Couples Therapy Pt3!!

By SooFetch

Disclaimer: It makes me feel stupid typing this. Really! I mean, if I owned the X-Men, why would I be a phsycotic loser typing to all you unknown people? Really! Geez-um! Also, I'd like to add that I don't own Hamtaro, because if I did...well let's just say there might be a few disappointed Ham-Hams out there.

Scott & Lance stared blankly at Dr.Holler, who simply sat in her chair & grinned.

"What the hell kind of 'exersize' are you talking about?" Lance asked. Dr.Holler grinned

"First I want you both to listen to this recording I've made. Listen as long as you can." She handed them both a portable CD player. Inside was an unlabled CD.

Lance & Scott each placed a set of headphones on their heads & pressed the play button.

"Damn," thought Jean "I can't hear whatever it is they're listening to..."

After about two minutes(& a few every odd expressions from Scott & Lance), Scott picked up his CD player & threw it against the wall.

"No more! I can't take it!!"He curled into a tiny ball in the corner & began to suck his thumb. Just then, Lance began his meltdown.

"The pain!! Take it away! Take it away!" Lance took refeuge under a nearby blanket. As he jerked off his headphones, everyone caught a glimps of his ears, which had turned pink. Now, Kitty & Jean just sat there, confused.

"Like, what did you make them, like, listen to?" she asked. Jean got up & placed one headphone next to her ear & sneered when she heard what was playing.

"Lady," she started "t-his is the 'Hamtaro' theme song played over & over." Jean removed the headphones & walked back to her chair.

"Why did you make them listen to that?" Kurt asked

"MR.WAGNER THIS IS THE LAST TIME YOU QUESTION MY METHODS!" Dr.Holler made it painfully clear just where she got her name.



Kurt glared at the doctor & stood up. "Fine!" He grabbed Amanda's hand & with that, they were gone. Leaving everyone to deal with a throughly pissed Dr.Holler.

"And I made them listen to it to weaken their minds so there!" Dr.Holler stuck her toung out at a closed door, to make her point. "Ok so for the second part of the excersize." She stood up, walked over to the book case, & shuffled around some items before pulling out a long cone shaped item.

"Ah don't even wanna ask what that's for..." Rogue stated plainly

Dr.Holler grinned for a moment before accually looking at what she pulled out. When she accually realized what it was she let out a little yelp & shoved it way in the back of the book case.

"Ahem...That won't be used for this excersize..."

"Dat'd be a relief." Remy twirled a card in his hand. Rogue smirked.

"That's probably the most intelligent thing Ah've heard him say all day." she thought, realizing that she may have to rethink her feelings about Remy.

"All right, all right. The second part of the excersize," Dr.Holler paused for dramatic effect "is that Scott,(who was completly sane, just still hiding in the corner being comforted be Jean) & Lance(who was also sane, but still under the blanket) need to build their relationship before they can deal with you two." She gestured to Kitty & Jean.

"Like, what does that mean ther have to, like, do?" Kitty asked, walking over to Lance & peeking under the blanket.

"Oh that's quite simple accually." She stood up & then she said with a grin "They have to play that game 7 minutes in heaven."

"WHAT?!" Scott, Lance, Jean & Kitty exclaimed

But before anyone could protest, Dr.Holler shoved Scott & Lance into a small, nearby closet & locked the door.

"I'm not, like, taking this!" Kitty stood up, clearly getting ready through phase the door, but before she could Dr.Holler pulled her down.

"Now, now Kitty." she said "If they wanted to get out, they could. Same goes for you Jean. Don't do anything, please. Remember this is for your benifit."

Jean & Kitty sighed & sat back in thir chairs. While Rogue, who was feeling very uninvolved, drummed her fingers on her chair arm.

"Ah'm goin' to the bathroom." She stood up & walked towards the door, then she stopped for a moment, her hand on the door knob. Remy twirled a card & looked down. Rogue sighed & walked out.

"Shit..." Remy said then threw the card on the wall & practicly ran out the door.

And that's it for Chapter 3. I have to say this isn't one of my better stoires & yes this is my first on Fan Fiction, but I have written some before & just never put them on. What will become of Scott & Lance? And just what are Rogue & Remy up to in this so called 'Bathroom Break'? Find out in Chapter 4!!!