Part 23- The Guy part 2

Sean walked along the beach trying his best not to cry. Why hadn't Emma told him? She always told him everything and now she just didn't. He really felt used. He felt dirty for kissing her all this time and dirty for loving her. She had almost slept with his ex-best friend. Why? Why would Emma do such a thing. This was the Emma that could turn your frown into a smile. The Emma that could prove her point no matter if it was wrong, the Emma that could never stop loving you no matter what you have did.


Emma walked into The Dot looking for Craige. Sure enough though she spotted him at their old table that they set at on dates or whatever.

When Craige looked at Emma his face lit up. She looked beautiful tonight. Caige finally noticed what he missed in her. She had on Tight light blue Jean low rides, a white sweater over a black camie that was visible to see, her hair was in a half pony tail with strands of lose hair in her face, her make up was on lightly. She had on light pink lip gloss, white glitterly eye shadow with black eyeliner. To Craige she was his dream girl.

" Hey..." she said. Her voice was still shaky from crying so much.

" Hey." he replied. " Are you hungry or anything?"

" No. I just uh want to you" she felt really akward talking to Craige about this.

" Ok well sit." he said.

Emma sat down across from Craige just like she used to do when they were going out.

" So...umm are you ok?" he asked not knowing what really to ask since this was really akward for him to.

" Ok Craige listen. Im trying my best to pretend that your not my ex-boyfriend so please lets try to make this as easy as possible ok?" she said.

" Alrighty..." he said. " I want you to know though Im really sorry Em. For everything, I mean everything."

That trigured something in her mind. It took her back to that day at the Beach in Wasaga. The day that she finally got to see Tyler Bishop the kid Sean deffend in one ear. The day that he left them to stay with his parents. The day that Sean apologized to Emma for everything that he had put her through over the years. The day that she skipped school with them to go to Wasaga. The day that she Emma Nelson soon realized that she was still in love with Sean Hope Cameron. The guy that thought the world was out to get him but soon realized that it wasn't. The guy that had broken her heart into a million pieces and then apologized for it. The guy that made her life sparkle when they were around each other or even together. The guy that still made her heart melt when he smiled at her. The guy that she loved very very very much. The guy that she knew she had just hurt.

" Emma hello?" Craige was waving a hand infront of her face.

" I got to go Craige. I have to umm go! So thanks and bye." With that Emma took off outside to find Sean.


Sean sat on the sand of the beach. He was thinking of Emma. He really did love her and he was hoping that she still loved him. As he sat there looking up at the stars tears in his eyes he thought about how much he truely loved her.

Emma walked along the beach trying to find him in the dark. She had checked everywhere else and this was the last place that she knew to check before she called it a night. Emma knew what she had to tell him and she wasn't looking forward to it. Emma loved Sean and if he loved her back then this wasn't going to get in the way of there love for one another.

As Emma walked along the sand, she saw a figure sitting on the shore. Sure enough as she got closer she recongized that it was Sean. He had his knees brought to his chest and his arms around his legs. Emma walked behind them so he wouldn't get startled or whatever by her in front of him.

" Beautiful night, huh?" she asked as she reached him. She placed her hand on his shoulder and sat down. Sean moved away from her.

" Get your cheating hands off of me."

" I understand that your angry at me." she said at once.

He just turned away and begun walking.

" Sean!" she called. " Please stop Sean!"

He stopped and turned around. " Why? Why should I? Give me one more reason to come back to you." he scolded.

" You don't even know my side of the story." she said.

" I don't need to know." he replied back and began walking.

" Yes you do!" she shouted and started to run towards him.

" Emma."

" What?" she said her voice was getting shaky and she was about to start crying.

" Why..." he trailed off. " Why did you not tell me, why did you even hook up with Jay?"

" If you just stop walking and turn around to face me I would tell you. You need to know why I did what I did." she started to cry.

He stopped and turned around. Sean couldn't look her in the eye. It had hurt to much.

" The day you decided to move back to Wasaga really tore my life up." she had started." You had just apologized and we were beginning to start a relationship with each other again. Not a love one but atleast we were friends and at the time thats all that had mattered. Even though I continued to hate you all these years, I never really did. I can't hate you Sean. I just didn't want to admitt that I still loved you. So even though we were cool with each other I still wanted to hate you. Then the next day at school Jay found me crying in the gym. He told me that everything was going to be ok and that he was there for me..." her voice was trembling. " It was so werid because you to were just alike and it was just like dating you. Then two weeks later we kissed. We kissed alot. It tore me up inside but instead of stopping him I nagged him on. We were both hurting Sean. We both had lost you. It hurt...alot. So that same night he wanted to go farther...I was about to, but then something inside of me told me not to. So I didn't. I made him leave and that was the last of it." she was crying now. That was the truth and it hurt.

Sean stood there and remember everything from his first day at Degrassi till his last. He remember how Emma was so annoying about things but she still cared. He remember that there first kiss was at her moms wedding and there last was yesterday. He remember that she forgave him for the stupidest things,but remember the most important. He remember that when she found out that he had deffend a kid, she just replied " and that was a long time ago" she didn't care that he had, had a rough past all that mattered to her was that he stayed himself and she was fine.

All the drama from the past few years with them wasn't important anymore,all that mattered was that they were together.

Sean walked over to Emma and took her in his arms, from there he kissed her like he had never before. Then he asked her..." What happened to us? "


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