Chapter 1

Careful When You Wish

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Angel had quite a stressful day at Wolfram and Hart, as he often did. The only thing the vampire wanted to do now was to go home and relax but, when you live with Sarai the odds of that were very, very slim. Angel knew to expect something when he got home, especially since he hadn't seen or heard much from her all day which was never a good sign. However he didn't expect to be attacked with small pieces of paper as soon as he walked in the door.

"SURPRISE!" Sarai yelled continuing to assault him with handfuls of hand made confetti, while wearing a paper birthday hat. Angel stared blankly at her for a moment before he looked around the penthouse to see balloons, streamers and Sarai's beloved puppy also had on a paper hat.

"I suspect there's a reason for this?" Angel asked, although knowing Sarai he wouldn't be shocked if there wasn't a reason and she did it all to entertain herself, she was very um....'creative' when she wanted to be.

"Don't be silly daddy, you know the reason, you know what today is."

"Thursday?" he guessed. He honestly couldn't think of what she could be talking about, then again he experienced that often when speaking to his daughter.

"Well yeah but it's also your birthday! Or un-birthday...I am not really sure on the technical term but either way you're 250 today! DUH!" she exclaimed.

Suddenly Angel remembered that Sarai was correct, he was turning 250 that day. Angel was feeling slightly embarrassed but at the same time he was absolutely flattered that Sarai not only remembered but took the time to throw him a party. Angel or Liam for that matter never would've done something like this for his father. He and his father didn't get along; at all.

"Well, come on, sit down." Sarai instructed dragging her father over to the couch and forcing him to wear a special birthday crown that he was sure she only wanted him to wear for her own personal amusement. "Its gift time."

"You got me gifts?"

"Of course silly. Here." she said handing him four interestingly wrapped gifts.

"Thank you." Angel opened the first box; it was a black silky dress shirt, the next gift was Barry Mannilows Greatest Hits CD, The Omega Man on DVD and the final gift was not surprisingly a bottle of hair gel. Apparently in Sarai's world that joke never got old.

"Do you like them?" she asked.

"Of course, thanks."

"Ok so I made dinner reservations at Antonio's and I invited the gang too. But, First I made you a cake." Sarai said going into the kitchen and bringing out a lopsided cake with chocolate frosting with what Angel could only assume was 'Happy 250th Birthday daddy' in blue icing. All he could think of was that it was the sweetest thing that anyone had ever done for him. Sarai then stuck a candle in the cake and sang happy birthday, Angel blew out the candle and was cut a piece of the cake.

"Doesn't the cake usually come after dinner?" he questioned.

"There's going to be a cake later with everyone else....but this is one that I baked just for now because I didn't know how to make one big enough for everyone else." Sarai handed the cake to Angel. "Do you like?" she asked hopefully.

"Its....great." Angel answered as he choked it down. "Very....unique." The wide smile that appeared on Sarai's face following his cake comments was enough reason for Angel to continue to eat the 'cake' that actually tasted like toes. Although he couldn't handle it for much longer. "Maybe I should stop eating this before I eat it all and don't have any room for dinner." he suggested.

"Ok. I'll bring this back in the kitchen and then get ready." As Sarai headed back to the kitchen with the cake she tripped over the dog and went flying to the floor, landing on the cake. Angel couldn't help but smile a little at the sight of his chocolate covered daughter.

"There is nothing funny about this." Sarai informed him, which only caused Angel to flat out laugh.

"Sorry princess, but you're wrong."

The birthday dinner went quite well. The following people gave Angel the following gifts:

Cordy- A leather Jacket (because he doesn't have enough as is)

Faith- A new throwing knife.

Gunn- A $200 gift certificate to 'Jake's car wash/body shop and accessories' near the mall.

Wesley and Fred- A watch

Doyle- Some pricey Scotch and Whisky and an offer to take him to a strip club but that was when Cordy and Sarai weren't paying attention.

Eve- A tie

Dawn- A whine bottle full of blood....Otter of course 'the good stuff'

Harmony- A mug that read 'Besty Bossy'

Spike- Hair gel (he much like Sarai found it funny) and 250 birthday punches.

After the dinner Sarai and Angel went back home and did their own things, as they often did. Eventually though Angel had an idea. "Hey Princess, come in here." he yelled from the living room to hers.


"I am going to watch that video, the one Lorne made you. You want to watch it with me?" he asked referring to the video of Angel and baby Sarai that Lorne put together for Sarai thanks to Wolfram and Harts spy camera's and then the security camera's the AI team had installed after.

"Sure." she agreed jumping onto the couch and settling her self next to him.

"Hey, wait a minute, how did you pay for the dinner and everything?" Angel suddenly asked.

"Nick Lachey. Remember, I've been working for him, taking Jessica under my wing. He may seem as cheep as you are on the show but he dished out the big buck to me for Jess."

"So you spent all your money on me?" he said starting to feel a little guilty.

"No, I still have some left over, like I just said, he paid me good."

"How much?"

"That's for me to know and you never to find out."

Angel hit 'play' on the remote:

Cordelia and Lorne looked like the were going out of their minds. They were standing in Angel's suite in the Hyperion, Lorne was holding baby Sarai, who had been screaming her baby head off for almost two hours.

"What are we going to do?" Cordy asked Lorne.

"I don't know. I've sung just about every song I know. She's not wet or hungry either."

"Gimme her." Cordy said taking Sarai from Lorne. "Come on baby Sarai, you want to stop crying now, yes do you." Sarai continued to cry. "Ok, so maybe you don't."

Soon enough Lorne and Cordy heard people enter the hotel, it was the rest of the team back from taking out a vamp nest. They heard someone coming up the stairs; they both knew it was Angel. As Angel's footsteps neared the room Sarai's crying slowed. By the time he opened the door he found two of his best friends, one of which holding his daughter who was hardly making a sound and reaching her arms out in his direction. "Hey, how's my girl?" Angel said as he took Sarai. "Has he been this good and quiet the whole time I was gone?" he then asked the newly near def babysitters.

"Oh she was...great." Lorne lied as he left the room.

"I am not surprised. Did she eat?"

"No," Cordy answered, "I prepared the bottle of formula but she won't drink it."

Angel sighed. "That's because she never drinks that at night." he told her as he went into the kitchen took out a bottle filled with pink liquid.

"What is that?"

"Strawberry milk."

"Ew, she really likes that?"

"Strawberry milk rules!"Sarai confirmed as she watched the video. "I was cute back then wasn't I?"

"Yeah, you used to be cute." Angel said smirking at her.

"Hey! What's that suppose to mean?"

"That's for me to know and you never to find out."

Sarai got off the sofa and stomped off to her room in mock-anger. Angel just watched her, he knew she wasn't really angry at hin, she knew he was only joking. Angel started to think abnout that and how it was nothing like all the times he went storming out of his house after his father, who never joked, insulted him. According to Angels father he was a drunken, self involved layabout, who would never make something of himself. And back then, when he was human, Liam, maybe it was true but not anymore. He was none of those things now, infact it took Sarai to make Angel finally realize that.

"I wish father could see me now." Angel muttered as he went to sleep.

A women appeared outside his penthouse door "Wish granted." Halfreck the vengeance demon said.

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