Couples Therapy!!! Pt.2

By SooFetch

Disclaimer: I used to own the X-Men but then I sold them to Marvel for millions of dollars. Now I am a rich byotch with nothing better to do than type all day on my Flatscreen Dell with a free CD-R & DVD upgrade. Also I don't own the song by Pheobe in that one ep of Friends.

Dr.Holler furiously scribbled random notes down onto her clipboard.

"Wow...for being teens you all live very compilcated lives." she said, nodding

"Yack, yack, yack!" Lance said mockingly "Move it along lady! We ain't got all day to be here."

She ignored his comment. Simply glaring at him was enough to shut Lance up. But apparently, Kitty didn't get the message quite so clearly.

"He does have a point." She said, folding her arms. "Like, we shouldn't have to, like, be here! We don't have any, like, problems!"

"See?!" Lance pointed at Kitty "Pretty Kitty agrees with me!"

"Shut up, Lance!" Kitty snapped ! I like! I like very much!" Dr.Holler began to scribble note furiously once more."Keep going!"

"Aren't you supposed to be helping us vith our problems?" Kurt asked, mostly because he hasn't said anything yet.

"Excuse me Mr.Wagner." Dr.Holler sat down her clipboard & looked Kurt dead in the eye. "Are you telling me how to do my job?"

"Well, I just-"


"But I didn't-"

"Whatever...Let's just continue." She turned to Jean & Scott. "Now...ehh..Jean is it? I understand that you & Scott are together, yes?"

But before Jean could say anything, Dr.Holler continued. Thouroughly pissing off Jean.

"Alright, so the first excresize I have for you is a simple question. What is one fact about you that Scott don't know about? preferably something very out of charecter for you."

"That's a dumbass question." Rogue remarked

Everyone(with the exception of Rogue & Jean), being the unobservant asses they are didn't notice the good Doctor's eyes flare red for a few seconds before going back to icy blue & saying...

"Temper, temper! Jean, would you please just answer the question, before someone decides to comment on it, again?"

"I don't know really..." When Dr.Holler glared at her feircely, Jean sighed & answered "I guess he doesn't know that I can write songs."

"Oh really?" Dr.Holler leaned in "Would you mind singing one?"

"Well, I guess not...ummm...I do know this one that I wrote in the shower this morning."

"And?" Dr.Holler picked up her clipboard

"Well it goes like this:"

I'm in the shower

& I'm writing a song.

Stop me if you've heard it.


My skin is soapy

& my hair is wet.

And Tegrin

Spelled backwards is


Lather, rinse, repeat

& Lather, rinse, repeat,

& Lather, rinse, repeat,


As needed.

Jean finally stopped & the room was completly silent for about two minutes before Lance found it nessicary to comment.

"That sucked ass."

"Shut up Lance!" Scott & Kitty said at the same time

Lance glared at Kitty, then turned to Scott.

"Go recharge you batteries, Goggle boy!"

"You wanna go?!" Scott stood up, nearly toppling his chair over.

"Boys boys boys! Calm down!" Dr.Holler said. She thought for a moment before her experssion brightened "I know the perfect excersize for the two of you!"

Scott & Lance looked from each other to Dr.Holler.

"I've got a bad feeling about this..." Kitty thought

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