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Rosemary lay quietly within the arms of her Aunt Hermione. Hermione was sitting next to Molly Weasley as they watched Severus and Harry get married. It had been three months since the day Severus proposed to Harry in the infirmary on the day of Rosemary's release.

The day after her release Sirius and Remus showed up, they had been travelling in America over the last year. When they heard that Harry had given birth to a baby. They could not believe that he was with Severus at first and Sirius had a shouting match with Severus. Remus, always the voice of reason, made them both see sense.

They were both at the wedding. Severus had asked Remus to stand for him, as he didn't have many people that he considered friends. Harry had straight away asked Ron to stand for him. Sirius was sat on the other side of Hermione. He and Severus had finally talked through the things that had happened while they were at school together. They had finally become something like friends, though it was far from being bosom buddies.

Albus stood behind Severus and Harry as they stood waiting for the ceremony to begin. Albus smiled at the two and started to address everyone, "Hello to you all. I am proud to stand here today and officiate this ceremony, so let us begin."

"The four season heart, mind, body and soul. In spring new love blooms within our hearts. In summer our loved ones are within our minds. In autumn new changes happen within our body. In winter remembrance of the past year happens within our soul. Today we join the four seasons with these two people."

Albus then turned to Severus and asked, "Do you Severus Ari Snape wish to join heart, mind, body and soul with Harry James Potter from now until eternity?"

"I, Severus Ari Snape will join the four seasons together with Harry James Potter for all eternity," Severus answered as he continued to look at Harry.

"Do you Remus Jonathan Lupin agree to the bonding of the season between Severus Snape and Harry Potter?" Albus then asked Remus who stood quietly behind Severus.

"I agree to the joining," He replied as he smiled at the happy couple.

Albus then turned to Harry and asked as he smiled. "Do you Harry James Potter wish to join heart, mind, body and soul with Severus Ari Snape from now until eternity?"

"I, Harry James Potter, will join the four seasons together with Severus Ari Snape for all eternity," Harry answered as he looked into Severus dark eyes that shone with happiness.

"Do you Ronald Jonas Weasley agree to the bonding of the season between Harry James potter and Severus Ari Snape?" Albus then asked Ron who stood smiled behind Harry.

"I agree to the joining," He replied as his smile turned into a grin at the happy couple.

"Please join your hands together," He told the pair as they joined their hands together to make a cross with them. He conjured a red and green rope and entwined it with the joined hands. Flash of light shone for a second then dimmed.

Albus smiled even larger and addressed those that had gathered for the blessed day and said to all, "May I now introduced Mr. and Mr. Potter-Snape. May you forever find love within each others arms."

People clapped and a baby gurgled within the gathering. This day marked the beginning of the rest of their lives together.

The End

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