Title: Shattered Truth

Author: SparkyCola

Rating: PG-13 for violence and one word.

Disclaimer: Ok ok... they're not mine- just don't tell the Harper locked in my basement that...

Spoilers: 'Bunker Hill' definitely, 'Ouroborus' technically, and also 'Abridging the Devil's' divide lightly.

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Shattered Truth

Teaser Chapter - The Note

At least he'd left a note this time.

"I've decided to take a self-appointed holiday to Infinity Atoll, don't have any wild parties while I'm away, I'll be back in a few days. In the meantime you'll have to try and get by without your resident genius, Seamus Z Harper."

Beka could almost feel the anger radiating off Dylan. He looked at the note darkly, then slammed it down and turned to her. She knew why he was angry. The first few times Harper had gone AWOL Dylan had let him off but the last time, Harper had expressly said he wouldn't do it again. She despaired. She knew Harper had been long over-due a break, but Harper had already lost Dylan's trust and this was really crossing the line...

She was tempted to take Dylan's side, but Harper wasn't here to defend himself so for the moment she tried to reason with him. She felt conspicuously caught in the middle, and this made her even more frustrated at Harper.

The world-ship could come any day now- was there really any excuse to take a holiday right now? She sighed dejectedly as Dylan stormed off.

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