Disclaimer: Not mine, unfortunately.

Pairing: InuKai

AN: Very short drabble I wrote for the inukai communtiy on livejournal. The "---"'s represent line breaks, because ff.n is messed up and evil when it comes to formating. R&R.


Feather Qwill



Beautiful, beautiful Kaidoh.

Kaidoh, who blushed so prettily at the slightest hint of innuendo.

Kaidoh, who respected him without fear.

Kaidoh, who trusted him implicitly and followed his every direction as the law.

Kaidoh, who was the only one to truly believe in him.

Kaidoh, who smiled, just for him.


"Gomen, Senpai . . . I can't return your feelings."


Kaidoh, who destroyed his world.


AN: Grr. . . Stupid muse, DIE!