Warning: I have changed history a bit to suit my own needs since I have no clue as to what Inuyasha's past is actually like. There are also no concrete pairings involved in this particular story, it is not meant to revolve around that type of thing.

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My Little Big Brother?

Preliminary Chapter

He moved swiftly through the trees, visible only as a large silver and red blur. It was a beautiful bright summer day as he made his way through the green trees, springing off branches for long leaps through the sky. Landing on a thick branch that barely even moved he listened to the forest, grinning when he heard the tell tale sound of water over rocks. If it was the right river then he was already more than halfway to the slayers village.

With a strong leap he ricocheted off the top of a springy young tree to land right in front of the water. Gathering the water in clawed hands he took a drink before running his fingers through his hair to untangle it from the wild run. Sitting back on his haunches he fingered the beads of the subduing necklace sadly, they gave him the real proof that Kagome was gone for good. They had all said their goodbyes incase she was sent back, but somehow it hadn't sunk in until he'd tried to take the beads off and they slipped right over. It was that moment when Shippo and Sango burst into tears; even the monk had looked upset, his normally calm façade gone as he held Sango. The sight of those beads and fangs hanging from his clawed fingers had finalized it all for them; Kagome was really gone.

He remembered saying "No." and denying it all before pulling the necklace back on and racing off to level a good section of his forest with his claws. He had felt so empty then, but now it was becoming easier to take the loneliness. After all it didn't take that much effort to go visit them.

A breeze blew past him as he reminisced, carrying with it the scent of his half-brother and his dragons. He also caught the girl's as well but not the toad. Not even two minutes later he could hear the dragon's twin roars and the little girl's shouts for him.

He took up a defensive crouch as they landed on the other side of the river. He could smell his brother but the demon was nowhere in sight as the little girl awkwardly dismounted the large dragons, he could see and smell the girls tears, "Rin needs Inuyasha's help!"

"Where's Sesshomaru?" He jerked back as the girl burst into fresh tears.

"That's why Rin needs Inuyasha! An evil lady hurt Lord Sesshomaru." The girl stepped aside, allowing him to see why her dismount had been so awkward.

Standing there wrapped in his own much-too-large Kimono and that weird fluffy boa thing was Sesshomaru, only he seemed to be about five years old.

Inuyasha took a good look before falling over laughing, positively rolling on the ground when Sesshomaru squeaked and hid behind Rin again.

To be continued.

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