Finally, it's the final chapter of this lovely three-shot. I should mention, Eris wasn't taken from The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy, although I did think of that particular Eris when I was creating… Cassandra. My thoughts on creating that character…Eris is the Greek Goddess of Discord and Chaos. I just couldn't resist. But the Goddess Eris is actually supposed to have black, bloodstained hair, so I gave her blonde hair. Just remember, when handing out invitations to your banquet, remember to invite Eris, or you'll loose more than just your horse. ;) Also, I wish I could have elaborated more on the relations between Starfire and Robin…that's partially why I took so long getting this out. Peace out!

Norbert: Our favorite act-war, Oxnard Montalvo, remember what he said?
Dagget: … "Please don't suck my brain out through my spine."
Norbert: Yeah, but what else did he say?
Dagget: … … "I'll never give up!"
-Angry Beavers
Coming into the comfort of the tower, the Titans saw the elevator ride to the top not too unlike ascension into their own personal heaven. Spilling out into the common room, sacks were set on the counter and forgotten as more were brought in.

Frowning, Robin looked down at himself, noticing for the first time he was still covered in the white baking substance known widely as flour, as was Starfire. "Flour does like to stick. I'm going to go take a quick shower."

"I shall as well. Your fine white cooking powder has left me with much of its presence as well."

Shrugging, Cyborg waved them on. "We can handle the baggage."

"Besides," Raven added dryly, coming back up with more sacks, "flour is really hard to get off of any surface and you've already tracked it onto the carpet."

Nodding, Robin and Starfire headed out of the common. Just as they hit the doorway, Robin raised an eyebrow at Starfire. "You know, it might go faster if we share a shower-"

Cyborg's snort cut in, obviously having overheard. "What'd you mean 'faster'?"

"Okay," Raven muttered, rubbing at her temples. "Way too much information..."

"Duuude!" Beast Boy screeched at a fairly amused, hastily retreating Robin. "Do you realize what visuals I have now? I mean-DUDE!" Beast Boy attempted to block out the images by shoving his head into the kitchen counter, which he was currently sitting atop of.

Robin relaxed against the wall of the shower, allowing the heat to seep through him and work out the knots he managed to gather during the day. The peace he felt was superficial, however, as he heard Beast Boy's screams and Cyborg's shouts carry through the hallways. Not bothering to turn the water off, Robin jumped from the shower, grabbed a towel, wrapped it around his waist and ran out of the bathroom.

"Titans, what's wrong!"

Raven and Cyborg both raised an eyebrow at Robin. Beast Boy was huddled in a far corner, arms wrapped around himself, muttering darkly. "Great, now I'm gonna have nightmares about the couch."

"Nothing's wrong Robin." Raven didn't even bother proving an explanation for the screams.

"But I heard CY and Beast Boy-"

"Eh... no, Robin, we're fine," Cyborg interrupted. "By the way, nice towel there. Terry cloth, right?"

Blinking at Cyborg's comment, Robin looked down and reddened instantly when he realized the only thing between him and his modesty was a yellow towel, baring his Robin insignia. Grinning sheepishly, Robin slid back out of the room quickly. Moments later, a loud "ACK!" and an equally loud "EEEK!" could be heard, followed by hastily retreating footsteps. Glances were exchanged as Starfire walked into the commons room, blushing.

"Star?" Beast Boy ventured.

Looking at him, Starfire's blush deepened. "Um...I fear...friends...I just saw more of Robin than I ever truly intended to..."

Raven's face became more impassive than usual before she decided she would be better off putting things away in the kitchen. Beast Boy and Cyborg could only stare in horror, making Starfire even more uncomfortable. "I believe the term for something like this happening on your planet… is 'accident,' correct?"

"Uh…yeah," Cyborg replied. "Accident."

"You and Beast Boy are going to have one if you don't help me put this junk away," Raven's voice called from the kitchen.

"No way, Rae! We've got to go torment Robin about this!" Beast Boy exclaimed, fairly skipping towards the door out of the commons, Starfire merely side-stepping to avoid him.

"Yeah!" Cyborg said gleefully, following. The duo stopped cold when every knife in their kitchen appeared in front of them, glowing black.

"Just a fair warning," Raven said, nonchalantly. "I can aim even at this angle." Beast Boy and Cyborg glanced nervously at one another.

"We… we can torment him later. Right?" Beast Boy turned to the equally uneasy Cyborg, who nodded vigorously in agreement as they both retreated for the kitchen.

"Later's good!"

Beast Boy leapt onto the counter to sort through the sacks as Robin returned fully dressed and still a healthy shade of red. Starfire had thankfully moved away from the doorway and was putting the many jars of mustard into one of the empty cupboards.

"Hmm, lessee... chips... soda... peanut butter... apples... heh... oranges... creamed corn... spaghetti? Spagetti sauce? Bread!" Beast Boy twitched as he poked a package of bologna before looking at the assortment of foods, most of it amazingly not junk. "Hey, who shopped responsibly!"

Starting to put things away, Cyborg grabbed a jug of milk and opened the fridge door. Recoiling, he slammed it shut quickly and put the milk back on the counter. "So… who gets to clean the fridge?"

"We still have to do that?" Beast Boy asked.

"The blue mold is… creepy," Starfire mused, closing the cupboard door, only to open it again to put away the five gallon jug of mustard, cradling it much like one would a child.

"I'm not going anywhere near that thing," Raven replied, setting some more foodstuffs into the cupboards.

"Well, neither am I," Cyborg replied. "I had a rough enough day already."

"I had to put up with Beast Boy and his 'amazing' jokes all day and was hit by a psychotic elderly woman with a cane."

"Hey, I was stalked by that psychotic elderly woman!"

"No you weren't."

"Well, she was trying to set me up with that psycho granddaughter of hers, that's bad enough!"

"Your think that's bad?" Beast Boy snorted. "Dude, I was crushed by beans and trapped in lobster tank! Lobsters without rubber bands on their claws! Do you know how territorial those things are? One of them was actually trying to EAT me!"

Snorting, Cyborg turned on Beast Boy. "Yeah, we know you wouldn't be able to handle that tender love they have if it came to that. I hear it's freakishly human like."

"I wonder why you know that, Cy. Feeling lonely at night?"

"Why you little…!"

Popping in, Starfire smiled widely. "I was made to deal with a rude glempork who attempted to ask me on a date."

Everyone fell silent for a moment, glancing at the smiling Starfire, then continued arguing about whose day was worse. Frowning at the sound of them (mostly just Cyborg and Beast Boy) arguing, Robin decided to step in.

"Guys, why are you arguing? This isn't getting us anywhere. We should all pitch in and help, as a team."

Letting out a loud snort, Cyborg glared at Robin. "Oh yeah? You weren't the one having a bad day."

Thick silence settled over the area. Robin had ceased all movement once again; this time, however, his gaze was cast downwards and his face was black. Beast Boy nudged Cyborg. "Nice job, Cy. You broke him again."

Only Starfire seemed brave enough to approach him. "It seems we all had a rough day... friend Robin, were you not exhausted by our trip to the go celery store? Do you have the energy and mental stability to cope with this enormous task before us? Are you unwell again? Why do you not speak?"

"My… day?" The sudden sound of Robin's voice startled Starfire. Lifting his head, Robin's blackened gaze settled on everyone within his vision. "My day? I'll have you know, Cy, that I was stalked by rabid twelve-year-olds who forced me to relive the most embarrassing part of my past! Let me tell you something, Beast Boy, try getting hit by an explosion from a brat who steals your bo staff! Who cares about canes, I had to answer Star's questions about Playboy! I'll never be able to look at creamed corn the same way again! I crashed into an employee trying to escape those girls, I nearly killed the cashier…"

Of course, not only did this seem to top them, it also gave them all flashbacks about Robin's lapse at the store and they began to worry about his sanity. All four of them, fearing for their safety from the crazed team leader, backed away slightly, Beast Boy instinctively moving slightly behind Cyborg.

"It was not a milk-giving horse! IT WAS NOT! It was... it was... and… AAAAAHHHHH!" Robin pulled out his bo staff and waved it threateningly at all four of them. "YOU ALL ARE CLEANING THE FRIDGE!"

The Titans looked at him in stunned silence, Star worried, Raven blank, Cy and BB scared. Then, there was a sudden explosion of "Where's that Clean-it-NOW?", "Hand me the paper towels!", "I'll get the sponges!", "I think it's in this bag..."

Sitting on a stool by the counter, Robin sighed. Okay, so maybe his day had its good points, but that didn't matter much to him, as long as he didn't have to clean the fridge. Idly, he began building a tower out of Beast Boy's tofu, watching as the other Titans armed themselves to battle the fridge mold.

Sometime during the chaos, Starfire had found and brought a bucket. "How shall we purge the refrigerator of this mold?"

"It is kinda thick. I don't think just attacking it with a sponge will work." Raven had donned rubber gloves and an apron that had a mass of smilies, hearts, bunnies and rainbows on it. Cyborg was similarly dressed in rubber gloves and a floral apron. Beast Boy simply hid partially behind Cyborg.

"And we know if we hit it with something like my laser or Star's star bolts, it'll go all over the place."

"I won't help you clean that either!" Robin called from behind his wall of tofu.

"Whatever we do, we can't touch it!" Beast Boy cried suddenly. "If we touch it, it will suck us inside the fridge, drink our blood and then spit our lifeless corpses back out into the kitchen!"

Raven handed Starfire an apron. "We only have two pairs of gloves."

"That is acceptable, friend Raven. I do not mind." Pulling the apron over her head, Starfire paused tying it so she could read it. "Kiss…the chef."

Beast Boy perked suddenly. "Hey, wait a second! Dude, that's mine! I bought it ages ago!"

"Why the hell would you buy an apron that says 'kiss the chef?'" Cyborg shook his head at Beast Boy. "You can't cook, at least not normal food."

"Besides," Raven added, "I don't think all the advertising in the world could help you."

"HEY!" Beast Boy looked wounded for only a moment. "Come on, Rae. We all know this is all an act to hide how much you want me-ow!"

Robin peered over the great wall of tofu. "Are you guys going to start cleaning soon?"

"Unless you want to clean this yourself, I wouldn't ask," Cyborg replied harshly, Robin sinking back behind his wall. "So… what do I start hacking at this thing with?"

Raven suddenly handed a large meat cleaver to Cyborg and backed away. Beast Boy, being ordered to, dumped half of a bottle of the cleaner into the bucket then replaced the spray nozzle and handed it to Raven. Carefully, Raven opened the fridge door and immediately showered the mold with Clean-it-NOW!. The mold writhed and screamed as if in pain as Cyborg started-quickly-to hack at it, the others yelling words of encouragement and caution as he tossed pieces of the mutilated mold into the bucket.

Without warning, the mold reached out and engulfed the blade of the meat cleaver. Wrenching it out of Cyborg's grasp, it swallowed the knife, hissing evilly. Cyborg stumbled away, accidentally letting out a high-pitched scream as he fell into Raven. Robin could be heard behind his "wall," laughing hysterically.

"Dude, that stuff's lethal! And it made Cy scream like a girl!"

"Your powers of observation are astounding," Raven replied, catching Cyborg before he could take a flying leap at the green changeling.

Starfire tapped Raven on the shoulder. "May I make use of your gloves?"

"Uh, sure." Raven pulled the yellow gloves off and handed them to Starfire.

"But don't you see? Now it's going to climb out of the fridge and chase us down and eat us, dissolving our bodies in its nucleus so it can grow bigger and stronger and the only way we can stop it is by freezing it! Our only chance is if we drop it somewhere on the North Pole! I'll start the T-Ship up!"

Cyborg grabbed Beast Boy by the back of his collar and hauled him back. "Whoa boy. I think you need to back off on the horror movies." Raven nodded in agreement.

"But it ate the knife! Don't you see? 'The Hideous Blob Thing From Another Planet Who Eats Other Things!' has been growing in our fridge! Am I the only one that realizes the danger we're in!"

Unanimously, Raven and Cyborg replied, "Probably." It was then that Starfire started screaming.

Apparently, Starfire had started digging into the mold herself, tearing it out by hand, despite how frightening it was, and the mold decided to fight back by trying to eat her hand like it did the meat cleaver. Tugging and pulling, Starfire attempted to free her hand from the blue slime. "No! Let go, you bad, evil mold! I will not relinquish my hand!"

"STARFIRE!" As if going in slow motion, Robin burst through his wall of soy product in a show of heroic gusto and leapt over the counter, landing near a startled Beast Boy. Rushing to Starfire, Robin latched onto her arm and both pulled. A sucking sound could be heard as Starfire's hand was suddenly freed, and both fell to the floor.

"Dude." Beast Boy scowled at the slightly dazed Robin. "You better not have ruined my tofu."

"That seems pretty hard to do," Cyborg interjected.

There was a retching noise, causing everyone to look at the fridge. The blue goop had risen, and spit the meat cleaver out at the pair still on the floor. Acting purely on instinct, Robin pulled his cape out, covering himself and Starfire with it as the cleaver flew at them.

In the mere seconds between and during, Robin's mind whirled. When he threw the cape over them, Starfire's body automatically pressed to his, allowing him to feel every curve against him. This resulted in Robin's breath coming up short, and a montage of images that made him feel decidedly uncomfortable. The only thing Starfire noticed was his breath was suddenly coming in gasps and his entire body had stiffened, managing to bring up images from earlier, causing her to blush fiercely.

The knife ricocheted off Robin's cape and shot off, flying up, then dropping back, clattering harmlessly to the floor, between Raven and Beast Boy (Beast Boy was hiding under Raven's cloak, much to her dismay) and Cyborg, who was now on the other side of the counter. Everyone stared at the knife for a moment, then back at the goo in the fridge, which sounded like it was cackling, and evilly at that.

Forcing himself to rise from the floor, Robin began to over-emphasize his arm movements. "That's it, fridge mold. You're going down!" Picking up the released meat cleaver and the abandoned bottle of cleaner, Robin stalked towards the fridge. "AAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHH!" Robin leapt at the open fridge, tossed on the rest of the cleaner, and began hacking, roaring the whole time. The fridge mold let out a shriek of alarm before huddling in the back, trying to look small. It didn't help, as Robin finally tore the final largish pocket of slime from the fridge and threw it into its designated bucket. Starfire was quick to grab said bucket and took off with it, flying as fast as she could to get outside the tower.

Once she was out of sight, Robin turned to find his teammates, huddled behind a resurrected wall of tofu, peering at him. Moments later, Starfire could be heard shrieking and star bolts being fired in rapid succession.

"So…" Raven attempted to breech the silence. "I thought you said you weren't going to help us clean the fridge, Romeo."

Smirking, Cyborg added to Raven's jibe. "Y'have to admit, Robin taking that flying leap through the tofu? Pretty impressive." Robin merely growled at him as Beast Boy began snickering.

"Dude, Robin's in LUUUVE!" Beast Boy cackled. "Hey, do you think your children will look like you, or Star?" Sighing dramatically, Beast Boy clasped his hands together and batted his eyes. "It's so romantic! In a creepy…fridge mold way…"

Eyes narrowed, Robin snarled, sounding much like a large dog, causing Beast Boy to jump in surprise. "Just for that, you get to scrub out what's left of the mold."

"What!" Beast Boy was indignant. "No way! I am not-guys, back me up here!" Raven and Cyborg looked at him a long moment before Cyborg grabbed him by his pink and black spandex and tossed him over the counter. "DUDE!"

Once he managed to get back onto his feet, Robin shoved the package of sponges under his nose, his bo staff in his other hand. Beast Boy glared at him and took the sponges. "This so totally reeks, man…"

A panting Starfire reappeared, pieces of blue mold covering random parts of her. "The blue mold was strong, but I was victorious!"

As Beast Boy grumbled about cleaning, Raven turned them back to their original problem. "What do we do for dinner?"

Silence erupted. Beast Boy looked back at everyone. Cyborg looked at Raven. Raven shrugged. Starfire thought for a few moments. Robin suddenly felt cold, as if something bad was about to happen.

Cyborg was the first to speak, clearing his throat before saying, "...Anyone for pizza?"

Amongst the chorus of affirmative replies, Robin felt lightheaded. All that…for nothing? He teetered back and forth before falling backwards to the ground.

"Robin, are you-"

Cutting off Starfire's voice, which sounded faraway and loud at the same time, Robin shook his head. "No, Star. I'm damaged."

(After dinner mints, anyone?)

"Friend Raven, according to this mag-a-zien, if you were a tree of oak, willow or birch, which would you choose?"

"Not interested."

"But-that is not one of the choices, friend Raven."

Raven stopped behind Robin, holding her tea. "If she asks me one more question from that thing, I'm holding you personally responsible for anything that happens after." Raven continued to the other side of the table, tagged by Beast Boy, who was also holding a cup of tea. Sniffing it, he eyed it warily.

"You sure this is any good?"

"I'm sure."

"No animals?"

"They may have accidentally harvested a bird with the leaves."

"Dude, that's not funny! Don't joke about things like that! You were joking, right?"

"Stop following me."

Cyborg came in, waving the evening edition of the paper in his hand. "Hey guys, look what I found, courtesy of two girls who came looking for Robin."

Raven nearly choked on her tea, Beast Boy snorted and was stifled by Robin, which involved the Boy Wonder kicking his chair out from under him-which was about the only thing he could do, he had sunk down so low in his own.

"Girls?" The look in Starfire's eyes bordered dangerous and the magazine burned up in her hands. "For what reason were they looking for Robin?" Cyborg, thankfully ignorant about what had happened to Robin, just waved it off as Beast Boy grudgingly sat his chair back up and sat down again.

"Probably just some fans… willing to take a rowboat out here. Anyways, it seems someone got a good picture of us today." Unfolding the paper, Cyborg set it on the table, front page up. Robin rose far enough out of his chair to see what was there, and instantly wish he hadn't.

The picture was full color, filling a good half of the page. Amongst a flying sea of lobster (a small sea, mind you) Raven was holding Beast Boy in the air with her dark aura, both looking shocked. Cyborg was nearby, spazzing out, apparently shouting something, while Granny Smith knelt nearby, trying to wake the man behind the deli. Dead center were Robin and Starfire, arms, bodies and lips locked in what looked like a very passionate embrace. Robin could have handled the large picture depicting one of his more intimate moments better if it wasn't for the stupid headline. The headline, in its bold letters, read: Holy Mouth Music, Jump City! Just under the main heading, the subheading read: You can kiss this bachelor goodbye!

Robin wanted to die. It was now official, his day sucked.

"Seems like Starfire and Robin got the better shot," Raven commented.

Slapping Robin and Starfire on the back, Cyborg chortled. "That's what y'all get for practicing in public!" Both Starfire and Robin turned about the same shade as Starfire's hair. Sinking back into his chair, Robin opted to hide under the table. He just couldn't seem to sit up anymore, even though he probably could have, were a roll of duct tape employed.

"Wow. If I knew someone was going to take pictures, I would have done to Rae what Robin did to Star."

"If you had," Raven growled at Beast Boy, "they wouldn't be able to find traces of your DNA."

Glancing around at her friends, Beast Boy and Raven now having a glaring contest (something Raven was sure to win) and Cyborg laughing at them, Starfire quietly slipped beneath the table, joining Robin on the floor. "Robin?"

"Yeah Star?"

"Are you unwell? I was not sure when you slid under the table as you did. Did the… picture upset you?"

Shaking his head, Robin replied honestly. "It was the headlines."

"Something about them displeased you?"

Everything I could possibly say right now would be an understatement. Grimacing, Robin didn't reply.

Above the table, Raven picked up the paper and scanned the article that took up the other half of the page. "You two are all over the front page." Clearing her throat, she began to read. "If one was to happen by the deli in The Ultimate Grab today, one would have been met with the scene of a lifetime. Witnesses report that teen superheroes, alien female Starfire and Batman's former sidekick, Robin, where seen at roughly 11 A.M. today, as one witness said, 'snogging ferociously.' One wonders about the flying lobsters, but one can assume that had something to do with the dark, mysterious, striking, long-legged, sexy, knock-your-socks…" Raven paused once she realized just what the article was saying and scanned the sentence. "You sure this is a newspaper and not a tabloid?" Cyborg just shrugged.

"Keep reading!" Beast Boy squawked. "It was just getting good!"

"No, you don't have to. Really!" Robin's voice came muffled from under the table.

Throwing a glare in Beast Boy's direction and ignoring Robin, Raven carefully committed the journalist's name to memory, handed it to Rage, and then continued.

"…Titan by the name of Raven, who also had the green-skinned Titan, Beast Boy, in her clutches. And who wouldn't want to be-yeah, okay." Raven scanned ahead a bit more. They actually allowed this to go to print?

"No one can say for certain just how long Robin and Starfire have been in a relationship, but one eyewitness states that this was a very controversial moment. This newspaper can exclusively reveal that Starfire may not have been single when she turned to Robin's affections this afternoon." Eyebrows rose at that comment, and Starfire looked confused. "…Says 'Just call me Granny' Smith, an eyewitness, 'Oh, yes, the young lady who was 'sucking face' with Robin is, in fact, that funny-dressed superhero's girlfriend. Or... what did he call her? A conquest? No, it was 'prospect,' I believe. He tried to make her stop kissing Robin, too!'"

Eyes turned on Cyborg, including Robin's and Starfire's, who could only stare at his legs. Panicking slightly, Cyborg frowned. "Hey, I told you, that lady was crazy. I mean, look at her granddaughter!"

"Prospect, Cyborg? Prospect? Dude, what DID happen between you two?" Beast Boy leaned forward. "Did she ask you out on a date and decide to take her revenge after you turned her down?"

"At least you know I would turn her down."

"Something about this just isn't sounding right," Raven commented.

"Agreed," Robin replied, still under the table.

Shaking her head, Raven continued. "While it is still unclear about the true relationship between the cybernetic titan, Cyborg, and Starfire, most admits the lobsters flying around the area was definitely more strange than the sparks flying between the Boy Wonder and his alien friend."

"Friend? Is that what they call it-ow! Hey! If you're going to be weird and sit down there, keep your hands to yourself!" Beast Boy yelled, pounding on the tabletop as if it was a door. Calming back down, Beast Boy turned to Raven. "Please." He made an outward sweeping motion with his hand. "Continue."

"Speaking of sparks flying, reports also say that before Robin and Starfire where seen, sharing their affection, the beautiful… …Raven could be seen being followed by an amorous Beast Boy. Witnesses say they spent almost the entire time together, talking, laughing, telling jokes… …and cuddling behind a snack cake display!"

"You what?" Cyborg stared at them.

"Were not, don't even try it. Or I might assume the worst about you and dear, old, Granny."

Cyborg glared, but remained silent.

"But you KNOW we should have…" Taking a moment, Raven rolled up the paper quickly and smacked Beast Boy across the head with it.

"Does anyone really want me to continue reading this? Because I could live without it."

"Dude, keep reading!" Beast Boy grinned. "Your voice seems to add to the bad journalism."

"Don't expect a thank you for that."

"As long as it doesn't deal with me anymore, I'm fine." Cyborg nodded and leaned back in his chair.

"I say we should stop."

"I guess it all comes down to Starfire. Starfire?"

Silence reigned for a moment. "Although I respect both sides of this decision, I find this record on our day interesting and… comical."

"…Is that a yes?"

"Yes, friend Raven."

Letting out a sigh, Raven unrolled the paper, found where she left off, and continued. "It also seemed these two love birds were intent on following Robin and a few of his fans, holding hands all the while… and managed to scare the fans off. Judging by Robin's reaction to the two unannounced Titans, he was either not happy or insanely jealous of Beast Boy's topside position-oh, you have to be kidding." Shaking her head sadly, Raven went on. "Witnesses have also reported that when the battle erupted on aisle five that incredibly gorgeous Raven was so concerned for Beast Boy's safety that she tricked him into transforming into a lobster and sealed him in the store's lobster tank to keep him safe-"

"Did you?"

Turning her gaze slowly onto Beast Boy, Raven's eyes narrowed and blackened. Fear rising up in him, Beast Boy shrank back, laughing nervously. "Never mind."

"Reports also say a disgruntled Cyborg went to retrieve Beast Boy, speaking with one of our witnesses, Granny Smith, to get him out. The bea-…Raven was later seen, cat fighting with the woman over Beast Boy. Right. Okay."

"Anything else?"

"Some suspect there's some hidden love between Cyborg, Raven and Beast Boy. An interesting love triangle." Raven looked at the horrified Beast Boy and Cyborg. "Yeah. Triangle." Something could be heard under the table, sounding like Robin choking on something. Starfire could also be heard, asking him what was wrong.

"Where did they get all this stuff to twist? Dude, I think there was a conspiracy against us in that store… maybe Cy was right… but we were ALL being stalked."

"I'm never going shopping again, you can count on that," Cyborg replied. "At least, not there. That place is jinxed."

"One wonders what actually goes on in that tower of theirs. Are Robin and Starfire really a couple? Or are Cyborg and Starfire suffering from a certain Boy Wonder trying to break them apart?"

"Yeah, hey Rob, are you?"

"Shut up."

"Perhaps the sparks between Raven and Beast Boy were more than just the tea and tofu they were shopping for-what? That makes no sense-Can't Cyborg make up his mind? Any way you put it, it's still something to think about, and hope it doesn't hinder their crime-fighting abilities in the future."

And Robin thought the headlines were bad. Burying his face him his hands, Robin groaned.

Thoughtful, Starfire placed a comforting hand on Robin's shoulder. "Perhaps it was unwise to perform such a physical act in a public place. Your kind seems to be most… excited about things like that."

No kidding.

"Perhaps… perhaps we should try again in private, so as not to have the same disheartening after effects?"

At this point, Robin was completely beyond coherent or incoherent thought. Just a white blaze of shock filled his mind, leaving no room for anything else. Starfire needed little encouragement, however, her alien mind processing the facts. Deciding that Earth beings regarded kissing as something spontaneous, especially since Robin's kiss was VERY out of the blue, she simply pulled his face to her and kissed him roughly. His arms automatically pulled her closer as the passion of their embrace soared to dangerous levels. Nobody topside seemed to notice anything.

"Hey, who wants M&Ms?" Cyborg asked, having journeyed into the kitchen earlier for some "comfort food" and now rooting through the large stash of M&Ms that occupied a good portion of the (cleaned) fridge. Cyborg tossed a bag to a fairly eager Beast Boy then looked at Raven.

"No thanks." Raven refolded the paper. "But… I will take all your green ones."

Beast Boy ceased struggling with his M&M bag to stare in shock at Raven. "What?"

"Uh, Rae?" Cyborg wasn't sure if he could take much more of the strangeness surrounding the day's activities.

"Why are you staring at me like that?" Raven asked, slight annoyance edging her voice. It was mostly forced into her words, though, since she was finding the looks on the Titans' faces… amusing.

"Nothing! You just surprised us, is all!" Beast Boy held his hands up in defense. "You don't have to get mad!"

"I'm not mad."

"Then… why is the table shaking?" It was then they noticed that two certain persons of the superhero persuasion were indeed, at very least, not visible.

The coffee mugs that held Raven and Beast Boy's tea were in fact rattling, sloshing the dark liquid over the sides. "Dude, what are you two DOING under there? The table's shaking!" Beast Boy screeched, daring to look under the table. Starfire and Robin broke apart almost instantaneously, breathing hard.

"This does not appear to be a very secluded place after all," Starfire breathed, replacing the strap to her top under her silver armor, which had somehow gotten loose (funny that). "Should we instead traverse to a bedroom?"

Falling off his chair, Beast Boy hit the ground pretty hard, chair falling on top of him. Raven immediately got up and walked off, muttering something about needing to lie down. And Cyborg, poor Cyborg, could be heard from the kitchen. "Heeeere normal life, normal life… heeeereee normal life…"

Amazingly, Robin was not fazed in the least-anymore, that is. He was just glad to have Starfire, and to be out of that hell people called the supermarket. Turning to Starfire, he smiled. "You know what Star? I think we should."

Heh! The Boy Wonder has wondering hands! (dies laughing at her own joke). So, I hope you enjoyed this final chapter. It's not supposed to be written magnificently or anything of the sort, it's just something that is supposed to make one at very least smile. This has been the most I've written on any single story, chaptered or no. Feel honored (I feel drained…) Who knows; maybe one day I'll finish my Labyrinth fiction too! Later days!