A/N: This is for everyone who rad and reviewed 'Twisted Whitelighters', hopefully this'll be to your liking. Just to tell you where we're at, Paige has got Marie back and is still dating Richard, Pheebs is still with Jason and Andy is the girls' second whitelighter. Piper is pregnant with Chris and Leo already knows. Okay, let's go!

"Snow White'?' Richard asked dubiously as he took the tape.

'She likes it,' Paige shrugged. 'And Wyatt will.'

'Where're you going again?'

'Demon-summoning tribe, Africa. Don't worry, we'll be back in time for supper.'


She waved a little at Marie as she orbed out of Richard's mansion, appearing back at the manor to find Piper, Phoebe and Andy waiting.

'Hey, where'd Chris go?'

'To tell the Elders,' Piper answered. 'Were the kids alright?'

'Marie thinks she's in charge, so yeah!'

'Okay,' Andy took control. 'Let's go.'

Trees. A lot of trees.

Paige crept along slowly, Piper in front of her and Phoebe tagging along behind her with Andy. It was dark but Paige supposed it was always like that in the jungle, peeking up all she could see were leaves.


Piper rounded on her sister. 'Phoebe, shh! Kinda takes away the element of surprise don't ya think?'

'Something slid over my foot!' Phoebe hissed.

'Lot of snakes round this part of the country,' Andy whispered.

Paige slapped his arm. 'Not helping.'

'Can we get moving here?' Piper asked.

They proceeded in silence until Piper held out her arm, Paige leaned forward and saw past her sister into a clearing. It looked like a few high-up tribal leaders just gathered around a fire muttering in some lost language.

'You take that one,' Andy instructed pointing towards the biggest one. 'Phoebe, Piper, the other ones.'

'Oh, goodie, I get the master!' Paige quipped.

'Okay, go!'

The quartet shot forward, Paige dimly aware of Phoebe pouncing and another tribe leader exploding but concentrating on the big ugly man of her very own. One hefty kick and the orbing of a nicely placed pole soon took care of him though and she turned her attentions to helping Phoebe finish off her leader.

'Okay!' Piper said. 'Let's go home.'

'Andy?' Paige asked the spaced-out whitelighter. 'What's up?'

'I'm not sure.'

'Come on, Andy,' Piper complained. 'I've got a pie in the oven.'

'That's not all you've got in the oven,' Paige joked then balked at the glare. 'Okay, it was a bad joke.'

'Something feels wrong,' he said taking a look round. 'Did we get them all?'

'I think so,' Phoebe glanced around. 'And we got them before the ritual, right?'

'Yeah,' he frowned. 'I suppose.'

'I still think it's a bit violent,' Richard shrugged as Paige collected the various things Wyatt and Marie had orbed around the room.

'Okay, number one, it's a fairy tale,' Paige argued. 'And, number two, she's a whitelighter-witch, so is Wyatt for that matter, it's good they get used to seeing evil lose.'

He looked unconvinced. 'Okay.'

'How long's Wyatt been asleep?' she asked glancing at the sofa.

'He nodded off about the poison apple, Marie was nearly shouting at him to wake up.'

'Oh, she loves that part,' Paige explained quietly. 'I told her all about the time when it happened to me.'

'You orbing Wyatt home?'

'Yep. Tell Marie I'll be up to tuck her in when I get back.'

'How long till Leo finishes the basement renovation?' Richard questioned, quickly adding; 'Don't think I want rid of you but I know how important it is for you to be with your family.'

'He thinks tomorrow, as long as no demon crashes in.'

'Okay,' Richard kissed her lightly. 'Don't be long.'