What Happened to us?

Alrightie, this story is going to be a triangle between Emma, Craig, and Sean. Right now Emma and Craig are dating.

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Part 1.

The Guy.

"Got nothin' to say"

Those words still linger in her mind everyday. It's been 2 years since their final breakup, and for some odd reason she still couldn't completely get over him. Yeah, she's had other boyfriends, but something just doesn't feel right. It's like a part of her is missing and can't be replaced. They haven't spoken since grade 9,Jay and his "crew" dropped out at the end of last year. Chris dumped her for Melenda, and now she is dating Craig. By the way it's the first day of school.

As Emma walked up the stone steps of Degrassi Community School, with non other than her best friend J.t. York, Craig comes up wraps his arms around his girlfriends neck and casually kisses her head, then her neck. Giving J.t. the signal to leave.

"Hey, Craig!!" she said.

"Hey Em." He said.

"so uh senior year...excited?" she asked while placing her hand in his, then they started walking up the stone steps.

"well uh to tell ya the truth, not really." he said

"oh..." she said.


"well that's uh the bell, I guess I'll see you later?" she asked.

"yes of course you'll see me later, at lunch???" he said

"ok see you then."

They said there goodbyes and headed for there new lockers and homerooms. When Emma got to her locker, some body was in front of her locker.

"uh excuse me...but uh your in my way." she said.

As the guy turned around to answer back, she merly gasp.

"oh sorry em, didn't know this was your locker." He said.

It was Sean Camron. The guy who she once loved, the guy who was her ex-boyfriend, they guy whose locker was right beside hers, the guy who was best friends with her boyfriend again, the guy who took her heart, filled it with love then shattered it into a million pieces, the guy who she thought she new but she didn't.

ok there it was...i promise to make it longer and to make it better!

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