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I sat down at my usual spot at the club. The soft music pleasantly depressing. It was open mike night however, and the one on stage was blurting out words regardling useless things such as love, affection, and whatnot. Things like those simply did not exist for me so I had no need to be reminded of them.

The waiter came by with my herbal tea. Good guy. Really remembers his customers. Taking a deep breath and letting the aroma of the tea sooth me, as I paid for it and gave the guy a little something extra. Letting the mug warm my cold hands, I attempted to ignore the guy on stage but failed miserably. Closing my eyes, I tried to clear my mind and recite the words which would help me keep control but for some reason I began to recall all the things I had been through before coming to Jump City.

(We see a 5-year old Raven crying as some other kids torment her).

"Look at the freak." said one kid.

"She's wierd." murmured another girl.

Tears could be seen flowing down Raven's pale cheeks as she walked home from school. She couldn't let them get to her. She was told never to show any emotion or people could get hurt. As much as she wanted to scream back that she was normal, she knew she had to follow her teacher's warnings. Just as she exited the school gates, her powers lashed out and blew up a trash can a few feet behind her. The other children, seeing the little spectacle, ran away screaming.


"Ahhhhh! Mommy!!"

Little Raven ran as fast as her legs would take her, trying to get away from all the people.

(12-year old Raven this time walking by the park as some kids play)

Raven looked longingly at the other kids. They were having so much fun playing. She sat down on the grass as she watched them laugh. Pushing down the sadness, Raven went through the mental excercises she was taught and soon the emotionless mask was in place. One of the boys noticed her just watching them and asked her to join in.

"Come on, you look like you could play dodge ball." he said.

Raven looked at him. He was quite handsome for his age. Carrying an aura of confidence, it was clear he was the 'leader' of the group. She tried to think of a polite way to turn him down but he was very persistent, grabbing her hand and bringing her over to his friends.

"Oh no you don't," quipped the boy. "Besides, you look like you could use some fun and sun."

And have fun she did. Once in a while a small smile would creep to her face. Supressing 'Happy' was exhausting but it was enough so that her powers didn't accidentally get loose. It was probably most fun she'd had in a long time. But the fun wasn't going to last. As they were playing, one of the other kids tripped and landed on some broken glass, cutting a huge wound into her leg. Crying out in pain, her friends rushed to her side as she sobbed, the blood flowing freely from the gash.

Raven looked to her new friend. Jason looked worriedly at Samantha's leg. It looked quite bad. Nothing life threatening but they still needed to call an ambulance. He was about to get up to find a phone or doctor when against Raven's better judgement she placed a hand on his shoulder, stopping him.

"Let me help."

(1) "Please don't hate me," she whispered as she kneeled down beside Samantha and placed her hands over the wound. Her hands began to glow with a soft blue light. As the glow brightend, the gash began to slowly heal itself. Muscle repaired, skin closed, soon all that remained was a blood stain where there used to be an ugly gash. She was sweating heavily now. Her teacher told her that healing was going to be tiring but she didn't expect it to be this much. She looked towards Samantha and saw the one thing she did not want to see. Fear. Looking around, the same look could be seen in all their eyes. Even in Jason's eyes. Feeling the tears coming, she looked back at Samantha and tentatively reached out only to have her hand slapped away.

"K..k...keep away!" stuttered Samantha as she hurridly got up and ran, the rest of the kids following suit. Jason stepped back, the fear still there but some hint of guilt seemed to creep into his eyes. Raven didn't notice though as the pain in her heart began to overwhelm her. Keeping her head low, she simply stood up and began to walk towards the park exit. As she passed Jason, she whispered just loud enough for him to hear as she ran away.


Raven never returned to that park again.

(16-year old Raven arriving in Jump City)

The rain poured down mercilessly as she sat down in a dark alley, her dark blue cloak sticking providing little shelter from the storm. 'Of all the times for me to run away from home, I had to do it during a storm.' she thought. As she sat in the dark, she could hear footsteps in the distance coming closer. It sounded like running and her suspicions were confirmed when she heard a scream for help.

"Someone help me!" a woman's voice screamed. She tripped as her high heels got caught in a grill. Disoriented, she ran to the same alley where Raven was. The alley was a dead end, however, and the men following her knew that. They approached the frightened woman, an evil gleem in their eyes.

"Come on, doctor. Our boss just wants to 'talk' with you." said one guy.

"And our boss doesn't like to be kept waiting," replied the second man.

The third guy licked his lips as he eyed the doctor, her dress plastered to her like a second skin and not leaving much to the imagination. "If you don't come willingly," said the third, not finishing his sentence but the leer he gave her showed what he had in mind as 'persuasion.'

Depressed enough as she was, the situation did nothing to improve her mood. Raven stood up and stepped out of the darkness. Her cowl hiding her face but with her clothes as wet as the doctor, her cape and leotard were also plastered to her skin.

"What do we have here, boys? Jail bait." sneered the third guy, giving Raven the same leer he gave the doctor.

"Run home to play with your dolls, girl, before we hurt you." said the first.

"Nah. I say we do the playing with both of them." answered the third.

Raven's anger, while being suppressed, was reaching its boling point. Giving the men a cold glare, she stepped forward, the wind blowing her cape as she did which incidentally gave them a good view of her body.

"Don't come any closer," she warned, her voice cold as ice.

As they were no longer thinking with their heads, they ignored her warning and did step closer. Her eyes glowing suddenly, Raven unleashed all the pent up emotions she had been keeping in check since she arrived in the city.

"Azarath, Metrion, Zinthos!" she hissed as dark energy lept from her body and grabbed the would be rapists / kidnappers, a promise of pain seen in her glowing eyes.

Several feet away, Robin, Cyborg, Beastboy and Starfire were trying to find where the three men they were tracking had gone. Hearing screems of pain in the alley across the street, they rushed to find the three men bloodied and bruised, and a girl with glowing white eyes standing over them. Behind her, the missing doctor.

"Thank you, thank you!" said the doctor as she grabbed on her savior. Raven gave a short nod to the doctor as she used her powers once more to place the men in a trash bin and seal it.

As the other Titans got to work on checking the status of the doctor and the badly beaten thugs, Robin eyed the wet hero. She seemed to radiate nothing, keeping everything hidden from the world. 'But she still stopped a crime and very well at that,' thought the Boy Wonder. Stepping up to Raven he streched out his hand to her, saying the words which would change her life.

"Hi, I'm Robin. We're the Teen Titans. Want to join us?"

(Back to the present)

Now that I think about it, I guess I did grab onto that like a lifeline. It's not as if I had anywhere else to turn to. They were the first people to not be afraid of my powers. Of me. I still wish that my past could have been different. Whether I'd admit to it or not, I longed to have a normal life. To be able to express myself like Starfire, to be able to laugh at Beastboy's jokes (wait, I forgot. Not possible.), or to be able to just 'live'. I raised my mug to my lips, trying to drown those useless thoughts in my drink.

Then I noticed that my tea was already gone. I guess I must have finished it while I was 'remembering'. I sighed as I waved goodbye to the waiter. The droning of that boy on the stage was grating on my nerves again. I left the club and looked up at the night sky. It was particularly clear tonight; the moon was in full view. It's light seemed to give me comfort for some reason. I then remembered what I told Beastboy the other day. We cannot change the past, no matter how much we dislike it. But the more I think about it, I hate the fact that I need to keep up this mask. I hate the fact that I'm the daughter of a demon. A bang shatters my thoughts as I blow up a trash can along the street. Not good. I begin to fly home when I hear a scream in the distance. A Titan's job is never done, I suppose, as I fly off to the source of the sound.

I expect to see either some regular crooks or one of our regular opponents like Cinderblock or maybe those Hive kids (I still think pale skin looks better on me than it does on Jinx). Imagine my surprise when I see several people unconsious. They are all girls, I notice. Each of them wearing an abnormally short skirt. Kind of like a sailor's uniform if you think about it. More like some dirty old man's wet dream if you ask me. I see a blond girl with two meatbun style pigtails wearing the same sailor outfit squaring off what looks like, well, I guess it looks vaguely female. It looks like a cross between a car and a girl, if such a thing were possible. The blonde's eyes kept darting to the girls behind her. The female-car laughs like a car horn and seems to power up the headlights. I sense those aren't ordinary headlights as the blonde's eyes go wide with fear but doesn't move. Then I notice why. Her leg is wounded badly and it looks like it's barely keeping her up. Her body is also filled with many cuts and bruises. I am suprised she's still standing but what suprises me the most is her stance. It's not one of fear. More of determination. She crosses her arms in preparation for the attack. I shake myself out of my reverie and enter the fray.

"Azarath, Metrion, Zintos" I chant, as my energy picks up the female-car...thing and slams it into a wall. The blonde girl looks at me in suprise, but quickly turns her attention to she raises what appears to be somewhat of a cross between a sword and a sceptre. Shouting out some words (which I find very strange), she shoots out a prism-like beam at the creature.

"MOON GORGEOUS MEDITATION!" she yells. As the beam hits the creature, I see her transform from that horribly wierd...thing...into a regular woman. I recognize her as a drag racer. She and her friends usually race late at night in fields surrounding the city. I float over to check on her and find she's only unconsious. I turn to the blonde and see she's barely standing. Rushing over, I catch her as she falls, her weapon falling to the ground as her injuries finally catch up to her.

I lay her on the ground as she takes deep breaths, exhausted from her orderal. Looking at her leg, I can't help but remember the incident several years before. "It's going to be ok," I tell her, as I place my hands on her leg. Her eyes are still closed but she moves my hands away from her as she points to the other girls. I hear her whisper.

"Please help my friends first," she pleads.

"No, you're in worse shape than they are," I tell her. Yet somehow I am in awe at this person. She is almost unconsious and with very bad injuries but she still places her friends above her own well being. I take off my cowl and place my hands again on her injuries, willing my power to heal them. I see her expression soften as the injuries disappear from her body one after the other. Opening her eyes, she bolts up suddenly, slamming her forehead into mine.

"Ouchie!" she yelps, as I grab my head in pain. That tiara on her head packs quite a wallop.

As our vision clears, she turns to me and stares at me like I grew a second head. Her eyes then begin to water as tears begin to flow from them. She touches my face as if making sure I really am in front of her. "What's wrong?" I ask.

A smile makes its way to her face as the tears flow freely now. I back away slightly. This girl is worrying me now. She suddenly grabs me in a fierce hug, her tears staining my cloak. Unsure of what to do, I simply let her cry but the next words she say are ones which, looking back, would change my life yet again.

"I'm so glad you're alive, Hotaru-chan." (2)


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(1) While I don't think that kids are really that cruel (heck, I'd probably want to be friends even more learing I had someone who could heal me if I got injured :p), I just needed to make something up for Raven's past.