From the Cold

Summary: Harry's 'relatives' abandoned him in the streets when he was only 5 years old. His keeper Striker found him and taught him how to survive. Harry, now 15, is an experienced pickpocket and lock picker that heads a group of orphans called 'The Misfits.' Sirius has already found him and is pretending to be a loveable stray that was affectionately named Snuffles.

Downtown London

As our story begins, we are taken into the heart of London. Harry Potter, Boy-Who-Lived-to-Disappear, was perched in an alley on the fire escape of an apartment building. What was he doing in an alley perched on a fire escape? That's simple my dear friends! He is scoping out the location of his next heist. But why, you may ask yourself, is he pulling off a heist in the first place? Well that...that will be answered later on in this story. For now, however, you will begin your journey in the world of Harry Potter, Boy-Who-Lived-to-Disappear...aka ShadowBolt.

"Tweet! What's it look like from up there?" ShadowBolt asked quietly, speaking into a microphone transmitting up to the roof of a building he was watching, the receiver of the transmitter was being held by a young girl, thus recognized as Tweet.

"No problems Boss." Tweet called back into her microphone, keeping quiet to make sure that her out of place appearance wasn't noticed by passerby's in the street below.

"Great. Tell Smoke and Flake to get ready and in position, I'm going in."

"That'll be a 10-4 good buddy!."

"Tweet, have you been watching trucker movies again?"

"Only Smokey and the Bandit!" came the indignant reply.

"Right, only. Well, do what I asked of you. And don't forget to keep watch my signal."

"Got it!"

15 year-old ShadowBolt, aka Harry Potter, aka The-Boy-Who-Lived-to-Disappear, was a Mind Mage. What is a Mind Mage you may ask? Well, a Mind Mage, as Harry liked to call it, was a person with the ability to make things happen with their mind. Now, normally, this could be considered as just normal telekinesis, but as we all know, this is Harry Potter we're talking about! And he is anything but normal. His abilities as a Mind Mage were how Harry pulled off almost all of his heists. He had discovered his abilities when he was only 5-years-old, thus it is revealed why our young hero's 'relatives' (and I use this word loosely) had abandoned him. From the time of his discovery, he has since developed his abilites. He would often use them to conjure things that would trip an alarm somewhere else in the building. This gave his operatives enough time to sneak in and steal what was planned. Today's target: a small jewelry store on the east side of London. Their reasons for choosing this location? Well, not only did the store have rather large safe filled with money and rare gems, it also had it's displays that were filled That is to say, to steal those would mean having something that could later be pawned or sold in the underground market for a heft price.

"You guys ready?" ShadowBolt asked, sending his message to all of the transmitters on the channel they were using.

"This is Tweet, it's all go here."

"Smoke, check."

"Flake, check."

"Good. Let the fun begin. And don't forget: Wait for the signal."

Those people turned to the girl earlier identified as Tweet. She just smiled sheepishly and scratched the back of her head. Below them in the street, ShadowBolt made his way out of the alley across the street. Pasting an innocent grin on his face, he made his way across the street, peeking into the storefront window at the jewelry on display. Looking much like the excited teenager that he was supposed to be, ShadowBolt walked into the store, causing the owner to look up from where he was reading the newspaper at the counter.

"Can I help you kid?" the owner asked gruffly, seemingly annoyed at being interrupted from the oh so interesting news that the local newspaper was made up of.

"Yes sir. I'm looking for a present for my mother. You see, her birthday is in a little less than a week. I've been saving all the money I could this year so that I could get her something really nice." he replied, still grinning innocently.

"Is that so? Well what makes you think that I have anything that you could afford?"

"Well, between allowance and side jobs that I've had since my birthday last year, I've saved up close to $3,000."

"Very well then. Let me grab our more elegant pieces." the owner told him, eyes alight with that greedy glint that some of the shop owners in this part of town were known for. They were also known for cheating gullible and unsuspecting people out of their money. Luckily, ShadowBolt knew all about the shops in this area. After all, he'd dealt with more than 1 of them, more than once.

"Yes sir."

Eyeing the teenager standing before him once last time, the owner walked down a hallway that was near the counter and disappeared into a safe at the end of the hall..

'Perfect,' ShadowBolt thought to himself, 'I can lock him in there and we can take anything we want. Of course I'll let him out when we're done and gone. Safe: I say close yourself up.'

He directed this last thought towards the door of the safe. Having no choice but to obey, because it was an inanimate object, the safe door swung slowly shut, locking the startled owner inside.

"Guys, forget the original plan. We can get in easily, the owner's locked in his safe." He spoke into the transmitter, grinning at how seemingly easily this was going. He had expected it to be harder. Little did our hero know, that the hard part was yet to come.

"Got it Boss. We're coming down now." Tweet replied

Soon his operatives came through the front door as though just browsing, this was to make sure that any of the more respectable passerby's didn't get suspicious. The first to come through were Tweet and Flake. Tweet was a young girl of about 13-years-old. Her long brown hair tied up in a ponytail with a pink ribbon, combined with her large hazel eyes and innocent smile, often fooled people and made them easier for the robbing. Flake was a young boy who also seemed to be about 13-years-old. His blonde hair was so much so, that it was almost white and the clearest blue eyes anyone has ever seen often distracted people into staring into them. The combination of his hair and eyes gave him a schoolboy look, which made him a good decoy as well, because (as mentioned before) people often got distracted by staring at or into his eyes. Smoke came next by himself. By following the two younger ones, it seemed as though he was following annoying siblings. He was 15-years-old, same as ShadowBolt, and was also Tweets' overprotective older brother. If he thought a situation was too dangerous for her, he would fight ShadowBolt on it, sometimes verbally and sometimes physically. He had black hair that was so light it was almost grey and brown eyes. This combination made him look older than he really was, and people were often fooled by him.

"So Boss, what're we taking this time?" Tweet asked cheerily, rubbing her hands in anticipation

"You can take any 3 things of your choice, I'll make sure that the owner can't escape. Smoke, make sure to empty the register." ShadowBolt replied

"What about the safe?" Smoke asked, his voice soft and rough.

"Well, with the owner locked inside, I'm not going to bother trying to get anything out of it. Let's just get this done and get out. I'm getting hungry and want to head home soon." ShadowBolt replied.

"Aye aye captain!" Flake and Tweet mock saluted, while Smoke just nodded

ShadowBolt could hear them searching for anything they liked, also hearing the cash register open as Smoke began to empty it. He made his way down the long hallway towards the safe, and as he neared it, he knew something was wrong. He had expected to hear the owner banging on the safe door trying to get it open, cursing the existence of conniving little brats, but instead he heard nothing but silence. Cautiously, he mentally opened the door, half dreading what he would see inside of it. Instead of an unconscious or dead man, as he thought he might see, he only saw an empty safe. He quickly scanned the room with his mind, looking for any trap doors or hidden passageways that the owner may have escaped from, but there were none. Suddenly, he remembered his friends in the front of the store, so he ran back down the hallway as quick as he could.

"Guys! Get out! He's escaped, the cops are coming!" he shouted through the transmitter as he made his way toward the front of the store.

"Too late Shadow, they're already here." Tweet cried

"Yeah, and they've got some sort of sticks that shoot stuff at us." Flake added nervously

'Shit! What's a wizard doing owning a shop on the east side of London?!' ShadowBolt asked himself as

"They won't take you guys, I'll make sure of it! Distract them, I'm only about 5 feet away."

He got silence as a response, but the sudden grunts from some of the people told him that his friends had done as he asked. As he exploded into the room, they all looked at him in surprise, but he didn't give them a chance to recover from his sudden appearance. He immediately grabbed the one closest to him and threw him against the wall. The man's wand, which he had dropped when ShadowBolt picked him up, was quickly throw away, although ShadowBolt didn't pay attention to where it had landed. Soon enough, another of the wizards shot a spell at him, but ShadowBolt just summoned another wizard to become his human shield. The wizard, surprised by the wandless summoning, wasn't fast enough to throw up a shield and was knocked unconscious. The man-shield collapsed onto the floor as ShadowBolt released his mental grip on the man and then there was one. The only wizard left standing was a hook-nosed man with greasy, black hair and a nasty sneer. It was as though the man thought that his comrades were incompetent (well, this part was true) and that he would rather be anywhere than where he was now (which was also true).

"Are you ready to give up yet, or do you want to end up like your comrades?" ShadowBolt sneered

"You are just like your father Potter. Rude and you clearly have no respect for those older than you." The man sneered back

"Don't you dare talk about my father! My father is dead, and even though I may not have known him, I will not let you disrespect his memory. The people who were supposed to take care of me left me in the streets, so if you're looking for someone to blame for my attitude, blame them. I wouldn't be like this if they would've taken care of me like you wanted them too. And another thing, if you've come to take me back to them, you've got another thing coming!" Harry growled, enjoying the man's look of surprise.

Then, before the still stunned man could react, Harry grabbed his friends (who were watching the scene with amusment) and disappeared with a 'pop.'

"It would seem, Severus, that we have underestimated the boy." A voice from behind the man said.

"Indeed we have Albus. I think, that if given the proper training, that boy could surpass even you." the man, now identified as, Severus replied

"Well then, we must continue our search to make sure that power does not fall into the wrong hands." Albus replied.

Then, the two men made their way from the store and into the same alley that Harry Potter had earlier been hiding in, and they both disappeared with loud cracks. People in the streets just ignored the loud noise, believing it to be one of those junky old cars this neighborhood was good for.

A/N: This chapter was updated as of September 7, 2006.