Author's Note: This IS a Transformers/Earth: Final Conflict crossover. The idea popped into my head while I was watching taped episodes of Earth: Final Conflict with my sister, and now I'm writing it. It may be a bit strange, but this is what my strange mind came up with, so just bear with me, ok?

Disclaimer: The Transformers and Earth: Final Conflict don't belong to me. I'm just borrowing them. Keep in mind that I think Zo'or is an ass and Sandoval is just as bad, so there will be some tormenting of those two characters in this story. Ultra Rodimus, on the other hand, is mine.

Unexpected Encounters

Chapter 1: End to the Expected

So far, the day had been quiet.

There were no new problems on the horizon, Zo'or had been keeping quiet for several days, the Resistance hadn't made even the smallest move to raid Taelon facilities or cause chaos in general, and everything was going on without a hitch.

Agent Ronald Sandoval hated it.

He was a Companion agent, one of the first to receive the CVI, the cyber-viral implant. He knew from experience that when things were quiet, all hell tended to break loose afterward. That was part of his version of Murphy's Laws. Total chaos was always preceded by total calm. The hair on the back of his neck was on end. His instincts were warning him that something was going to happen, and that it would leave everyone in shock.

He was dragged out of his thoughts by footsteps. He turned to see the North American Companion, Da'an, arrive on the bridge, followed by his protector, Major Liam Kincaid. The tall Major glanced at Sandoval, then peeled away from Da'an as the Taelon approached Zo'or.

"You look nervous," Liam commented as he joined Sandoval. "What's up? Did someone get into your files again?"

Sandoval glared up at the other man. "What does it matter to you?" he demanded coldly.

Liam shrugged. "When you look nervous it usually means that something is going to happen, and when the hair on your neck is bristling like that, it's probably going to happen soon."

"And how would you know that?" Sandoval shot a nasty glare at the Major.

Liam grinned. "I noticed how you behaved, so I started watching you. Every time you sense something, you react a certain way. The closer that trouble gets, the more nervous you become."

"And you know this from watching me."


"Is there something that we should know going on between you two?" Zo'or demanded.

"No, Zo'or. The Major and I were merely commenting on how quiet things have been lately," Sandoval explained.

The Taelon leader eyed them suspiciously, then decided to drop the subject and return to whatever discussion he was having with Da'an. Sandoval glared coldly at Liam. The taller man only grinned.

"Keep your mind on your own business, Major, and don't pry into mine," Sandoval growled before stalking away.

For another few minutes, everything was quiet. Then Sandoval's instincts screamed a warning, and his head jerked up, automatically scanning his surroundings for any sign of trouble. Liam had noticed his sudden movement and was also scanning the bridge. Fortunately, the two Taelons remained oblivious.

Sandoval's scan of the bridge revealed nothing that looked wrong. He was starting to relax when a console started to beep, catching the attention of everyone on the bridge. Sandoval darted behind the console and began changing the displays, trying to find the source of the alarm.

"Report," Zo'or demanded.

"The internal sensors are detecting a sudden spike of an unknown energy," he reported. "This energy is like nothing I've ever seen before. The concentration is small, but it is gaining in strength and intensity."

"Where is it located?"

"Here on the bridge, about six meters to your right."

Zo'or turned to scrutinize the spot. He saw nothing wrong. He was about to order that the energy be contained when something happened.

The air itself at that spot seemed to tear open. The edges of the hole writhed madly, as if the rupture was convulsing violently. Madly-shifting colors marked the edges of the tear. A powerful wind exploded out of it with such force that it blew everyone not holding onto something off their feet. The wind was accompanied by a screaming roar, so loud it was impossible to hear anything over it. To it was quickly added a new sound, a feedback-like screech that went through everyone present like a hot needle. Two Volunteers went down, writhing in pain, hands clamped over their ears.

Then, as suddenly as it had begun, it was over.

Everyone cautiously took their hands away from their ears, wondering if that terrible sound was going to come back. Several of the Volunteers were bleeding from their ears and noses from the force of the sound. Two were unconscious. They had hit the wall hard. The Taelons were struggling to regain their wits, having been shocked nearly senseless by the unexpected appearance, ferocity, and disappearance of the rupture. Sandoval shook his head to clear it and looked back at where the rupture had been.

A new sound broke the silence, the sound of someone swearing in a language no one had ever heard before. From the tone of the deep voice, the speaker was using the foulest and most vulgarly descriptive words he knew. Everyone turned toward the voice.

The strange rupture was gone. There was no trace of it. Instead, there was something else.

A man was pushing himself up off the deck where he had fallen, swearing the entire time. He was no one that Sandoval recognized, and he wasn't dressed like any of the bridge crew or like a Volunteer. Instead, he was wearing what looked like a silk tunic, colored silver-grey and patterned with stripes in red and blue, matching pants, a long, handsomely patterned leather jacket, and knee-high, tailored boots of the same pattern as the jacket. A long silver-white braid hung over his shoulder. His exposed skin had a tanned look, and a faint, unusual golden sheen.

The stranger got his legs under him and pushed himself to his feet. Muttering to himself, he brushed himself off, then looked up. Laser-intense green eyes swept over everyone in sight before settling on Sandoval.

"Where the hell am I?" the stranger demanded.

To be continued...

I know this is weird. The next chapter will explain who the stranger is and how he arrived, but I suspect some of you can already guess. Review if you want more chapters.