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Unexpected Encounters


The North American Companion walked across the main room of the Taelon embassy in Washington DC to stand beside his protector, who was standing by the window, looking up at the sky. Liam glanced at Da'an as the Taelon joined him.

"What are you thinking?" Da'an asked.

"Ultra Rodimus told me that we would see him again, and I suspect that instead of him coming here, we'll be meeting him on his own ground. I'm wondering what his world is like."

"He did say that his people are fighting a war," Da'an reminded him.

"I know. A terrible war."

Da'an's hands moved gracefully. "I sensed in him a high degree of psy abilities, so what he predicted will most likely come to pass."

"I know. And I'm looking forward to it. After what his mate did to Zo'or, I think I'm going to like his people," Liam replied. He grinned at the memory of the traumatized Synod leader, then returned his gaze to the sky, looking out to where the dimensional breach had once been, and beyond it to Cybertron, where the distants stars shone their cold light onto the torn surface of the metal world.


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