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Authors note. This part of the show has done nothing but bother me since it was shown so I am going to attempt to re-write it...a little

Dirty Pretty Words

Dawson urgently pushed Jen up against the front door, smothering her in deep kisses. The weekend had been the most amazing of his life. He had finally had sex and with Jen of all people. It was completely unexpected and exciting, not planned or scripted like he had expected it to be. It was if he was finally breathing air for the first time in months.

'Dawson, stop it....' Jen said, trying to fight the amorous attentions of her new boyfriend. 'What happened to trying to keep this secret?'

'We are keeping it secret, can you see anyone else about,' Dawson said, moving in for another kiss.

'No.....but Grams might be in and she won't appreciate seeing you grope her granddaughter outside her house. Come on, lets go inside,' Jen said, wiggling out of Dawson's grasp and unlocking the front door.

'You're not fun.' Dawson said, sulking slightly.

Once the door was open Dawson jumped on her again, throwing their bags through the door and swooping her up into a dramatic and romantic kiss. He knew that it was dangerous but part of him wanted everyone to know about his new found love. Well, almost everyone. The thought of Joey washed over his mind and he stopped.

'What wrong?' Jen asked, getting her breath back.

'I was just thinking about...you know,' Dawson said, stating a fact that neither of them had been able to talk about that weekend. Joey and the apparent double crossing they had done.

'She will be fine. Just give her time.' Jen said, completely unsure of the last statement.

Dawson saw the uncertainty in her eyes but chose to ignore it, much preferring living in his own world of fantasy.

'Okay, where was I?' Dawson said, cupping Jen's face and lowering his head slowly.

'You were at the part when you agreed that I would be fine with this and then you were going to have her in the hallway in front of the rest of us. Am I right or do I have the incorrect script?' Joey's voice filled the room and both of them slowly turned around to see Audrey, Jack and Pacey standing their watching. All of them looked shocked and Audrey looked angry. Joey was sitting on the stairs, holding on tightly in case her anger over took her actions. She appeared to be cool.

'Hey guys, what are you doing here?' Jen asked, straightening up and pushing Dawson off her.

'Pacey is cooking us dinner,' Jack said, slightly numb.

'We arranged it before you left, remember?' Audrey said.

Dawson and Jen suddenly recalled the conversation they had with Jack just before he left. They were all going to sample Pacey's cooking and catching up about the film festival. Dawson glanced over at Joey. Her face was frozen, no expression. Her eyes coldly stared back into his. He couldn't read if she were hurt or not. He knew in his heart that she was.

'Of course. Well umm... I'll just take these bags to my room and I will be right with you.' Jen said, desperate the get away from the audience she seemed to have created.

'I'll help you,' Jack said quickly, picking up two bags and moving towards the stairs where Joey sat. 'Are you okay?' he whispered.

She just nodded, he eyes never moving off of Dawson, and got up, moving towards the front door. Jack felt a cold shudder go down his spine, having never seen Joey so unemotional before.

Dawson had, the night when he was caught with Eve on stage at the pep rally at Capeside High. The difference was then he could tell she was angry with him. This time he had no clue.

Jen and Jack rushed up the stairs, slamming Jen's bedroom door after them. Pacey had quietly left the hallway to continue cooking, leaving Audrey, her eyes also boring into Dawson's face. She couldn't believe what she had seen the apparently sweet boy from Capeside do.

'So Dawson, have a fun weekend away? Nice to see you have some colour in your cheeks. But then I suppose that's what happened when you betray your soul mate, not that I would know.' Audrey spat out. She was moving closer and closer to Dawson, ready to kill him. Suddenly she felt two strong arms around her waist, lifting her up. Pacey had come in to remove her from the situation.

'Come on Audrey, I need help with the soup,' he said, trying to move quickly.

'Pacey put me down!,' Audrey screamed as he dragged her into the kitchen, shutting the door behind him.

Silence filled the room. Joey stood by the front door, her hand on the handle, looking through the glass window. She was not as angry as she was at first. Now, she just felt stupid and used.

'Joey, I'm sorry you had to see that. It just happened; we were away and in this honeymoon suite.....'

'Dawson, just don't,' she said, not looking back. Her voice cracked slightly. She pulled the door open and stepped outside. Before she could close the door Dawson stopped it and followed her outside.

'Don't go, we need to talk about this,' He said, pulling on her coat.

'Dawson, I can't bear to look at you, let alone talk to you. Just leave me alone,' she wrangled her arms out of his grip and started to walk down the road. He caught up with her again, standing right in front of her.

'Joey, I wouldn't want to hurt you for the world you know that? It's just I needed someone. Someone to comfort me and Jen was there and it was magical...'

'Dawson! Stop.' Joey suddenly exploded, taking Dawson aback slightly. She finally looked up and saw his face. 'I don't need to hear how magical you weekend was. I don't need to hear you reasons for what you did and I don't need to hear you declarations of love for me or her. What I need you to do is get out of my way and leave me the hell alone.' Joey manoeuvred herself away from him and continued to walk. Dawson wouldn't give up and grabbed her again.

'We need to talk about this Joey.' Dawson almost shouted, hoping this would do it. But Joey just brushed him off and ran off down the street, trying not to let her emotions take over.