Couple's Therapy Pt5!!

By SooFetch

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A/N: This is exacly what it says it is, The Aftermath. I'm not even sure if that's the right word so if it's not...well...sorry. This takes place 15 years later to show just how one couple's therapy session changed everything. And excuse any nosenseical moments. I'm listening to the Spice Girls & watching Britney Spears on MTV so....yeah that explains it.

15 Years Later

Brring! Brring! The phone rang out across the small apartment in New Orleans. Remy poked his head out the bathroom. "Could you get that, bebe?" he yelled

"Yeah ok." Rogue ran to the kitchen & pulled the phone off the hook. "Hello?"

"Hi..uh...Rogue?" the voice said "It's Scott."

"Oh, hey Scott! Dang, it's probably been...what? 15 years since Ah talked to you. Or any of the gang for that matter."

"Who is it chere?" Remy called from the bathroom

"It's Scott!" she answered "You remember? From the X-Men, Remy!"

"Oh...You live with Remy now?" Scott asked

"Yep." she answered proudly

"So what'd you do lose your powers?"


"Then how do you-"

"Don't ask."

"Alright."Scott said quickly

"So what about you, Scott? You kept up with the gang or what?"

"Yeah accually I have talked to a few of the X-Men."

"So you & Jean live together now?"

There was a long pause. That horrible awkward silence nearly killed Rogue till Scott said "I bat for the same team now, Rogue."

"Wow, Scott..." she started "Ah didn't know you played baseball!"

Scott sighed "No, no. I mean I run in the same direction."

"You jog?"

"You're not getting it, Rogue." he said "I use the women's bathroom for moral purposes."

Rogue tilted her head to the side. "You lost me back at 'Hi', Scott."


There was a long pause before Rogue said "See now that's all you had to say."

Scott could do nothing but sigh before Rogue continued. "Ok, ok. Ah can tell when you feel uncomfortable. So I'll change the subject. What about...uh...Kitty? How's she?"

"Kitty's doing great. Funny thing though..." Scott started "She's accually just like me."

"Attracted to men? 'Cause that's not that odd, Scott."

"A lesbian. She's a lesbian."

"Ohhh...Ah see. So where's that leave Lance?"

"Umm...with me..." Scott answered timidly, followed by a thud in the backround.

"Uh-huh. And what's up with Jean?"

"Wow...You really are behind, Rogue. Jean commited suicide a while back. She left a note talking about how the love of her life was & gay & she had nothing else to live for. Then she jumped off a building."

What a way to go... Rogue thought "Kurt & Amanda?"

"They ran off to unknown place. Said they wanted to get away from all us so called 'freaks'."

"Freaks?!" Rogue exclaimed "For cryin' out loud Kurt's blue & furry! And he's callin' us feaks?! HA!"

"That's everyone I guess." Scott ignored Rogue's outburst

"Everyone's changed alot. Just 'cause of that one session..."

"I gotta go, Rogue. I'll talk to you later. Bye."

"Bye, Scott."

D-D-D-D-D-D-D-DAT'S ALL FOLKS. That's where it ends. So I can't really make a sequel. Maybe Couple's Therapy for some other show? So I hope I've answered at least one question that I got in a rewiew. So any more questions e-mail me & ask away! Flames welcome! TTFN! Ta-ta for now!

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