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Love Potion?


Ginny had found the book, and had copied it down word for word. All she had to do was to get Professor Snape's cauldron and make it. She snuck out of the common room and down to the dungeons; she had learned how to bypass the professor's safety locks a few weeks ago. She entered the room and got out the Gold Cauldron that she was supposed to use for this potion.

She got all of the ingredients out and placed them in the order they were to be added. Putting some water into the cauldron, she let it heat up as she prepared, measured and chopped the ingredients. She read the list of ingredients one last time:

One Love Potion

1 size 2 golden cauldron

½ a gram of fairy dust

2 chopped bat spleens

20ml of crocodile tears

Hairs or essence of the first love (Harry)

1 dove feather

Hairs or essence of second love (Me)

To be added in that order.

Yep she had what she needed. The water was hot now. She gently added the fairy dust, stirred anti-clockwise ten times, before adding the next ingredient. She had picked up what she had thought to be Bat spleens when in fact they were bat uteruses; she gently added them to the mix. She stirred the contents together fifteen times clockwise. With the addition of the crocodile tears the mixture went a bright purple colour; she gently threw in the dove feather. Instead of changing in colour to white, like it should before the final ingredient was added, it changed to red, saying it was done. It had taken her over an hour to make the potion.

She looked at the contents of the cauldron. 'One of my hairs must have fallen out and went in,' she thought to herself. She got the empty flask and poured the potion into it, well Harry was going to be going out with her soon. She cleaned the area up, making sure not to leave a thing out of place. She didn't want anyone to know what she had done.

What she didn't know was that the potion had changed, because of the different ingredient and the fact that the cauldron was not hers. The cauldron was Severus Snape's and was infused with his magical essence.

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