Chapter 11 – seeing blue

Anika walked in and cuddled up to Luke nibbling on his ear, "are we all set?" she whispered.

"yeh, tomorrow we'll pick the better of the vermin to turn n the rest we feast on" he said an almost crazed grin spreading across his face.

She looked around the cold steel room that at some point had probably been the managers office, some but not much effort had been made to make it comfortable after all the Lamia got other people to do their dirty work and if they had too much comfort they wouldn't do their job properly. There was a couple of mattresses dumped I the corner for which ever guards were having a break and plate with old food on what had been the desk. The ceiling was low making the room seem even smaller than it was and the light being emitted from the bulb barely reached the edge of the room, Anika felt dirty just standing in the place, if this was how they lived she dreaded to think what condition the prisoners had been held in. the stench would have made her vomit if she had not had a strong stomach from her days as a real hunter, she looked around the room to see if she could find the source and realised the more dominant smell seemed to come from the werewolf slouched in the corner watching a fight on a small and fuzzy screen.

"Come on babe lets go" Luke almost snarled obviously he was eager for a hunt.

"Ok baby lets hit the Black Iris I need to burn off some energy" she replied seductively.

Luke barked orders at the werewolf in the corner with distain and guided Anika to the stairs leading out of the office and into the fresh air. Anika gulped it in like her lungs had been squashed like a concertina and it had finally been let out. She could feel the charge in the air and glanced at the moon which was full and seemed to be slightly tinged with red, she hoped this was not an omen for what was about to come. When they reached the bottom of the stairs she paused and turned her head slightly.

"Did you hear that?" she asked.

Luke turned to follow her gaze and as he did so Anika raised her hand to strike him on the back of the neck on a pressure spot she knew would knock him out but at the last minute he turned round and grabbed her arm a nasty grim smile on his face.

"well surprise, surprise mom was right you Rasmussens are going soft, shame, you could have been a lot of fun"

Luke quickly twisted her arm so that it was behind her back and with his other hand he grabbed her hair and slammed her head against the wall. Anika struggled and clawed at Lukes skin but at the angle he had her she could do him no real harm.

"What are you up to" he snarled.

"Bite me!" Anika spat back.

Luke smashed her head against the wall again and tightened his grip on her arm. He was about to hit her head again when he paused mid motion.

"the vermin!" and with that he dragged her to the other end of the building where the door was, convinced of their assured success the day watchers had left no one guarding it. He slowly pulled Anika into the door way blocking the only route of escape and gave a low drawn out whistle.

"well well what do we have here!" he said smirking, "ah nope I'd stay where you are if I were you" he said to Damon pulling Anika closely in front of him.

A hush came over the room as the captives and rescuers all turned to see what was going on. Luke could see in many of their faces the clogs of their minds ticking calculating how many of them it would take to over power him and what they could find lying about to use against him. He knew if even half of the Circle Daybreak members rushed him he would have no chance, oh he would put up a fight and cause damage. He might hold them off long enough for the two dogs upstairs to come and see what the commotion was but still he was not going to put is faith in dirty wolves.

"like I said don't even think it, or I'll snap her neck.

Damon went to move towards her again but stopped as Luke tightened his grip on her, the aguish in his face was clear. For the first time he saw her lok at him with pure untainted love in her eyes, no fear or repulsion and he saw her mouth the words 'I love you'.

"what do we care," shouted a cold voice to Luke's left, "she's one of you, a Rasmussen, we all know about the tings she has done, we'd be ding the world a favour if we let you snap her neck"

There was a murmur of agreement.

"I don't think your fearless leader over there would agree" he said smirking, "did you really think I'd let you get away with this, that I couldn't smell the vermin on you" he said slowly rubbing his face from her chin upwards until his lips rested on her ear.

There was a rustling noise behind Luke and he stepped aside as four more vampires and the two were wolves from upstairs joined him with grins from ear to ear. Anika closed her eyes so she was unsure of what had happened next but when she opened her eyes she was being pushed to the ground and the fighting had begun. Some of the Daybreak members were getting the captives into a corner out of the way as they were not fit to fight while the others were attacking. While there was more of them they did not have the advantage of supernatural strength and soon the strain was showing on there face.

Anika quickly flipped herself onto her feet in time to see another 3 vampires swarm through the door, she did not have time to think about where they come from. She turned to face Luke and with a growl she launched at him.

The next few minutes passed in a bit of a blur for Anika, all she knew was that her jaw ached, she felt like a rib was broken and blood was pouring from her nose. She took a second to glance around and saw Damon helping the others with one of the werewolves, it was clear that the Daybreakers were not making much of a dent in Lukes people.

That second to glance around cost her dearly as Luke slammed her against the nearest wall and pulled a broken chair leg from somewhere behind him.

"Say goodnight" Luke laughed.

Anika heard Damon screaming in the background and closed her eyes and tensed her body for the blow she knew was about to come, but when the blow did not come she opened them again only to see Luke staring at her his mouth open in surprise. She watched as she saw every vampire's worst nightmare happen before her very eyes as Luke fell to the ground and slowly began to mummify. Behind where he had been stood was a girl not much older than Anika with a wooden sword she smiled at Anika before she placed the blade of the sword to the palm of her hand and sliced. Anika caught a slight flash of blue before she passed out from the pain.

Anika slowly opened her eyes and realised she was lying in a bed, he body ached all over and there was a woman at her side rubbing crystals over her wounds.

"hiya baby" she heard Damon whisper moving closer to her side and kissing her forehead.

"what happened?" she croaked her throat feeling like the desert.

"jez" he replied, "she chose to tag along with the cars that were coming to collect us, says someone called James told her he should, that it was a family thing"

James she smiled, he'd heard her.

"so what next baby?" he asked.

Anika smiled at him and pulled him close kissing him and wrapping her arms tighter around him as she listened to the silver cord hum.