Anika peered over her sunglasses with distain etched on her face and raised her eyebrows at the secretary sat behind the mahogany desk. It was the third time the woman has mispronounced her name even though she had repeated it to her numerous times. Anika had been waiting fifteen minuets while the woman had tried to grasp her name and find her transfer forms.

"ON-IK-A, Anika Rasmussen," she said, followed by a sigh of exasperation. Shit, she thought. Could this take any longer? If you wanted something doing, you shouldn't give it to vermin to do.

"Ah, here you go, Anika," she said, pronouncing it wrong again. "Your timetable and homework diary. Your first lesson is in Nine C just down the hall, hurry dear you're all ready late."

Anika forced herself to smile even though it was not her fault she was late, and made her way out towards her class. She stopped at the door and surveyed the students within the beige, dreary room. It was different to what she was used to, but she was sure she would adapt - after all, she was a Rasmussen.

She smiled as a voice in her head greeted her; she was not alone which was a relief to her. She looked around the room and located the voice - it was not hard to tell who it was; after all, he was the only member of the class smirking at her. She made her way and sat next to him.

Not too bad looking.

Why thank you.

I was talking about the guy in front, she smiled, and watched out of the corner of her eye as they guy leaned forward.

Now why would you be interested in that vermin when you could have someone like me, a Redfern.

I should have guessed from the hair – anyway, vermin can be fun if you know how to handle them. This was thought with a mischievous grin.

He was right though; she would never lower herself to go out with vermin. They were beneath her and only to be used as a toy. The Nightworld had rules about vermin: don't tell them about the Nightworld, and don't fall in love with one. Things were all up in the air though at the moment, what with the old powers awakening and the revival of Circle Daybreak. More and more Nightworld people were discovering human soul mates. That would soon end though - Hunter would make sure of that.

After the lesson, Anika stepped outside to where there was a vast stretch of grass dotted with the odd bench. She had arrived half way through the day and it was now lunchtime. It was easy to spot the different groups scattered about. The witches were sat to her left, laughing and whispering about spells; this Anika knew because she had read some of their thoughts. To her right were vampires, with the odd werewolf, those who had remained in the Council and wanted to destroy the wild powers so that the human reign on earth would end, they thought they would be the ones to take over. And in the middle were Daybreak, of which some of her own family were members: this was the group that was trying to bring everyone together.

Good luck!

The shapeshifters had made an alliance with the witches, and the witches had left the Council. The Nightworld was at war, and she had to decide which side she was on.