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'Oh...' Paige rushed over lifting her daughter onto the bed. 'I'm so sorry.'

Marie was stiff. 'You did it.'

Paige pulled away at something of a loss. 'I got the demon out of you, honey, I had to.'

'He was talking to me.'

'What was he saying?'

'That you'd have to kill me to kill him.'

'Yeah, but we didn't.'

'You tried.'

Paige felt a set of arms pull her up and heard Phoebe's voice, 'Go upstairs, let me try.'


'Come on,' Piper took her arm and led her up the stairs into the kitchen, she could feel Andy's presence behind her.

'I never thought she'd hate me for saving her.'

'She's been manipulated, Paige,' Piper soothed. 'If anyone can talk her round, Phoebe can.'

'You think?'

Piper looked to Andy who took the hint. 'Listen, demons take their chances, create destruction whenever they can. As soon as Marie has a chance to think she'll realise that.'

'Andy, she's five!'

'She's the smartest kid I've ever met,' he smiled. 'She'll come through this.'

'I need to see Richard,' she thought aloud.

'At least it didn't kill her.'

Paige smiled through a fresh haze of tears. 'That's a plus, I guess.'

'It's all work out, Andy was right.'

God, she so didn't want to hear that name right now. 'I'd rather hear it from you than him.'

'Something happen between you two?'

'Oh, it's nothing. I guess I'm just stressed, needed to see you.'

Richard grinned a little. 'It's kinda quiet around here now.'

'I miss it.'

Before he could reply Andy had orbed in with Marie next to him. 'Someone has something to say.'

'Aunt Phoebe told me all about it.'

'She did?' Paige said hopefully.

'And you weren't trying to kill me?'



'Oh, sweetie,' Paige swept her daughter up in her arms. 'I knew everything would be fine.'

'You did?'

'Well, no,' she admitted. 'But I didn't want to do it.'

'I love you.'

Paige felt more tears burn her eyes as she put her down. 'I love you too, honey.'

'How about getting you a drink?' Richard helpfully interrupted. 'All that demon possession can be hard on your hydration glands.'

Marie giggled and took his hand, Paige watching as they disappeared round the corner feeling relief that things were normal again. The she noticed Andy and said, 'I don't love you.'

'You don't even have to think about it?'


'You sure?'

'Andy, I know how I feel. And I like you, you're my whitelighter and I suppose my friend.'

'I can feel a 'but' coming.'

'It's Prue.'


'Come on, I could never get involved with you even if I wasn't with Richard.'

'She gave us her blessing, remember?'

'It'd still feel like some kind of betrayal,' Paige countered. 'I haven't got much of a link with Prue, I want to believe she knows me and, you know, maybe she likes me, I can't think that if I'm sleeping with the love of her life.'

'You're allowed to fall in love.'

'And I did. With Richard. I can see myself with him forever, and I'm not being over dramatic here. There's nothing you or anyone else could say to change my mind.'

'So what now?'

'Hey, Marie's fine, there's no demon around. We're all fine. And we're the same as we always were.'


'Best friends.'

'You got a deal.'