several gyms always seemed to be oddly close together- always within walking distance of one another. The halls were always cluttered with students who wanted more than anything to wake up in their beds and realize they were only having a horrible nightmare about being at school.

And then there were the people...

There were the same cliques in every school--jocks, brains, cheerleaders, and freaks- Blue instantly was made a member of the last category, though she considered "Blue" to be the appropriate title. They each had a leader of sorts, they all usually looked the same. Blue had made these observations from behind the bleachers in the gymnasium of every school she had went to.

And as was to be seen, these kids were no different from any of the others she had encountered, even if they were on the other side of the mirror.

End Chapter One

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