It's come to my attention that I need to give a small background of Sailor Moon for my readers. So in order to help further the story along, I will try to give an abridged version of Sailor Moon up to the point of my story.

Interlude (yes, I'm vain. I need to put a title to all my chapters :p)

In the beginning there was darkness....(no wait, too far back). Anyway, in times long before recorded history, there was a great kingdom known as the Silver Millennium. It's borders stretched from the deserts of Mercury to the frozen plains of Pluto. (FYI: Every planet was colonized in this timeline.) For each planet in the solar system, they were ruled by a Senshi (Soldier/Warrior). These Senshi in turn were loyal to Queen Serenity who ruled the whole Silver Millennium from her throne on the Moon. She was a very loving and beautiful and ruled her people with kindness and compassion.

Earth was the only exception to the 'Senshi' rule. The entire Silver Millennium was basically a Matriarchial society, ruled by a Queen and each Senshi was also female. Earth, however, was ruled by a King and the Prince of the Earth, Endymion, was its Avatar.

Now, Earth and the Moon were generally on amiable terms, and with Endymion quite smitten with Princess Serenity (daughter of Queen Serenity; the Moon Royal family had a habit of naming their heirs the same name as was their custom), a full alliance seemed well underway. There was one however who did not share the young couple's happiness. This was Beryl, one of the ladies of the Earth Court. She was madly in love with Endymion but she never told him of her feelings since she knew he had eyes only for the Princess. This did not stop her from desiring him, though. Finally, when she could no longer contain the intense jealousy she felt, she turned to the darkness in order to get what she desired. The darkness came in the form of Queen Metallia; a dark entity bent on the destruction of all that was good. Beryl gave herself to Metallia and in return gained power which rivaled the Silver Millennium. Slowly but surely she spread her influence over the Earth as the prince visited the moon more often than he stayed on Earth.

And so during a grand ball when the whole Silver Millenium royal court was in attendance, the Earth force (now the Dark Kingdom under Beryl's reign) struck the heart of the kingdom; the moon palace.

It was a massacre. The Senshi had all been gathered there but even their combined powers could not stand very long against a prolonged assault. And with the Senshi away from their own respective planets, each planet was in turn ravaged by the armies of the Dark Kingdom. As each planet fell, so did the Senshi as their powers were linked to their respective planets.

With each Senshi's defeat, the forces of Beryl got closer and closer to their true target; Queen Serenity herself. However, the Serenity which they encountered was not the elder as they had hoped but the young princess. Having lost most of the royal guard, Endymion tried desperately to protect his love but was struck down almost instantly. The death of Princess Serenity soon followed as her grief allowed the enemy to kill her without resistance.

As soon as Princess Serenity fell, the Queen (who was searching the palace for her missing daughter) felt her link to her daughter vanish almost instantly and knew that the end had come. Coming to rest on her throne, she waited patiently for Metallia and Beryl to reveal themselves.

When Beryl entered the throne room, Serenity knew that Metallia was present as well, the dark entity's evil could be felt throughout the whole room. With both evil's in front of her, Queen Serenity used the kingdom's most powerful artifact, the Legendary Silver Crystal (or Maborishi no Ginzuisho if you want the original Japanese name). The crystal was said to have been created by the first Serenity and was said to have almost limitless power. Summoning the Crystal's full might, she banished Beryl and Metallia to another dimension (whether or not this was due to the fact she was unwilling to kill or simply unable to kill is unknown to this day). The spell, however, had put an enormous strain on her body and left her in critical condition.

As she lay dying, she knew that the Silver Millennium would be no more. All of the planets save for Earth had been destroyed by Beryl's forces before she was able to banish her. With the last of her strength, she used the Silver Crystal's power one last time and gathered the souls of all those killed in the conflict, sending them far into the future to be reincarnated. Hopefully to a time when peace would reign once again and her people would be able to live happy. And so, the Queen and the kingdom of the Silver Millennium passed away from memory and into legend.

Fast forward many years into the future, Princess Serenity and the rest of the Senshi had been reincarnated in the present time (est. 1980s) and lived ordinary lives. This tranquility would not last as the seal which trapped Beryl and her minions all those centuries ago had begun to weaken and Metallia was slowly beginning to regain all her powers. Thankfully, the Queen was able to send her advisors Luna and Artemis (Lunar cats were known to be very intelligent and often served as advisors to the royal court) to awaken the Senshi should "evil once again rear its ugly head" (Serenity always had a way with words). And so, Sailor Venus (under the guise of Sailor V) was the first to be awakened (though no one knew she was a Senshi until she revealed herself to the others). Sailor Moon, Sailor Mercury, Sailor Mars, and Sailor Jupiter soon followed suit and with time, began to push back Beryl's forces and confronted Beryl in her arctic fortress. It was soon discovered though, that Sailor Moon was in fact the princess herself (kind of obvious if they really thought about it. I mean, come on! There's no planet called moon!). As they confronted Beryl's forces, the Senshi fell one by one as they did so many eons ago. With each death, the Princess'power grew with her sorrow and as she fought with Beryl, she summoned the Silver Crystal which her mother used before. This time, she defeated Beryl and Metallia for good, releasing Beryl from Metallia and finally granting her rest in her afterlife.

Like her mother, the strain of using the crystal proved too much for her body and she died after defeating Beryl. However, her desire for her and her friends to live normal lives brought them back to life with no memories of their time as Senshi (which must really have sucked if they hooked up with someone during their time as Senshi).

But, like all good things, they had to end. Evil once again "reared its ugly head" and Luna and Artemis were once again forced to awaken the memories of the Senshi. Yadda yadda yadda, beat the enemy, show them the error of their ways, and voila! Peace again. No deaths this time around. Next year, new enemies appear, this time from the future. Rinse, repeat. The following year proved no different except this time the Outer Senshi finally show their face.

Now, while the Outers are considered Senshi, they are also the more powerful of the group. More especially Sailor Saturn. The latest threat would have been no match if Sailor Saturn were on the scene but the fact of the matter is that the other Outers feared Saturn's power. She is, what most people would call, a doomsday weapon. If the Senshi could not defeat the threat, she had the power to blow up a planet (possibly the solar system) in order to defeat the enemy. To make matters worse, her current incarnation (Hotaru Tomoe) was also the host body for the entity which the Senshi were trying to defeat (although they did not know it at the time). In time, the entity took full control of Hotaru's body and tried to destroy the world. Hotaru's spirit, however, broke free of her body and reassumed the mantle of Sailor Saturn. She used her power to forcibly separate the evil entity from the planet but could not destroy it without destroying the Earth as well. In order to save all, she requested Pluto to seal her and the entity away from the flow of time.

Now, in the regular TV series, Sailor Moon (or rather, her Serenity persona) would not accept Saturn being forever sealed from the flow of time. Having more control over the Silver Crystal, she was able to pull Sailor Saturn out of the seal but unfortunately had her reborn as a baby girl. The Outers would then promise to look over baby Hotaru until such time came that she awakened once more. My story however puts forth a question which came to mind after watching Teen Titans.

- What if Sailor Moon was unable to pull Hotaru back out of the seal to their time? The place where she was sealed exists outside of time so there is no real guarantee where (or when) she could pop up if ever she got free. So what if instead of being pulled out into their time, Hotaru was instead pulled out of time and was born not to the Tomoe's but to one Angela Roth?

Why did I think this up? Well, physically they are quite similar. They both have short purple(ish) hair, both have pale skin, and both have healing abilities. It was a crossover that begged to be written.

Anyway, after being born to Angela Roth, you probably know the rest of her story by now. Hope I've been able to help some of the readers who have not seen Sailor Moon. But don't worry. This will still be primarily a Teen Titans fanfic with some elements of Sailor Moon thrown in to the mix.

I'm still refining the next chapter so stay tuned for more.