Couple's Therapy Pt4!!!

By SooFetch

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Dr.Holler looked down at her watch & then at the clock on the wall.

"Ok...they only have one minute left." She sat back in her chair & crossed her legs. "Where have those other two gone? Rogue & Remy, where are they?"

"Where do you think, dumbass?" Jean thought. She'd had just about enough of this doctor. She was supposed to help? HA! This whole time, Dr.Holler had manged to do nothing except have Jean make a fool of herself, make Kurt & Amanda walk out, & more than likely screw up Scott & Lance permanently.

"3...2...1! Time's up!" Dr.Holler exclaimed & walked over to the closet. She pulled the glimmering silver key out her skirt pocket & slowly turned the lock. The door burst open & Scott stumbled out. Lance leaned against the back wall of the closet, breathing incredibly shallow. Scott leaned against the door, his hand on the knob. After a minute, he seemed to regain his posture. Scott stood up, adjusted his shades, & took a seat beside Jean. Lance, who seem a little more than traumatised, slowly stood up & walked(rather stiffly) over to an armchair, which he polped down in.

"What exactly did you do in there?" Jean asked, eyeing Scott supiciously.

Scott coughed. "Nothing." When Jean raised an eyebrow, he said defencively "Really! Nothing!"

"Oh my god! Why am I even here?! Like, I don't even like Lance!" Everyone looked at her. "Not, like, anymore!" And with that she walked out, shortly followed by Lance. He said nothing, just simply getting up & walking out was enough. For a moment, a look of disappointmentflashed itself on Scott's face. That's when he realised just what he was thinking & straightened up before Jean noticed.

Just then, a loud thud resounded just outside of the office. Then, in stumbled Rogue & Remy. Rogue's hair was sticking up slightly in the back & the velcro on one of her gloves was undone. One of her sleeves was pushed up(she quickly remedied that) & her shirt was heavily wrinkled. Remy, on the other hand looked very pale. One of the sleeves on his overcoat was hanging off & he moved very uneasily.

"Where have you two been?!" Dr.Holler demanded

"Bathroom." Rogue answered flatly, & sat down. Remy did the nodded & did the same.

"Ok...that's it!" Jean stood up & glared at Dr.Holler "I've had it up to here with you! You haven't helped us one bit!"

"Sure I have!" she replied "Look at those two!" She pointed to Rogue & Remy "Those two! They're banging in the bathroom!"

"Now wait just a cotton pickin' minute-!" Rogue interjected

"Yeah but that had nothing to do with you!" Jean continued "And just look at Scott!"

"What about him?" Dr.Holler asked

"Yeah! What about me?" Scott spoke up

"Look at you Scott!" Jean said "Don't deny the fact you're gay!"

"I'm not!"

"Seven minutes in a closet seemed to change that! I am telepahic you know! I can read minds remember?!"

Remy had regained his color & was again twirling a card in his hand. While Scott & Jean contuied arguing, & Dr.Holler sat back & took notes.

"You as bored I am, petite?" Remy asked, handing her the queen of hearts. She didn't reply. She simply took the card & stared at it for a moment.

"You c'mon wit' me, chere." He motioned to the door. Rogue grinned.

"No one eva' says chere anymore ya know." She said quietly, almost wispering

"Oh non?"

"Try bebe."

Remy's red eyes stared back at her warm brown one's. Then he grabbed Rogue's hand & headed for the door.

"No!" Dr.Holler yelled & dove for the door. "No one else can leave! I've lost enough of you kids already!"

"Ok, why are you getting all defencive?" Scott asked

"Defencive? Who's defencive?" Dr.Holler replied

"Ya know...If Ah didn't know better.." Rogue walked up behind Dr.Holler & grabbed a lock of her platinum blonde hair, yanking on it as hard as possible. Gasps filled the small office as the platinum blonde wig went flying across the room.

"I knew there was something weird about you!" Jean exclaimed "You're a cross dresser!" Jean smiled triumphly, but her smile faded quickly. "You are gay, Scott!"

"Haven't we been through this?" he reaplied as a mortified Dr.Holler ran out the room.

"I saw your eyes pop out your head everytime you laid eyes on her...him....whatever!" And with that Jean stormed out the room, Scott trailing after her.

"Well...Ah dunno 'bout them but Ah feel we accomplish somethin'. Don't you?" Rogue said

"Oui, bebe."

Whew! Ok, that really didn't come out how I wanted it to...Tell me what ya think. Oh and incase you're wonedring, Yes I stole that line from Devine Secrets of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood. I have a right to though! I live where they filmed it! It's my new obsession right now so there.