When we last left Rocky and the moon men, they were surrounded by hungry, talking jungle cats at the San Diego Zoo!

A mob of lions, tigers, and other kinds of wild cats surrounds Rocky, Gidney, and Cloyd. The foremost, a tiger, is looking Rocky straight in the eye. "Tell me, squirrel, do you taste better with rosemary or dill?"

"You don't understand!" Rocky tries to explain. "You're not supposed to be intelligent! The Moon Queen did this to you so she could take over the world!"

"Oh, did she?" says the tiger. "I'll have to remember to thank her...after lunch!"

As the tiger is about to bite Rocky's head off, an elephant trunk wraps around the big cat's midsection and lifts him into the air. His assailant, a she-elephant, scolds him indignantly. "Leave those poor creatures alone!"

"Stay out of this!" the tiger warns her.

"Your dietary preferences disgust me," says the elephant haughtily. "Why can't you learn to eat vegetables like self-respecting animals do?"

The other jungle cats prepare to pounce on the elephant, only to back down when they see several other elephants, along with a half dozen rhinos, charging in their direction. "Come on, guys!" Rocky calls out, hurrying away from the scene with the moon men close behind.

Meanwhile, at the government laboratory, Wunderkind is helping the scientists find a solution to the anthropomorphic crisis!

At Florence Liverwurst National Laboratory, the round-footed android called Wunderkind is writing equations on a blackboard, while Bullwinkle, Dr. Tightlips, and several other scientists watch. "...and the device will automatically shut off once the de-anthropomorphization process is complete," the android states.

"That's brilliant!" gushes Dr. Tightlips. "We'll build it at once!"

Suddenly Rocky arrives in the room with Gidney and Cloyd. "Moon men!" exclaims the doctor. "How did they get in without a clearance?"

"I have all the clearance I need right here," says Cloyd, patting his scrooch gun.

"Dr. Tightlips, what will you do about all the cartoon animals?" asks Rocky.

"Yeah!" says Bullwinkle. "I don't want to be de-anthro-whatever-ed."

A small white dog who wears glasses approaches the group. "I believe I have an answer to that," he declares.

Rocky and Bullwinkle gasp. "Mr. Peabody?"

"When the anti-anthropomorphic device is activated," Peabody proposes, "all the cartoon animals will step through my Waybac Machine and travel five minutes into the future."

"Amazing!" marvels Dr. Tightlips. "Remind me to increase your salary."

And so, by the end of the next day, the government scientists have built a device to reverse the effects of the moon weapon!

The waves from the anti-anthropomorphic device spread through the world, reverting all of the humanlike animals to their previous state. The chickens resume crossing the roads, the crazed birds stop pursuing the fisherman, and the sheep who were robbing a tourist couple begin to placidly eat grass again.

In Mr. Peabody's time laboratory, all of the world's cartoon animals are lined up to pass through the Waybac Machine and avoid the effects of the waves. The lineup includes Bugs Bunny, Woody Woodpecker, Mickey Mouse, Roger Rabbit, Felix the Cat, etc., etc., etc. At the back of the line are Rocky and Bullwinkle. Mr. Peabody is calmly herding the cartoon animals through the machine. "One at a time, now," he instructs them. "No pushing."

Finally all of the cartoon characters have gone through except for Rocky, Bullwinkle, and Mr. Peabody.

Well, it looks like our heroes have saved the day again, with a little help from Wunderkind, the moon men, and the government scientists.

"Ahem," says the canine genius.

And Mr. Peabody, of course. We'll be back next week for the beginning of another exciting and interminable adventure!

Bullwinkle walks through the time portal, followed by Rocky. A moment later Rocky steps back through the portal. "Aren't you coming, Mr. Peabody?" he asks with concern.

Mr. Peabody pushes Rocky through the time portal, then flips the switch to deactivate it. He pulls off his dog mask to reveal the grinning countenance of Boris Badenov.

What in the name of...

"Muwahahahahaha!" gloats Boris. "Victory is mine at last!"