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Here's a story of one normal day for Bulma and Vegeta

"Ok Vegeta, that is the 5th time this week that you've blown up people... JUST BECAUSE THEY ARRIVED AT OUR DOOR!!!!!" Bulma screamed into Vegeta's face, (sweet love, don't you just love it?) there was no trace of the pizza delivery guy, Vegeta blew the poor guy up because he burped too much.

"STOP BOTHERING ME WOMAN!!" Vegeta bellowed back, wards of saliva was flying everywhere.

Bulma wiped at her face with the back of her hand, she closed her eyes and turned her back on him. "If you blow up another delivery guy, or anyone who arrives at our door, I'm going to have to kick you out, and that's no more food for you Vegeta."

Vegeta stood calmly, "I could always go to Kakarot for food."

Bulma laughed. "Goku? He would protect his food with his life." She laughed proudly again as Vegeta's stomach rumbled like a stampede.

Vegeta clenched his fish and rattled his teeth, he glared at Bulma but realised she was right, he remained his proud stance and muttered in a loud utter "FINE!"

Bulma started pacing away from her husband, feeling happy. "And you have to be polite to who ever arrives at the door."

Vegeta muttered under his breath something about earth women being too bossy. Just then, the door bell rang, Vegeta grunted loudly and pulled open the door, the handle broke off at the force, he snorted and blasted the door open.

A sales woman marketing tooth paste stood there, quite stunned, she looked like a scientific experiment gone wrong, layers of make-up flooded her face. Badges where plastered all over her bright ORANGE clothes and pants, which high-rided as high as you could get. She also wore a toy car necklace, which had a huge collection of cars crowded around it. The badges read: Math is cool! Or Do not steal my toy cars, if you do... I will roar!

"What?" Vegeta snapped. "It's not Halloween yet." He slammed the door in her face (where did the other door pop out from?) when... "VEGETA, REMEMBER OUR DEAL!"

"Ah..." He grunted, very annoyed, "FINE." He dragged the door open again, this time, the door pulled off, the woman was long gone, in her place stood a boy, a young boy the age of 14 (happy now Dark?), he had weird hair, star shaped, the spiky hair consisted of 3 colours, violet, black and blond that poked out in many directions and defied gravity. The boy spoke in a childish voice.

"Hi! My name is Yugi Moto! And I'm here on a research for Kaiba Corp, and I would like to ask you..." He stopped and scratched his head, he seemed to have forgotten something, with that, started to pull things out of his pocket, a stick with an eye on it, a ball with an eye on it, an up-side-down pyramid with an eye on it, a necklace with an eye on it, and a ring with an eye on it. Finally, he managed to pull out a piece of scrunched paper and started to read from it:

"Welcome to the night bus, help for a stranded witch or wizard, my name is-"

The boy stopped again and scratched his head, "Sorry, wrong script" with that, he started to pull MORE things out of his pocket, this time it's cards, more cards, and more cards. Suddenly the boy yelled "Ow! I've got a paper cut!"

Vegeta just stared at the horrifying scene of the boy with a paper cut. Suddenly, a blinding light glowed on him and he watched as the boy grew a few cm higher.

The boy muttered to himself:

"Yugi, I think it's time to go..."

"I think so too Yami.."

With that, he walked off calmly.

Vegeta slammed the door shut once again, (Where does that door keep on coming out from?!) still a little confused at the little boy. He muttered to himself. "What ever he's taking I want some, how does he grow that fast?!" He then turned his back to the door and slowly moved away from it, keeping his arms crossed. "I've got to get taller than Kakarot!"

Vegeta was just about to roam the fridge for some food when... A few moments later he heard voices from outside the door:

"Goten, it's the first time you meet my Dad, so behave, ok?" Vegeta recognised his son's voice.

"I'll try Trunks, what's your Dad like?" Goten's voice was a little weaker from outside the door.

"Well, he's a little cranky..." Trunks hesitated as Vegeta snarled.

"Did you hear something Goten?" He questioned.

"No, why?" The younger of the two Chibies said.

"Don't worry, I'm going to get the toy from my room, but when my Dad talks to you... Um... Say nothing but yes and No. Got it?" Trunks told Goten, he didn't want Goten to say too much to his father.

"Yes and No." The younger one repeated. "I think I've got it."

"Good, now I'm going-"Vegeta couldn't stand eaves dropping so he pulled oped the door, with too much force again, this time, it shattered. (poor door, it's really having a bad day)

The two chibies stood stunned at the door, Trunks still explaining his plan. Goten quivered, he looked as if he was about to cry. Trunks spoke pale-faced "Oh, hi, Dad."

"Don't hi me-"Vegeta started, but was interrupted once again by Bulma's voice. "VEGETA!"

Vegeta shut up at once, but his face was turning into a dangerous purple.

"I'll go get the stuff," Trunks slipped away, relieved.

Vegeta and Goten just stood there alone, Vegeta started off the conversation, trying to sound in his nice-tone, it didn't work.

"You're Kakarot's second son?" Vegeta grunted.

"Yee-es..." Goten spoke, trembling.

Vegeta noticed this, so he tried a simpler question, "What's your name?"

Goten was about to proudly exclaim "My name is Goten and I'm the son of Goku son and the brother of Gohan Son!" but he soon stopped himself as he remembered Trunks's warning, only say yes and no, Goten reminded himself.

Vegeta was becoming impatient of the hesitation so he said. "Do you understand the question boy?" Kakarot's son is just as thick as Kakarot, he thought.

"Yes." Goten stammered through the answer, still secretly reminding himself, only yes and no.

"So WHAT'S YOUR NAME?" Vegeta was growing very impatient now.

Goten almost answered straight away. "No."

Vegeta eyed down at the boy blankly "You're name is No?"

Goten thought for a second, "yes." Only yes and no, he reminded himself again.

"Stupid name" Vegeta exclaimed.

Goten figured he should say no next so he let it out. "No"

Vegeta glared at him with a deadly glare.

"Ye-ees?" Goten suggested, he was quivering again.

"That's better." Vegeta said, after that, there was an awquard silence.

I wish Trunks would hurry up... Goten thought

"You, uh, a friend of Trunks?" Vegeta half snapped, half choked.

What a dummy, Goten thought, he should know that. But replied with a "No" because he was alternating the answer.

"You're not?" Vegeta half snapped again.

"Yes?" Goten swapped the answer again.

"Uh," Vegeta tried to work it out. "Yes, you're not Trunks's friend."

Goten couldn't believe that Trunks's Dad still didn't understand so he offered him with a "No."

Now Goten was messing up Vegeta's mind, because he just stood there and tried to work out how all those answers could be possible. Thankfully, Trunks made his way downstairs at that moment before Goten could say another word.

Trunks and Goten then tried to sneak past Vegeta, Goten heard him mutter to himself, "Maybe I'm getting too old for these stuff." (He SAID that?!)

"Yes." Goten offered as he was sneaking out the door.

It's safe to say that Goten didn't make a very good first impression on Vegeta.

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