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Jack Kelly skidded into the bandroom with his regular suave style, coming to a jerking halt as he tripped onto the carpet. The other section leaders were already sitting lazily around the front of the room, their attention darting from their director to their not-so-fashionably late drum major. Nobody tried to stop their snickers as Jack walked quickly to a chair, his face bright red with a mix of embarrassment and running.

"What, your dog eat your keys again?" Spot asked as Jack sat down beside him. Spot was the percussion captain and probably the most terrifying person around if you asked the freshmen.

"No, my cat." Those within hearing distance chuckled. Mr. Talington, their director, gave them a cut-off for silence.

"Quiet down, people, we have news to discuss." He looked at his motley crew of leaders. This certainly was going to be an interesting year. He turned to Daydream, the French Horn section leader.

"Are you the only girl here, Ms. McCaskall? He asked, looking around at all the boys. Daydream did a quick check across the room and frowned.

"I guess..." she said with a shrug.

"I thought you'd be happy, Day," Racetrack teased as he tugged at her amber-colored hair. They had been friends since as long as both of them could remember; their parents had been buddies during high school and still continued their friendship. Now the pair were both juniors and section leaders. Daydream mock-pouted and scooted over towards Specs, knowing the brass captain wouldn't let Race mess with her. Race snorted at her petty escape attempt. He'd get her after the meeting.

"Does anyone know where the rest of you are?" Mr. T leaned on his music stand, drilling his students with an annoyed gaze. If this was how they were going to start the season off...

"Flute girl's off at the beach 'til band camp." Skittery said off-handedly. He was strewn over three chairs with a leg thrown over the back of one. He was idly watching Mr. Talington out of one eye. Itey moved lightning fast as he kicked one of the chairs, sending Skitts sprawling on the ground. Both Skittery and Mr. T glared at Itey as he grinned and ducked behind his marimba.

"Focus," Mr. T called as the group laughed. He was slowly becoming exasperated with their antics. "Anyone else?"

"The majorette had to work today," David said enthusiastically. He was the junior drum major this year and had personally taken it upon himself to know where everyone was at all times. More than once an angry band member had been forced to explain why they had missed summer practice to a less than sympathetic David.

"She always has work," Kid Blink complained bitterly. He, like most of the other boys, thought that the majorette was quite cute and missed her being there.

"You know, I bet she's off with her boyfriend," Daydream put in with her usual bright air. The room went dead silent.

"She has a boyfriend?" Mush asked, an anxious tone to his voice. His dark brown eyes had gone as wide as a Pound Puppies and he looked just as pitiful. Daydream giggled impishly, a cocked smile on her face.

"You never know." The boys let out their breath as Daydream laughed. "You're all way too dramatic."

"At least we aren't cruel!" exclaimed Blink, glaring daggers at the girl. She wrapped her arms around her knees and beamed.

"I'm not cruel, just evil."

"Quiet!" Mr. Talington shouted, his voice filled with frustration. "We're never going to get anything done if you keep on like this!" Everyone stared at the usually passive director. Scolded, they decided to stay quiet. "That's better. Where's the Color Guard Captain?"

"Vacation." Specs replied, picking at the carpet he was sitting on. It went on like this until all of the missing people were accounted for.

"So we're missing five, including two captains and a majorette." Mr. Talington shook his head slowly. "I told all of you that this was a mandatory meeting."

"But you can't help it if your family's on vacation. That's mandatory too," Itey said in defense. The others nodded and voiced their agreement. Mr. T raised his hands.

"Alright, alright, I'll accept vacation as an excuse." There was an angry spluttering sound from Blink.

"You mean I could've been in California right now?!" He glowered as the rest of the teenagers tried to hide their grins. "It isn't funny!" David shrugged.

"You really shouldn't care, Blink." Blink gave him the glare of a lifetime. The kid either didn't notice it or chose to ignore him. "This way you're showing that you care so much about the band that you're willing to miss an awesome vacation to be here!" David said with utter conviction. Suddenly he realized everyone was staring at him. "What?"

"Man, Davey, you really are a band geek." Spot said as he shook his head in disgust. David frowned.

"I am not."

"You wore your band shirt for picture day," accused Spot. David crossed his arms in pure stubborn toddler fashion.

"There was a football game that night and I was showing my band pride!"

"Do I have to say anymore?" Spot said, motioning towards David and his obvious total love of band. The other shook their heads. They were quite aware of the junior's band obsession and didn't want to delve into it too deeply.

Mr. Talington smiled at his star pupil. It was true; David was totally devoted to the band, heart, mind, and soul. He was a wonderful trumpet player but Kid Blink was more than happy to see him out of the section. That way, there was no competition for Blink and he was rid of someone he saw as the biggest pest alive.

"Mr.Carpenter, I'm sorry you missed your vacation, but this was mandatory meeting." He rubbed his chin and eyed his students. "I have half a mind to put other people in their positions."

"Yep, half a mind's about right," Racetrack muttered beneath his breath. Daydream tried to cover her laughter with a hand as Specs looked sideways at them.

"For now, though, I'll let them stay."

"Yay?" Itey said, looking around the room for support.

"Yay," They echoed half-heartedly. Itey grinned.


"Okay, then. Now that we're past the celebration, let's get down to business. First, you all remember that freshman marching week this year is going to be held at camp the week before everyone else comes, right?" The group nodded. "Good. And on a more exciting note..." Mr. T picked up a big blue notebook off the stand in front of him. Immediately the room popped to attention. All eyes were on the dark blue notebook in the director's hand. He smirked at his new found power. "This, my little band minions, is this year's show. I know how much you've all been waiting for this. Except, of course, Jack and David." The two drum majors glared at all of those who had pestered them for show information throughout the long off-season. David had actually been jumped by Blink and Mush who had demanded every last detail on pain of an unshiny trumpet.

"What is it already?" demanded Skittery who had found a better, less vulnerable, seating arrangement.

"Yeah, we got a right to know," put in Specs impatiently. They were all leaning in close as if that would help them to hear. Mr. Talington's quiet smile suddenly turned evil as he put the notebook back on the stand.

"But you'll just have to wait until camp with the rest of the band." The teenagers stared at Mr. T with disbelief.

"What?" Mush finally said. Everyone began talking at once, all trying to get Mr. T to change his decision. Thankfully, Spot's cursing was covered up in the overall roar of angry teens.

"I think this is how you can prove your merit as leaders, Mr. Meyers. If you can learn your music and drill before everyone else and still control your sections, then I'll know that I've picked the right people to head up my band. If not, then you can kiss your position good-bye." They stared at him, wide-eyed.

"You're joking."

"No, Mr. Higgins, I'm not."

"I think this is a wonderful way..." David began but Blink cut him off.

"David, shut up you little butt-kisser!" David stuck his tongue out at the trumpet section leader who looked like he was about to jump out of his seat and sock him one. Daydream shook her head at the curly-haired boy.

"You're so freshmanish."

"See, this is why I'm doing it this way." Attention went from the budding fight to the director. "You're not showing me that you're suitable leaders right now." Skittery shrugged.

"We're not around the others right now."

"That shouldn't matter. You're supposed to be cream of the crop, people that all the good qualities can be found in. You're good players,"

"Yep, Spot's definitely a player." Day whispered to herself. Spot leaned over the chair in front him and brought himself down to the girl's level.

"What was that?" He hissed into her ear. Daydream threw on a grin as she turned to face Spot.


"Shut up." ordered Specs. Spot looked like he was about to bash the brass captain's head in.

"and leaders. That's was why you were chosen for your specific rank." Mr. Talington ended his mini-speech by giving each of his students a tough stare.

"So you're going to demote us?" Itey sounded pitiful as he peeked over the top of his marimba, only his dark brown eyes showing.

"Only if you give me reason too."

"Oh great, I'll be gone in a week!" Blink exclaimed as he threw up his arms in exaggerated defeat.

The rest of the meeting was anticlimactic compared to the beginning. Afterwards, the group met out in the parking lot, mostly sticking around Jack's car except for Racetrack and Daydream who were wrestling in the nearby grass. Race has tackled Day the minute they were out of the school. It seemed to the others that no one was going to win any time soon so they ignored them.

"We need our music!" Kid Blink complained as he leaned against Jack's Mustang.

"Don't scratch the car," muttered Jack. He ran his hand over the bright red paint job with tender affection. His car was one of the coolest to ever grace Pine Needle High School's measly parking lot. He didn't need someone scratching it right before school started. Out of spite, Blink leaned into the car harder.

"I'm with Blink. Even if he needs some way to test us, this isn't the way to do it," Skittery interjected, his tone cross. He was sitting on the tailgate of Spot's truck, propping himself up on the side. Beside him, Itey was nodding his head.

"If we can't give the music to our sections, then they can't learn it by band camp, and if they can't learn it by band camp then band camp will be wasted on learning music that could've already been learned if he had given us our music at this meeting to give to our sections!" Itey sucked in a huge breath of air as they all gawked at him. "You know?"

"You're freakin' weird, Itey, but I understand what you're saying. I think." Spot said. He was inside the truck trying to get the radio to work. Cursing the faulty mechanics, he slammed his fist down on the dashboard. Miraculously the radio sparked to life. Spot looked at his hand and smirked. Oh, he was so good. Meanwhile, Daydream and Racetrack had finished their wrestling match and had returned to the parking lot. They both were covered in dead grass and dirt along with the flattering green grass stains. Jack rolled his eyes.

"Why don't you two go make out like normal people?" he asked with a lurid gleam in his eyes. Race and Day ogled for a split second before they took a step away from each other.

"Ja-ack!" Daydream whined plaintively. David shook his head at the two of them.

"And you say I'm freshmanish. At least I'm not the one who's rolling around in the dirt, setting a bad example for everyone." Racetrack looked around.

"Who's there to set a bad example for besides you, Angel-boy?" David scowled at the Italian.

"Don't call me that! You're not supposed to call drum majors nicknames."

"Who cares, Angel-boy?" Racetrack's gibes were making David pretty angry judging by the way the boy's ears were turning all red.

"Shut up, Racetrack."

"Guys, don't," Mush pleaded as they stared each other down. They had never been the best of friends and this really wasn't helping. Luckily, Itey jumped to the rescue, a smile lighting up his face as he threw his arms wide. Mush had to duck to escape the flailing limbs.

"So who wants to take me to go watch Shrek2? Any takers? It's cute and adorable!" Everyone laughed as the tension dissolved. After figuring out exactly whose civic duty it was to take Itey to the movies, everyone piled into their vehicles and headed out of the parking lot.

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