Ginny Potter was busy. It was only the first week of school and already the hospital wing was buzzing with activity. She had no idea how Poppy had survived by herself for so many years. Of course Poppy didn't have a husband in the castle that was always coming in to distract her and Poppy wasn't busy popping out babies. Regardless, Ginny had never been happier.

"Madam Potter! My arm hurts!" a small voice called from behind the curtain.

Ginny walked over and smiled apologetically at the young boy. "Adam, your arm is going to need time to heal. That was a pretty nasty break. Just keep it still for about an hour and then you can go back to class."

"Maybe it'll take more than an hour?" Adam asked hopefully.

"Do you have Potions in an hour?" Ginny asked.

"Yes," Adam admitted sheepishly.

"Well, between you and me, I don't think that your arm will be good for making potions today. I'll write you a note to excuse you from the rest of your classes."

Adam grinned. "Thanks Madam Potter, you're the best!"

"Just don't come in here looking for reasons to get out of Potions. I'm helping you out today because I know how Professor Snape can be, and you've had a rough day. Next time, I'll heal you and send you on your way," Ginny said firmly.

"Yes 'mam." Ginny smiled at the first year and went into her office. She had sat down at her desk to work on a case she was consulting on for St. Mungo's when she heard a small knock on the door.

"Come in," Ginny called, not picking her head up from her work.

"How are you doing today?" Harry asked, leaning in the doorway.

Ginny smiled. "I'm exhausted, my feet and back hurt from standing up all day, and my belly barely fits behind my desk anymore."

Harry walked over to her desk and gave her two kisses; the first on her forehead and the second on her bulging stomach. "You could start maternity leave early."

"Two weeks," Ginny replied wistfully. "I think Poppy is really going to miss me this time. She's getting more and more dependent on my help."

"Well, she's going to have to remember what it was like before you came here. She promised that she'd stay on until all of our children start Hogwarts and we can both live here full time," Harry said with a shrug.

"You know, I'm going to have to find an apprentice as soon as she retires. I think the main reason she was able to do this by herself for so long was because she didn't have a family," Ginny said thoughtfully.

"Well, I know our kids will like that. That way, if they have to come here after doing something they shouldn't have been doing they won't necessarily have to face their mother," Harry said with a smirk.

"And what, pray tell, will our children be doing that they shouldn't have?"

"Merlin only knows. They are our children after all," Harry answered.

"I knew that naming our first born Sirius was a bad idea. He's going to feel a need to live up to the Marauder's legacy after all of those stories you've been filling his head with," Ginny said laughing. "How hard is it going to be for you to not help him pull pranks?"

Harry groaned. "Not nearly as hard as it's going to be to punish him if I catch him after a good one."

"For the record, our son will not be starting Hogwarts with any special cloaks," Ginny said firmly.

"Fine by me. I won't be making any promises about maps though."

"Harry, that is our only real way of keeping an eye on the children here," Ginny scolded.

"You mean our children and their cousins."

"Maybe. But if you give the map to Sirius, how are we going to keep lookout during our little 'breaks'?" Ginny asked sweetly.

A frown crossed Harry's face. "I hadn't thought of that... Well, we still have several years before Sirius starts," Harry said. "And then a couple more before Rebecca, and then another before Brian, and then another couple before Evan."

"And that's not even mentioning this little one," Ginny added. "Face it Potter, it's going to be a long time before we have an empty nest."

"Well, if it were up to me we'd fill our nest with as many children as it can hold. You know that it was prophesized that I'd have 12 children and become Minister of Magic, right?" Harry asked innocently.

"Oh really? Which would you like to tell my father first: that you're going to take his job or you're going to impregnate his only daughter so many times she'll never be able to sit properly again?" Ginny teased.

"You know, come to think of it, if we have another child you'd probably have to raise it on your own because Poppy would kill me," Harry said quickly.

"Darn," Ginny said with a smirk.

"Speaking of Poppy, where is she?"

"Right here," she called from right outside the door. "You two have a visitor." Ginny and Harry left Ginny's office to see who had come to see them.

"Aunt Ginny!" Harriet cried as she ran into her aunt's arms. "I mean, Madam Potter!" she added with a giggle.

"Well, since you're in here for a visit and not to be healed, I think Aunt Ginny is fine," Ginny said.

"And as long as we're not in class, and there aren't many students around, Uncle Harry is fine too. That is, if you care," Harry said, pretending to be offended.

"Of course I care, Uncle Harry!" Harriet said as she gave him a hug.

"So how has your first week been, Harriet?" Ginny asked.

"Brilliant! I'm so glad I'm in Gryffindor! My roommates are so nice, and the classes are incredible, well except for Potions. Professor Snape is a bit of a."

"Harriet!" Harry and Ginny exclaimed at the same time.

"Sweetie, I'm afraid Professor Snape will probably be a little hard on you because you're a Gryffindor and a Weasley. Plus, he and Uncle Harry have never gotten along. But Uncle Harry shows him respect as a colleague, and you will always show him as much respect as you show all of your other professors," Ginny said calmly.

"Well, you can show me a little more," Harry added. "I am after all, your uncle."

"Okay," Harriet said with a sigh. "It's going to be hard though. He likes to take points from me just for breathing too loudly."

"Just don't let him get to you," Ginny said.

"When's the baby coming?" Harriet asked, changing the subject as she placed a hand on her aunt's stomach.

"Well, not for several more weeks. I'm actually hoping to get at least another two weeks of work in, but we'll see what the little one has to say about that," Ginny replied.

"If it were up to me she wouldn't have started this year until after the baby got here," Harry added.

"Is Sirius coming up to the castle anytime soon?" Harriet asked hopefully.

"I think he and Rebecca are going to come up for dinner sometime this week. I think it'd be fine if they went with you to the Gryffindor Common room for a little while after dinner, but you have to promise not to get into any trouble. Professor Dumbledore is being very generous to let them come up to the castle at all," Ginny responded.

"Oh, I promise! I just can't wait until next year when I'll have Jamie to show around!" Harriet said happily.

"Just think, by the time your sister is in her seventh there'll be thirteen Weasleys and one Potter attending Hogwarts," Harry said thoughtfully.

"I never thought of that. They're going to need to expand the Gryffindor Tower, or else the only people in Gryffindor will be Weasleys," Harriet said.

"And Potters!" Harry added defensively.

"Listen to you two! There is no guarantee that all of your cousins will be Gryffindors," Ginny said.

"I know, Sara and Michelle were already both sorted into Ravenclaw, and Jessie was sorted into Hufflepuff, but as long as they're not Slytherins, they'll be fine," Harriet said.

"You men have had a terrible influence on the children. What are they going to say if one of them actually does get sorted into Slytherin?" Ginny asked.

"Like you liked the Slytherins while we were in school anymore than I did!" Harry cried.

"Well, no, but the times were different then, we were at war. And I don't continue to talk to this day about how much I despised them," Ginny said defensively.

"Well, if my opinion counts, since I've been here a fifth year Slytherin boy tripped me in the hall and made me drop all of my books, and a seventh year Slytherin girl pulled my hair, told me it was ugly, and said I'd be better off if she pulled it all out. So I'm not too fond of them from my own experiences," Harriet said.

Harry stuck his tongue out at Ginny. "So there!"

"Honestly, you'd think you were three!" Ginny said laughing. "Harriet, you should probably go down to the Great Hall, you don't want to miss all of lunch."

"Okay. Bye Aunt Harry, Uncle Ginny!"

"That's a sweet girl." Poppy said after Harriet left.

"Oh, don't let her fool you. She spends far too much time with her older cousins and sister. They like to take advantage of the fact that she's younger and idolizes them. I suspect she'll be in the hospital wing from a prank gone wrong before too long," Ginny said.

"I'm just glad I didn't have family here spying on me when we were in school," Harry added.

"I think our last year here would have been a lot less interesting," Ginny said with a knowing smile.

"Lots less," Harry said quietly as he moved in to kiss his wife.

"Ah hem," Poppy said loudly.

"Sorry," Harry said, pulling back guiltily.

"So how is it having Harriet in class?" Ginny asked.

Harry groaned. "It's making me as nervous as I was during my first year. For some reason, I'm worse with her than I was with Rose, Amy, Andrea, Julie, or Jessica. It's like now that her cousins have told her what a good teacher I am I have to live up to it. I feel like such a rookie again!"

Poppy couldn't help but laugh. "Those poor two children you sent to the hospital wing on the first day of classes your first year!"

"Don't remind me," Harry moaned.

"It's too funny not to give you a hard time about," Ginny said, now laughing as well.

"We can't all have perfect first days like you. Plus you had an advantage over me, this wasn't a brand new thing for you," Harry said defensively.

"Of course, you're right, darling," Ginny said mockingly.

"You have to admit that after that first day everything went smoothly," Harry said.

"You are a wonderful professor when you don't let your nerves get to you," Poppy assured him. "If you get this nervous over Harriet, how are you going to handle Jamie or Sirius?"

"Sirius will eat you alive if you give him an inch when he gets here. He knows you have a weak spot for him," Ginny added.

"Why are we suddenly so interested in our children coming to school?" Harry asked, trying to change the subject. "We still have like six years before Sirius gets here!"

"Well, I personally have an invested interest in your children and their schooling," Poppy said as she began to walk away.

"And what would that be?" Harry asked.

"I'd like to retire sometime this century." Harry laughed at her as she went to check on one of their patients.

"How long do you have until your next class?" Ginny asked her husband, looking hopefully towards her office.

"About half an hour," Harry replied, shaking his head. "Why is it that you always want it the most when you're too far along to have it? Besides, isn't sneaking in your office in between classes what made you look like that?"

Ginny grinned at him. "Do you think it will scar our baby if it finds out it was conceived on my desk?"

"No more than it will scar Rebecca if she ever finds out," Harry answered smugly.

"I have a feeling it may scar Poppy more if she found out," Ginny teased.

"What makes you so sure she doesn't already know what happens when your office door is closed?"

"My sanity. If I thought she knew I'd have to quit my job on the spot."

Harry laughed. "Come to think of it, I would have to, too."

"Madam Potter?" Poppy called from across the room.

"Yes?" Ginny answered, wincing.

"There's a broken wrist I need you to look at while I tend to a severed finger," Poppy called back.

"Duty calls," Ginny said with a sigh.

"Do you mind if I sit in your office for a bit? I like the break from monotony of my office," Harry asked.

"That's fine; just make sure you say bye before you leave," Ginny said as she walked over to her waiting patient.

Harry walked back into Ginny's office and sat down at her desk. He couldn't help but smile at the memories that they had made on that desk; including two of their children. They both knew of course, that they were acting rashly during their stolen moments in her office (which was probably why they ended up with children from them) and that they could get in serious trouble if they ever got caught by a teacher or a student, but that was half of the appeal. Besides, between the students and their children, time alone was precious.

"Professor Potter! Are you still in here?" Poppy called.

Harry jumped from his seat and rushed towards the sound of her voice and saw Ginny sitting on one of the beds.. "What's wrong?"

"Nothing. Your wife is just having labor pains," Poppy said calmly.

"But it's too early!" Harry cried.

"Try telling that to the baby," Ginny said dryly.

"Harry, why don't you go ask Albus to either cover or cancel the rest of your classes," Poppy suggested to the anxious Harry.

"Classes, right," Harry stammered as he began to run for the door.

"And Harry, floo Molly and let her and your children know that Ginny's in labor," Poppy called. Harry nodded and started for the door again.

"Hurry, Harry!" Ginny called. "If you miss this birth like you did the last one, I'll kill you!"

Harry ran down the hall, thinking about the birth of their last child. He had been gone on a special Ministry errand; they had needed a famous face to help smooth over an international crisis, and Harry had been happy to help his father-in-law. Ginny, however, almost killed her father when she went into labor and her husband was out of the country. Harry arrived just in time to miss the entire birth. Harry finally reached the spiral staircase leading into the headmaster's office. "Lemon Drops!" Harry called and the staircase opened before him. He quickly ran up the stairs. "Albus! Ginny! Baby!" Harry exclaimed while gasping for air.

"Calm down Harry," Albus said from his desk. "Do I understand that Ginny is in labor?"

"Yes!" Harry cried, exasperated. "I swear it doesn't matter how many kids we have, I will never get used to this!"

"First, I will teach the rest of your classes for the rest of this week, and then next if you wish. Secondly, I'll floo Molly and let her know. I know she'll want to be here, but am I correct in assuming that your children are in her care right now?"

Harry nodded. "Among others."

"So she probably can't drop everything and leave. I'll see what we can work out for the children here."

"They can stay in my chambers, but they'll need someone to stay with them," Harry said.

"I'll see who I can find."

"Anything else?" Harry asked.

"Yes, go be with your wife," Albus said with a smile. "Congratulations, Harry."

Harry grinned. "Thanks."

Several hours, hundreds of curse words, and a couple of threats on Harry's life later, Ginny was lying in bed exhausted, but happy. She was holding her beautiful new daughter in her arms. The baby was tiny, but healthy. She marveled at how she had ended up alone with her daughter in the hospital wing. She had sent Harry off to gather the rest of their children, and her mother had gone to tell the rest of their family the news. Ginny knew that Venus would be jealous. Venus was pregnant with her seventh child, and the baby was overdue. After the fifth child Venus swore she was done, but she would soon have a family to match that of her mother-in-law.

"How are you feeling?" Poppy asked walking over.

"I'm fine," Ginny said. "Did you tend to that burn?"

"The arm is as good as new," Poppy answered. "It's just a good thing the poor girl didn't come in while you were in labor. Not only would she have been scarred for life by the things coming out of your mouth, but she wouldn't have gotten healed."

Ginny laughed. "Am I really that bad?"

"When you're in labor? Yes! I think this one was the worst though; it was the first time you resorted to promising to kill Harry if he ever got you pregnant again," Poppy said with a chuckle.

"That probably wasn't smart. He won't want to touch me with a ten foot pole for about a month!" Ginny felt the baby stirring in her arms. "It's okay, little one. Mummy's here."

"And so is Daddy," Harry said walking over with their four other children.

"Mummy!" Rebecca cried. "Is what Daddy said true? I finally have a sister!"

Ginny smiled. "Yes, you all have a sister."

"Another brother would have been better," Sirius said stubbornly.

"Too bad, this one is staying," Ginny told him.

"Mummy," Evan whimpered from Harry's arms.

"Oh, come here baby," Ginny said, motioning for Harry to put him in the bed with her.

"Baby," Evan said, pointing to his new sister.

"What's her name?" Brian asked.

Ginny looked at Harry and smiled. The name had been the topic of much discussion, as it had been with all of their other children. Harry had decided when Sirius was born that they couldn't name any of their children James. It was too strange for him since he had used that name for so long. Jamie in honor of James was out as well, since Ron and Hermione had already used it. So they went with Sirius instead. Rebecca had been hard as well. By then, there were so many little Weasleys running around, most of Ginny's family names had already been used. Again, Harry didn't want to have to call his daughter his mother's name, so they picked a name they both liked and decided to use Lily as her middle name. Brian was a very hard pregnancy for Ginny, and she spent most of it in bed. Dumbledore had been so generous to them during their struggles that they named the baby after him, or at least one of his names. Evan had also been named for Harry's mother. They hadn't planned on doing it, but when he was born and he had auburn colored hair and Harry's almond shaped green eyes, the resemblance to Harry's mother was so striking that naming him after Lily was the only thing that seemed to work. The new baby had raven colored hair, and Ginny was certain she had caught a glimpse of bright green eyes.

"Can I name her?" Rebecca asked.

"Would you have liked it if we let Sirius name you?" Harry asked her in response.

"No," Rebecca said, furiously shaking her bright red curls.

"Besides, we've already picked a name," Ginny added.

"Baby," Evan said again.

"Yes sweetie, that's Mummy's new baby," Ginny said, placing a kiss on Evan's head. "Abigail Felicity Potter."

"Abigail means source of joy, and Felicity means happiness," Harry explained.

"You children are our source of joy, our happiness," Ginny said with a smile.

Harry took Abigail from Ginny's arms and kissed one of her tiny hands. "I love you."

Ginny reached over and ruffled Sirius's already messy red hair with her hand. "So, can you live with another sister?"

"Yeah, I think she'll be okay," Sirius said, trying hard not to smile.

"I like her," Brian added as Harry lowered Abigail to his eye level.

"Good," Harry said with a chuckle.

"Potter!" a voice called, and as they all turned to see who it was they were blinded by a flash and Abigail began to cry.

"Oy, Ron! How about a little notice next time," Harry called over Abigail's sobs.

"Sorry," Ron said sheepishly as he walked over with Molly. "But it was just such a touching family moment; I couldn't resist."

"What kind of camera is that, anyway?" Ginny asked.

"It's something Dad gave me when Blake was born. It's called a polter goid or something like that. It's a muggle contraption that he charmed to produce wizard photographs," Ron explained. He handed Harry a picture. "See, it's really fast."

Harry laughed at the expression of surprise on all of their faces and showed it to Ginny. "So that's what that looks like," Ginny mused.

"What?" Harry asked.

"Happily ever after."

"It's funny to think there was a time I didn't think I would get to have an ever after," Harry mused.

"It's just a good thing I came along and showed you how wrong you were," Ginny answered with a grin.

"Stop being all mushy!" Sirius exclaimed.

"I think they're cute," Rebecca said.

"Someday Sirius, you'll like all of this mushy stuff," Harry told his son.

"Besides, if it wasn't for the mushy stuff your father and I wouldn't be married and have all of you wonderful children," Ginny added.

"I want to get married," Rebecca said.

"You're a bit too young," Harry said, laughing. "You can start dating when you're twenty."

"Come on, Harry. Becky's a beautiful girl, she'll have the boys flocking to her by her first year," Ron teased.

"Yeah, Jamie's beautiful, too. And she starts school next year," Harry responded. Ron's face paled slightly.

"You know, you were right Harry; our lives will never be boring," Ginny said.

"I wouldn't have it any other way."

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