Spirit of the Unicorn
By SparklyTree3876

Rating: G

Genre: Poetry

Pairing: None

Author's Notes: Hi, everyone. Here's another poem from me, this one being for She-ra: Princess of Power. I noticed Swift Wind doesn't have any fics or poems dedicated to him. He was a very overlooked character in the She-ra series and didn't have any episodes starring him, save for "Swifty's Baby." Hence, this poem was written to honor him as She-ra's friend and ally. Any constructive criticism is welcome.


Swift Wind
A beautiful unicorn with an unbreakable spirit
Hence his other name
His mane flows freely in the wind
When he flies through Etheria's skies
As free as he can be

Courage fills his soul and spirit
Of which both show no fear or hate
His heart symbolizes love
That is as strong as the river
Flowing through the beautiful forest
In daytime and nighttime

His eyes shine in the sunlight
And glitter in the moonlight
With a wondrous spark of life
His wings are as beautiful
As the mighty mountain
Looming in the distance

He shares a strong bond with She-ra
Whom he loves as if she were a sister
She-ra loves him back and gives him comfort
Whenever he feels sad or alone
His friendship with the Princess of Power
Gives him strength and hope within his heart and soul

The spirit of this unicorn knows no boundaries
And will be forever free to soar
Through Etheria's skies
She-ra will be by his side
As his friend and master
Beautiful Swifty
You will be loved always
Be strong for She-ra and Etheria.