Chapter 5


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Now for this chapter I am going to do something I never did before(so if its bad, let me know), its going to be entirely told through a characters POV, that character being Sarai. So here it goes:

I should get out of bed soon, I can't stay here all day. Lets see what time is it?....oh 10. When ever dad checks in on me I close my eyes and pretend I am sleeping. Which he probably finds weird considering that I am always awake by 7. I hope he doesn't think I'm stoned or something. That could end badly. I also hope he doesn't know I am only faking sleep and am staying in my room just so I don't have to deal with him and his father, even though that's the truth. I am better off staying in here because if I go out there I am just going to do or say something bad to my 'grandfather' and although that sounds like fun, I've thought about and maybe I really shouldn't get involved. See, this is exactly why I try to avoid thinking at all times. It really isn't my place to get in the middle but I just...well I can't help it. Its not like Grandfather -or should I call him Shane? Huh. I need to look into that. I'll write myself a Post-It- is being all bitchy to like Gunn or one of my friends, he's doing it to daddy, so that makes it ok if I am mean to him, right? On the other hand if daddy and I were fighting I wouldn't like anyone else getting in the way. Damn. Now I am all 'conflicted' and whatnot. Again, this thinking things through stuff? I could do without it. Oh well I guess I'll head into the other room.

Oh, wow, what do ya know, neither one of them is here. But Lorne's sitting on the couch. Which is good because I like Lorne. Daddy must've asked him to be here or something, I am glad out of all the males he picked Lorne cause I am still wearing my Pjs and I don't like to be in them around any of the other guys. But Lorne's different, he's not really a guy, he's like one of the girls to me. But if I say that to him he'll get all offended and not talk to me for three hours like last time. So I won't do that now.

"Hey Lorne." I say.

"Hello there cupcake." he replies. He really likes calling people desserts. Which is sweet, no pun intended. Huh, is someone is the bathroom?

"Is someone in the bathroom?"

"That would be your granddad."

Poopie. "Oh he's here? Is dad?"

"That would be no. Doyle had a vision not long ago so your dad had to go out and kill some demon."

Lucky bastard. "Oh ok." Now I am going over to the couch to sit next to Lorne. As I do this guess who comes out of the bathroom. "Sup?" I ask him. He looks at me funny in return.

"Pardon me young lady?" he responds. "That's not the proper way you address someone. Especially your grandparent."

Well that settles the 'what to call him question.' I can't believe this dude. And I thought my dad was uptight.

"Well now that Sarai's up there's no need to stay. Toodles." Lorne says before running out of here and leaving us two alone. Traitor.

"So, did you sleep well?" I ask trying to be nice. He remains looking at me funny.

"Um...yes. Its strange here though."

"Yeah, it can be hard to get used too." did I just say that sympathetically? Well, I do know a thing or two about what he said.

"Socks are strange too. They don't come off as easily." he comments.

Do. Not. Laugh. I. Will. Not. Laugh. Do. Not. Laugh. just nod. There I nodded. I really love myself sometimes. Ok so I lay down and he raises an eyebrow at me. "There something wrong?"

"Is this what you do with your time, girl? Layabout?"

"No, sometimes I sit."

"Huh, just like your father" he scoffs. That's it.

"EXCUSE ME?! Incase you weren't informed, he's out right now saving lives. So I'd think before I speak if I were you." not that I ever do, but that's ok.

"When he was a lad he did nothing except go to the taverns and pick up wenches."

Dad hung around bars? COOL. Wait, wench? Does he mean hookers? D-dad and h-hookers. EEEEWWWW. Images. Bad, bad, very bad images. "That' interesting." He takes a seat on the other couch as I say this. "And when he was doing this what were you doing?" I question rashly.

"I was doing what every self-respecting man did, I worked."

"I mean about him, what did you do about him since his behavior obviously bothered you?"

"Well I told him what a disgrace he was."

"That's it? You didn't tell him why? You couldn't make time for your son to sit down and explain things to him you just gave up on him? Who does that?" I get more pissed as I talk. "He never did that to me ya know. He could have, he had every right to but he didn't."

"Oh, and what have you done that was so terrible?"

"I tried to kill him once or twice, some of his friends as well." he's freaked at this point. I can tell because his eyes are huge and he moves further away from me. Maybe I should've eased that into the convo. "Relax I am over that phase. Besides its not how it sounds. There were circumstances."

"Were you a demon as well?" he asks.

"No, I wasn't. But I thought I could be...and I thought dad was."

"He is thought."

"Again, its not how it sounds. There are circumstances there too. You don't understand him."

"I understand my son just perfectly." he protests.

"No, you really don't."

As he's about to respond dad walks in. "Hi daddy!" I say brightly. "Heya, Doyle." I add as I see him come in.

"Look who finally got out of bed." Dad comments sarcastically. I stick my tongue out at in response. Then I hear granddad utter something about disrespect. I fight the urge to give him the one finger salute. "Did you two eat?" dad then asks.

"Nopie." I answer. I swear if his dad gives me one more dirty look I am gonna go all Faith on his ass. Faith knows how to kick ass good. She might be the only one I'd might lose to in a fight. Dad and Spike think they're stronger then me....but I know better. I let them think that though to help their self-esteem. They really are fragile vampires. And dad says I don't consider other peoples feeling often...even though that's usually true. Anyway, enough about that. I've rambled on about that long enough. Even though this is my head.

"What do you want to eat?" I suddenly hear dad asked.

"Ice cream?" I asked hopefully.

"Try agin." he responds. I knew that wouldn't work. So I'll just get up and get a pop tart. You're supposed to put then in the toaster, but I am to lazy to wait so I'll eat it right out of the package. Daddy's making eggs for everyone else. Eggs are just about the only thing he can cook very well, which is bad for me cause I don't like eggs. Although I must admit he is getting better at cooking.

"So, got any plans today?" Doyle asks me as I help him set the table for the eggs, while I am eating my pop tart of course. Doyle's cool, and funny. He let me taste Scotch once, but I can't tell anyone that.

"No, nothing specific, you?"

"No. What are you doing with peanut butter?"

"Oh, nothing." I reply. I can't help myself. Sometimes I think of the most brilliant ideas.

"Liar." he accuses. He's right too.

Ok so the three of them are eating breakfast, I am sitting at the table too just chillin' out.

"So I think that we should go down to the office more to do research." Dad suggests as they finish eating. They agree. Hehe. Granddad just got up and the back of his pants looks like he took a dump in them.

"I knew you were doing something with the peanut butter." Doyle stated, taking notice of the pants and the fact that the chair granddad was sitting in has some peanut butter on it. It had more but of course, but its on the pants now.

"You're not gonna say anything, right?"

Doyle's grinning at me. "Say anything about what?" he really is cool. So we're going to go downstairs. Granddad is putting his shoes on now. His shoes semi-line with grape jelly that is, I am pretty sure though just thinks that's how shoes now a days feel. PB&J really is the perfect combo. Like hot dogs and tuna fish. No one really understands hot dogs and tuna but me. Its not fair. It's a good meal. People should give it a chance.

We're in dad's office now. He, Wesley, Fred, Cordy and Lorne are researching. I am not quite sure what granddad is doing, I mean he's in the room and all I just don't know what he's doing. Gunn, Doyle and I are supposed to be researching too but we're playing cards. Hopefully no one will notice.... speaking of noticing I can't believe no one notice the peanut butter pants except Doyle. Well I am pretty sure some para legals did in the hallway before when we were coming in here because they were laughing. But no one else did.

"Say, do you smell peanut butter?" Gunn just asked me. Doyle and I look at each other, but we keep a straight face the whole time.

"No, not at all." I say.

"We're getting nowhere." Wesley announced. Could he state the obvious anymore? Loser. "Angel what did you do Thursday night?" he then asks.

"Nothing. I mean we all went out to dinner. Then when we got back Sarai and I watched TV but that's it. Oh, before that though Sarai fell into a cake." Dad just tells everyone, he's smiling too. Last time I do something nice for him, well ok not really. I can allow it this once. I think I am getting soft in my old age. Damn 15. Before you know it I'll become polite all the time. I must be stopped....

"So find any answers yet?" Dawn asks entering the office, Spike is walking behind her.

"No not yet." Cordy answers. This research is going nowhere, I feel the need to point this out.

"This research is going nowhere." I say to them out loud.

"Can't we just wish for the answers or something?" Fred questions. Suddenly daddy get a strange look on his face. The kinda look people get on TV right before a lightbulb appears above their head and lights up. It'd funny if there was a lightbulb over daddy's head.

"Wait a minute...." Dad says. "That might be it."

"What might be what?" I say.

Dad looks...I am sure if he's nervous or embarrassed. Either way its weird.

"Before I went to bed last night I might've expressed a wish..."

"You made a wish? Out loud? So you think a Vengeance Demon could've done this?" Wesley says.

"Could be."

"So I am guessing they grant wishes?" Gunn asks, they nod. "So by Angel wishing out loud he called upon this V.D."

"What? He has VD? But you contract it, not call upon it. Sorry about that Cordy." I am shocked at this point, so is everyone else. That would be a joke that I would make regarding Gunn's little abbreviation , in fact I was about it to make it, only mine was much better. I could even see Faith and definitely Spike make the joke, but not Fred. Talk about out of character. Fred's the good one of the group how could she make a joke like that? I must be rubbing off on her...I'm kinda proud actually.

"Sarai, stop corrupting Fred!" Dad just insisted. What the hell?

"Ok, carrying on." Wes says changing the subject. "There are a lot of different Vengeance Demons out there we'll need to...."

"Was the wish about your dad?" Dawn interrupted.

"Yes..." Dad says.

"HALFRECK!" Both Dawn and Spike scream at the same time.

"No need to shout." a women with brown curly hair and a perky voice says entering the room. "Is there a problem?

"Did you grant the Poof over there a wish and then brought his pops back?" Spike asks bluntly.

"Well hello to you to William. Not exactly the poetry you used to tell me huh? Not that I liked it or anything but still you could try to....oh anyway. To answered the question, yes. He wished, if I remember correctly for his father to 'see him now' so here he is. Speaking of parents, Dawnie..."

"No, Hallie." Dawn cut her off.

"So can you send him back?" I ask.

She sighs. "If I must."

"One moment, I want to speak with my son outside." Granddad says. The two of them go into the hall, as they leave everyone else catches on to the pants and their jaws dropped. Now I'm going to eavesdrop.

"Why wish me to be here? Why?" he asks dad.

"I don't know....I guess. I to see that I am doing something. Something that's not drinking." Aw, daddy's so nice.

"I do see that. You are doing well....but you've also done a lot of bad." Granddad counters. Butt- head. "However, from what I've gathered, the child seems to adore you. How you're children view you says a lot."

"What about how your father views you?" Aw, I feel so bad for dad right now as he asks that question.

"You've changed. You've changed a lot. Right now, you seem to be decent, almost like some of what I hoped you could be. I just wonder if you'll be able to keep it up, or if you'll change yet again like you've throughout the years. Then again I've recently been told I don't understand you, so who knows." Good. I'm glad he listened.

"Sarai tell you that?" Dad questioned. How does he know these things? Stupid special daddy senses.

"Well yes. I must confess she is the strangest girl I've ever met."

"Yes, she really is." Dad agrees. HEY! Eh, who am I kidding? Its true. I know it.

"Its time I go." Granddad announces. He walks back in to the office and as he does, now dad see's the pants. His jaw drops and he also see's me and shakes his head.

"Ok, do your stuff." Spike says.

"The curse is lifted." this Halfreck states and now Granddad is gone.

-3 hours later-

I haven't seen dad in a while. I wonder where he is? I am searching the halls for him. Is there someone in the training room? Oh what do you know, its daddy, hitting a heavy bag.

"Hi." I say. "You want me to leave you alone?"

"Of course not. Sit." He tells me, sitting on the floor. So I'll sit too.

"You look a little...I don't know, disappointed. Wanna tell me about it?" great, I sound like him when I have a bad day at school.

"I just thought maybe...."

"You wanted full on acceptance." I finish. "You wanted him to tell you that no matter what, even if he doesn't agree he'll accept you just how you are and how you've been." Dad looks surprised after I say think. Like I took the words right from his mouth. "Hey, don't look shocked. I've been there myself ya know. When I was younger and everything that is...back know."

"Yeah, I know." I think he feels even worse as he says that to me. Damn, I was trying to me him feel better. Not worse.

"But none of that matters to me anymore. Cause now I have you."

Daddy's smiling now, yippee. Now, he's pulling onto his lap. "I know just what you mean." he says as he hugs me. Its getting a bit mushy now, like the ending of every single freakin' episode of Full House.

"And look on the bright side, he did kinda say that he thinks you're alright now. I bet he was actually very impressed with you, he was just to stubborn to admit it. It wouldn't surprise me if he was. In my experience fathers are very frequently stubborn, boring, dull, and narrow minded and doesn't want to see their kids point of view oh yeah and also sometimes unfair." hehe. I wonder if he'll catch on that I am also mainly talking about him. Gee, I really love messing with his mind.

"Thanks. Hey, wait a minute!" ok he caught on. "I'm the stubborn and narrow minded one? Me? What about you little miss 'I know everything and I'm always right'."

"I do know everything and I am always right!" I argue. He rolls his eye.

"Sure. And what about your little pranks these past two days? Huh?"

I giggle. "Those were brilliant and funny and you know it." Dad is trying not to smile but he fails. Then he nods. "I still stand by my original statement though." Now his face changes after I say this. I know that look; he wants to get back at me by tickling me. So now I am running around and he's chasing me. This fun. He really is the greatest daddy like, ever!

The End.

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