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Operation: KUKI

Chapter 7: Epilogue

"Numbuh Four, will you help me with my tea party today?! The guests are very stubborn."

"Yeah, well so am I." Numbuh Four added, "What the heck, I'm coming."

"YAY!" with that, she ran back to her room.

Numbuh Five shook her head. She was sitting on the couch, five days after the mansion incident. They had really settled in peacefully. Other than the fact that Numbuh Three and Four were now boyfriend and girlfriend and Numbuh One had broken up with Lizzie, all of them were acting as if nothing happened. She looked beside her to see Numbuh One. He was sitting down on the same couch as she was, reading a book. He looked up from the book at her and smiled. She smiled back.

Numbuh Three was in her bedroom, waiting for her new boyfriend to come. She sat in her seat, hugging a rainbow monkey. She still thought about the mansion incident with complete joy. Come to think of it, she didn't only save Numbuh Five's life, she saved her own. If she hadn't proved to the boys that she was good enough for the Kids Next Door and Numbuh One had told Numbuh Eighty-Six about her, who knows what could have happened to her mind and memories. Decommissioning wasn't really any of the Kids Next Door's favorite word.

Numbuh Four entered the room, Numbuh Three jumped up, dropping the rainbow monkey. "Hurray, you made it!" She ran over to the Australian and gave him a tight squeeze.

"Olroight, Numbuh Three. Ets no beig." Numbuh Four managed to get Numbuh Three off. When he came face-to-face with the Japanese girl, he couldn't help but smile at the giant grin spread across her face. Before he could react in any other way, she gently placed a kiss on the Australian's cheek.

"I love you." She whispered in his ear and stood up straight. She watched as Numbuh Four put on a dreamy look on his face.

"More, more, more." he repeated, positioning his cheek in front of his girlfriend. Numbuh Three giggled giddily and she bent down to kiss him again...and again and again. Only this time, not on the cheek.

"How do you think their doing?" Numbuh Two asked his comrades, sitting in the living room couch in front of the TV screen.

"Probably well. Their probably kissing their lips off." All of them snickered at Numbuh One's joke.

"Numbuh Five hopes Numbuh Three's handlin' da whole 'boyfriend' thing well." Numbuh Five added. She was really concerned for the little girl. Romantic relationships were a big step in life. It really hurts girls if they have the wrong man. But yet, how could Numbuh Four be the wrong man for her?

"Are you?" Numbuh One asked, moving closer to her and wrapping his arm around her waist. Her head turned to her new boyfriend and smiled.

"No." She said, sarcastically. She received a playful shove from Numbuh One.

"Why don't you guys do your smooching thing while I go get a snack?" Numbuh Two played, getting up off the couch. He made kissing noises as he left the room to the kitchen.

Numbuh One and Five were shooting short glares at the doorway before Numbuh Two had left the room. They snickered slightly before Numbuh Five rested her head on Numbuh One's shoulder. Numbuh One put his head on top of hers. They almost fell asleep.

"Yes Mrs. Flowerpickle, I'm sure Wally would be happy to pass the salt to you." Numbuh Three said, sweetly. Before Numbuh Four could argue (again) Numbuh Three held up the green sleeve covered fist.

"Olroight, olroight. Ahm doin et, Ahm doin et." He picked up the salt and passed it to Mrs. Flowerpickle. Mrs.Flowerpickle was a large stuffed bunny with a flower hat on her head. Her, it, and two of the thousand rainbow monkeys were at the table of the tea party. And so were Numbuh Three and Four.

Numbuh Three smiled and lowered her fist slowly. She didn't feel like threatening him anymore. All she wanted to do was kiss him over and over again. Although Numbuh Four loved it, she didn't want to right now. That would come later on. Right now was torture time for the Australian for calling her tea parties and weddings stupid.


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