-Higurashi Shrine-

Kagome woke to find herself in the well with a roof overhead, which meant that she was back in her own time. Filled with panic she climbed up and jumped back down, spraining her ankle as she hit the hard packed dirt. She beat at it with her fists trying to get through; tears ran unchecked down her face as she sobbed. "No! I want to go back… I want to go back… Inuyasha!"

The tears eventually slowed but did not stop as she carefully made her way up the ladder then up the steps. Without even bothering to check for people she slid the door open and began limping towards her house, halfway there she stepped wrong and Kagome braced her self for impact with the ground.

When it never came she opened her eyes to see an arm around her waist holding her up, she mumbled a thank you and made to pull away when the man's voice stopped her, "What are you crying for?" She looked up to see a guy that seemed only a little older than her with pitch-black hair pulled into a low ponytail and the most familiar pair of dark eyes. "You know I hate it when you cry."

She gasped and pulled away only to bump into to someone else, turning she stared into equally familiar sea green eyes that belonged to an auburn haired teenager that was about her age and height, "No."


She whirled back to those dark eyes once more, "But…" She watched as the man muttered under his breath and his eyes turned gold and his dark hair silver, complete with the puppy ears that made Inuyasha, with only a minor difference. A single smooth magenta strip adorned each cheek. But it was still Inuyasha. "Inuyasha? Is that really you?"

"Feh." He grinned when she threw herself into his arms and held her tight, picking her feet up off the ground.

"Oh Inuyasha! The well wouldn't work and I thought for sure I would never see you again!" She heard a familiar 'poof' behind her and turned in Inuyasha's arms to see the pouting auburn haired boy was now a fox demon.

"So only the dog boy was missed? I feel so left out."

"S-Shippo? Is that really you?" The fox's less fluffy than it use to be tail twitched as he grinned.

"Who else would it be Kagome? You didn't expect me to stay a foot tall forever did you?" He rushed into her arms for a hug when she held them out, sticking his tongue out at Inuyasha as he did.

"Why you little runt. Come here!" Shippo ran as Inuyasha tried to hit his head, Kagome did the first thing that came to mind.

"SIT BOY!" Inuyasha slammed to the ground while Shippo laughed and skipped away.

"I told you Sesshomaru, now where's that thousand you owe me?"

"Yes fox child it seems you were correct, even now my foolish brother cannot contain his temper." A tall man with stylish short black hair and startling hazel eyes showed up form some place out of sight.

"Stuff it fluffy!" Inuyasha sat up and spit gravel from his mouth.

"S- Sesshomaru!" Kagome's voice was a squeak and her powers flared as the man murmured under his breath to reveal the long silver hair and magenta markings of the demon Sesshomaru, not to mention that furry thing on his shoulder.

"Don't worry Kagome, he's okay now."

"Feh, he's still just as pompous."

"And you dear brother are still truly irritating. We have discussed your nick name for me countless times have we not?" He pulled out his wallet and handed Shippo the money required of him by the bet then turned to the stunned girl. "Hello Kagome." He looked surprise when after a few moments of blinking she darted forward and hugged him before stepping back and holding onto Inuyasha for dear life.

"How did this happen? What happened to the others? When did you two make up?" Something dawned on her and she 'eeked' loudly before sliding away from all of them with big eyes and pointed with a shaky finger, "Wait if you're here that means you are all over five hundred years old!"

Inuyasha scratched one ear as he looked at her odd behavior, "No, I think I am only around two hundred or something like that."

Sesshomaru sighed and proceeded to answer her actual questions, "A good friend of ours made this possible, all of it. Including the others being here." He gestured and Kagome's mouth dropped open as Miroku, Sango, and two young teenagers that looked like Kohaku and Rin stepped into view. Kilala mewed softly from Sango's arms.

She was about to rush to them when she felt the demonic aura coming from all of them, "You're not human."

"You are correct Kagome, a way to transform us into demons and give us the opportunity to see you again was presented. We excepted." He bowed and murmured like the dog brothers had, when he straightened a long, sleek, black foxtail and ears were visible. Otherwise he seemed the same besides looking odd in modern clothes.

A half formed thought ran through her head when she saw him, 'Of course, he would be a fox…'

Sango did the same and was transformed into a cat demon, complete with tail, ears and claws just like the others. Kohaku and Rin followed, both transforming into the same thing, beautiful swan demons. With white wings protruding from their backs and black markings surrounding their eyes and sweeping back to their two toned hair above elf ears. Mostly black with delicate stripes of white on the sides it was truly a beautiful sight as they flexed their large wings and created a gentle breeze.

"You, but, for me?" She looked ready to collapse from shock until they rushed forward to embrace her.

"Oh Kagome! How we've missed you!" Kagome started as she felt a hand rubbing her butt and looked up into Miroku's grinning face, the lecherousness of it made all the more prominent by the hint of fang. Once again the natural reaction came and she slapped him, then totally destroyed the force of it by kissing his cheek. She was just so happy that they weren't gone forever like she thought.

"I thought I had lost you all forever."

Another teenager stepped out and stood next to Sesshomaru, she looked familiar but Kagome couldn't quite place her finger on it, "Who are you?"

"I am Myu." Her voice was quiet and gentle sounding.

"From the village? But why are you here?"

"Lord Sesshomaru took me in much like he did Rin. It's all part of the story you will soon find out."

"What kind of demon are you?" She watched as the girl said the same spell as the others and transformed into a dark haired dog demon. Though she had no stripes, she did have the same fur thing that Sesshomaru did, only black.

Miroku wasn't so lucky as with Kagome when he tried to grope Sango; in a blur of motion he was out cold on his back with a bright handprint on his cheek along with a bump on his head instead of a kiss, and Sango's tail lashed in irritation while Shippo pouted. "Here's your five hundred Inuyasha, I thought he might at least refrain from groping Kagome." He handed over the money.

"How many bets did you guys make about me?" Kagome was tapping her foot with her hands on her hips.

"We had to find a way to pass the time while we waited for your lazy self to quit bawling and get out of the well."

Everyone quickly moved away from Inuyasha as Kagome's eye twitched and flames rose up behind her, "Inuyasha,"

His ears laid back at the sickly sweet tone, "Uh oh."

"SIT BOY!" Wham! Rin walked over and knelt next to him, poking him in the side and giggling at the muffled groan.

"Wow, that has got to hurt. Even for a full demon."

"Full demon? So that's why he has the stripes." Kagome helped Inuyasha up, not noticing the fur barely concealed under his shirt. She was standing close enough to him to make the half demon turned full, blush. Then she 'eeked' again, "You guys can't be here like this! What if somebody sees you!" She flapped her hands and they all concealed just their more prominent demon features (like the ears) just as her family came out to see what was going on.

"Kagome dear, what is all the noise ab- Oh my." She saw all the familiar faces and stopped mid-sentence. "Did you bring them all through the well dear?"

"No, I'm not sure how they got here."

"Well, come on in. I'll make some tea!" Several of them sweat dropped at the cheery attitude but the group paraded inside; easily dodging the spells Kagome's grandfather threw at them, some answering Sota's mile an hour questions.

Inuyasha and Kagome hung back, and he pulled her into a close hug. "I missed you Kagome. And because I was too immature before." Before she could ask he kissed her softly, pulling back to murmur hesitantly. "I… love you and I will never let you go again." He blanched when tears filled her eyes and was going to pull away when she latched onto his neck.

"I love you too Inuyasha." They kissed again and she dried her tears. "So you can make me a demon too?"

"If that is what you want." He was going to kiss her again when Sesshomaru stuck his head out the door.

"Inuyasha you will have all the time in the world for that. Kagome deserves some explanations."

"Yeah, yeah Fluffy, don't stress yourself." Sesshomaru growled at the nickname and disappeared back inside.

Kagome took Inuyasha's hand and they walked into the house, she whispered as they did, "So, did you ever find out what that fuzzy thing is on his shoulder?" Her eyes widened and she barely kept from freaking out as fur similar to Sesshomaru's snuck from beneath demon's shirt and slid around her waist.

Inuyasha gave her a fang filled grin, asking in a mocking tone, "What do you think?"

-In the hidden home past the green barrier in the same era as them-

Yuma waved her hands over the pool of water and sat back with a satisfied smile, she had gotten them all here together successfully. "You wished for your friends and Inuyasha to have the family and friendship they deserve Kagome. Your wish has come true; Inuyasha and the others have everything they need… You."

She grinned and made another pass over the bowl, smiling at the scene and exclaiming, "What cute little puppy-eared children! They had better bring them to visit after all the trouble I went through…"

()()()Their Beginning()()()

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