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You know, I just wondered... why didn't Raito think to have Raye Penber put all of his cash inside that envelope and leave it on the train for him? He's a college student. Doesn't he need money?! The only member of his family to have a job is his father. Sigh. If you're going to kill people at least TRY to get something out of it for yourself. Jeez.

Author: Inuyasha

Title: Opportunity

Chapter 2: Motives

L flexed his toes inside the loose sneakers, deep in thought. Twenty-three days. He thought back to the stacks of victim reports lying over every surface in his hotel room. In addition to time of death, he had the team research the corresponding victim's media releases that included name and picture. Each report was stored and filed away in his mind. He flipped through the pages, linking information together. Ruling out all media dates before Kira's first victim's death, he realized that the first few hundred victims died within thirty minutes of their broadcast's in the Kantou area. The shortest amount of time between a victim's face being aired on the news and subsequent death was the live broadcast of the L impostor. That was less than ten minutes into their conversation. The longest span of time between news and death was of Motomiya Hiroshi, with a length of twenty-three days. Based on this information, he could hypothesize that Kira could kill anytime between ten minutes to twenty-three days once receiving the name and face of his intended.

Raito pieced this together before I did. The likelihood of his being Kira rises every time we speak.

Yagami Raito was the one who attacked me earlier. The hair color and clothing match. Also, he has taken measures to ensure my captivity. There are four possible motives behind this.

The most likely reason is that he is Kira. As Kira, there is enmity between us. The question arises; however, of why he has captured me instead of my immediate death. Perhaps he still does not know my name. I took great measures to protect my identity. The fact that he said I only had twenty-three days to live is insinuating that he has planned my death, knowing my true name. Is this a lie? Is it a scare tactic? If not, then what reasons does he have for my continued existence?

Another possibility, as Yagami Raito, he has come to the theory that I am Kira. From his view, I hold the same characteristics to be Kira as he does. I could be creating the impossible cases that I have solved and received reputation by. I could have framed the people I have placed inside prisons around the world. I hold the same genius as Kira, but have not been suspected. If he has pieced together Kira's time frame, then it stands to reason that he has kidnapped me for observation over this period of time. Thereby, proving my guilt if the murders do not continue past the twenty-third day.

If this theory is true, then there is a flaw. If I am only being observed for twenty-three days and then released, as Kira I would be able to continue my murders without pause. If he knew of the time limit, then he would keep trapped for longer. Does he not know? Or is this theory false? If he does not know, then what is the significance of twenty-three days? It points to my first theory.

He could be a supporter of Kira. Raito-kun has a strong sense of justice; he could have abducted me in order to rid Kira of an obstacle. Without me, Kira would proceed with his plans to change the world. Why twenty-three days then? Just a random number?

Least likely of all, he could have captured me in order take my position in the investigation. I do not believe Raito-kun would do this out of envy or jealousy.

I called him Kira. He did not refute my claim.

He wiggled his toes inside his trainers. His shoes were uncomfortably warm and stuffy.

"Where is L? This must be the longest he has been absent since we arrived." Matsuda stated with a tired smile.

Aikawa glanced up with interest. Broken from his silent contemplated of the empty teacup on his lap.

"Yeah. It's been over an hour." Ukita realized after glancing at his watch.

"He must finally be getting some sleep. Kami knows he needs it!" Chief Yagami laughed. He watched the news anchors' argue about the linking traits between Kira and L. "We'll wake him if Kira makes any new moves." He continued. "Until then, let him rest."

"I could use a bit of a nap myself." Matsuda admitted. "We're all out of tea, too." He yawned.

"I'll order room-service to bring more. Earl Grey okay with everyone?" Ukita asked and received a few half-hearted grunts in return. All he got from the chief was a vague wave. He sighed and picked up the telephone. Sometimes he wondered why he chose to be a police officer. Work could get pretty dull on occasion.

L shifted restlessly. His internal clock informed him that he had been alone for forty-five minutes. His shoulders hurt and his fingers were numb. He had wiggled his way into the bathroom on the off chance that Raito had missed picking up a sliver of glass, but as he expected, there was nothing but dust. It was cold in the room, but that might just be the lack of circulation. Why did he leave by himself this afternoon? It was bad luck, he decided. He would have known if the hotel entrance were being watched.

All he had left to do was wait for Raito to come back. He knew Raito would be back soon, if he was just going to leave him here to die of dehydration then he wouldn't have bothered to break the mirror. At some point, Raito had planned to come back and untie him.

He rested his head on the cold white tiles. At least the rooms were white. Another eccentricity of his. White was... clean. A bad example, considering the amount of dust and cobwebs. Still, it was better than his hotel in a weird way. He always had to perch on his white and peach striped armchair.

He sighed. There was nothing to do. "Bored bored bored bored."

Raito hummed happily as he left the department store. Several different clothing stores and he had a range of outfits.

"You just kidnapped L and now you're going shopping for clothes?!" Ryuuku bemoaned. "Whatever happened to your genius?"

Raito snorted. "Relax. You don't know enough about the human world yet. Once the police realize that L is missing, they will ask for a listing of products that were bought today from all the stores in the area. After that, they will be checking the store cameras in the department and hardware stores to see who bought any suspicious items. This is just a precaution for if they get that far. It would be questionable if the same person went to different stores in the area, buying the things I will be getting."

"That makes sense." The shinigami nodded thoughtfully. "You really think of everything. But," he added, "How will the police know that you'll be getting that stuff today?"

Raito smirked. "They don't. For all they know, the kidnapper could be any regular mugger that just happened to choose L as a target. The chances are slim, but still there. L is just a teenager with lots of money to the public. He could have been mugged, shot, and disposed of. The police will have their hands full with this case as well as Kira's continued murders. Also, they can't let it be known that L is missing. Imagine the panic that would cause!" He gave an amused laugh.

"However," he continued, "I am still a suspect for L's disappearance. As the only fathomed Kira, I become the person with the best motive for getting rid of L. That is why I will also be buying a book and some earrings with my credit card. When the police ask me what I was doing at this time, I will answer with 'window shopping'. They will be able to check my credit card trail and know that it was true. The purchases of the book and earrings will be spaced out and from different stores in order to give the impression that I have been browsing. That will explain the length of time for my alibi."

"Oh." Ryuuku answered intelligently. They entered a clothing store fitting room.

"So, what kind of earrings do you want?" Raito asked and unbuttoned his shirt.

L jerked out of his sleepy daze when he heard the first sound of shuffling. The door opened with a click and Raito appeared with three large bags, he left two of them outside the doorway and the locked the door behind him.

Raito ignored him and opened a plastic bag. Deftly, he unwrapped the parcels from their packaging and tossed the sheets into a corner. Two fluffy beige comforters quickly followed them. Without a word, he bundled up the trash and left to retrieve another bag from the hallway.

This bag, he carried into the bathroom. Getting out a wrench, he bent underneath the sink and began dismantling the piping. Once that was done, he removed the faucet taps and tossed everything into the bag with a loud clatter of metal on metal. Taking out a screwdriver, he stripped the room of its toilet paper dispenser. That too, when into the paper bag.

L watched with round eyes as Raito closed the bathroom door, separating the two rooms. The door shuddered with a bang. L scrambled across the dusty linoleum to the far wall. Seconds later, the bathroom door shook again and fell with a resounding crash onto the floor where he had been lying. He peered from his corner through the gap where the door had been as Raito added the bolts and hinges to his collection.

Raito's eyes connected with the other boy's from across the room and smiled.

L stuffed his head into the mound of cotton sheets and breathed in their scent. He didn't like being helpless. Or toyed with.

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