Disclaimer: Hellsing belongs to Kouta Hirano.

Author's notes: Pointless ficlet, the pairing is up to you, the story is ambiguous. AlucardxSeras/Integral/Queen/Yumiko/Heinkel/Any woman you imagine. It's to portrait his relationships with the female gender in general.

Special Thanks: My editor, Bishounen No Hime.


How you define perfection?

How you create a masterpiece?

Alucard stared at the dark, moonless sky and wondered this. No missions to fulfill just yet, itgave him time to ponder. As if he didn't have all time on his hands. That had always been his aim: perfection. To shape the world to his unholy image and become the new God. Because he was flawless, above the finite humanity. But even Adam was in need of Lilith, and when she deserted him, he settled with Eve.

Not any woman would do, most were disgraceful, little bins. Not worthy enough to be his meals, let alone of his companionship. She had to be like him: a ruler, a leader, a fighter, a killer. To be his slave, his master and his equal.

Fleeting madness took over his features, licking his lips as if tasting his oncoming victory. Alucard laughed aloud, uncaring if someone listened to him or no.

Together they would remake everything, they would corrupt everyone for they shan't be resisted or denied. Who would dare to say no to demigods, in any case?

Abraham and his foolish hunting party had destroyed his previous works, but the old man was dead, long gone ashes beneath his boots. And Alucard vowed myself to reconstruct each until he found the right one. The one that was completely fitting.

Patience, Alucard reminded himself, She's not ready yet. But soon… very soon. His fangs glittered to the starlight, the anticipation was a torture. To be so close yet so far.

The vampire stared at his chosen one, watching her sleep in evident peace. No signs of thediscomfort that his presence usually provoked. Alucard approached, stopping on a side of her resting place. His gloved thumb stroke her cheek. It wasn't a caring gesture, more like a possessive motion.

There were many failures before she came, his real Galatea, the one who would one day join the rightful place at his side and together they would make many children. Yet, she was still incomplete. She still didn't acknowledge him as she should or had yet toaccept what he offered. She refused him and kept her semblance of humanity. It galled him but also, it excited him.

His challenge.

The woman stirred, Alucard ceased his actions and phased back to the shadows. Thirty eyes were on her, watching in twisted fascination how she rolled on the mattress, seeking another posture.

He would keep trying. It wasn't in the Devil's nature to give up seduction, was it? Even if she didn't perceive it as such… it was his own macabre brand of courtship.

Alucard was an artist, an undead Pygmalion. He would sculpt his ideal woman with his blood. Earth was their Cyprus, and they would rule it together. One day.