Author's Note: This is the sequel to 'Awake in an Infinite Dream' and that is the sequel to 'Sing to me, the Song of the Stars.' Please read both before reading this story, or else some parts in here will totally confuse you. And I say that for your safety! Please read and review! Enjoy!

Human Pride Fights A Vengeful Battle

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Chapter One: The Joy of Children... Sorta

"Ok, you're it now Sanae." Her older brother Taikan said.

"I am not; you didn't even touch me that time!" The young girl said and crossed her arms over her chest. She narrowed her eyes at her brother and tapped foot impatiently, it was so cute that any adult would have laughed, but what made it funnier was that she was serious.

"Oh will you come off it already? I tagged you and you know it, stop being so stubborn and just be it!" Taikan shouted back to his younger sister.

Inuyasha and Kagome sighed. When their two eldest children bickered like this, it could go on forever...and I mean 'forever'. An argument of theirs that had occurred about half a year ago lasted for a week!

Kaden and Rikku just stood there, not knowing what to do. When their older brother and sister fought like this, they learned long ago to just stay out of it.

"Taikan, Sanae, stop arguing already please and just play." Said Kagome loudly from where she and Inuyasha were. The happy couple sat on the ground against the base of a tree resting as their children played tag.

Taikan was their oldest child out of the four. He is a young boy of twelve and is, in Kagome's opinion, just like his father. He has short silver hair in a ponytail and innocent golden eyes. He always seems to get along with Sanae the most, considering that they were closer in age...when they aren't in conflict with each other that is.

Sanae is eleven and quite energetic. Her long beautiful hair was straight and always reminded Inuyasha of Sesshoumaru's hair, except for hers was pure black with light bluish silver highlights scattered randomly upon them. Her golden eyes could pierce anyone's heart with love the second you looked into their gaze. Her nose, cheekbones, and archery skills were an inheritance from Kagome. Sanae practices with her bow and arrows everyday with her mother and always seemed to get better and better.

Kaden is the mostly shy girl of the four, but she will certainly be very talkative when in a fun activity with her other siblings. At the age of nine, she acts very mature sometimes and that surprises everyone. Her hair was the color of her father's, only a darker shade. And she also inherited his gold eyes as well, shining bright with joy all the time.

Rikku was the youngest girl of age six and was even more energetic than her older sister Sanae. Her beautiful silver hair was like just like Kagome's, and the top part of it was always brought in a ponytail to the side of her head. This constantly reminded Kagome of Rin's hair, for it looked just the same. Rikku was, in addition, granted the golden eyes of her father, just like her other three siblings.

And of course, each child beheld a pair of dog ears atop their heads just like Inuyasha.

"Why do they bicker at each other anyway? It's not like it will solve anything." Inuyasha said and closed his eyes.

"Oh and you found that out just now?" Kagome muttered. She smirked, for she knew she just hit a nerve.

"What?..." Inuyasha whispered dangerously, "I knew that all along what are you talkin' about?!" He defended himself.

"Sure you have." Kagome said sarcastically and waved her hand casually. Inuyasha at first looked surprised but then just crossed his arms over his chest and frowned, "I did know that all along..." He muttered silently.

Kagome smiled and nudged him playfully, "I'm just kidding Inuyasha, gosh, you're just so fun to tease." She giggled.

Inuyasha turned his head to look at her, "I...I knew that! I was just testing you." He said and smirked.

"No you weren't." She laughed and closed her eyes. They both sighed and Inuyasha decided to give up and not argue with her, he learned long ago that it would get him either face planted in the dirt, or alone at night.

Kagome kept her eyes closed and began to let random thoughts enter her mind. Kagome was very happy with her life here. She had a loving husband, four beautiful children, and the best two friends you could ever have.

As Kagome thought about Miroku and Sango, a smile crept on her face as a very humorous memory came in her thoughts. The memory of Sango giving birth to her first child.


Sango was sweating immensely as she was right in the middle of giving birth. Her hair was a complete mess and her face glistened more and more each passing minute.

Miroku was by her side and holding her hand tightly in his. "Sango, it's all going to be ok, just be strong."

Unlike Kagome, Sango didn't ignore him. I mean come on! He was right there, in her face, repeating useless crap that didn't mean a damn thing to her at the moment!

"Shut up." She muttered and then screamed as she felt another contraction coming.
Kagome and Kaede worked as fast as they could, getting more hot water, blankets, and things like that.

"I'm here for you Sango, it's alright. I know it hurts." Miroku said to try and make her feel better. Sango looked at him and glared while she grit her teeth from the pain. "You...It was you!" She shouted and pointed an accusing finger at him.

Miroku looked very surprised and confused, "W-What? What was me?" He asked, completely not understanding what she was trying to say.

"You- You did this to me you jerk!" She shouted.

Everyone face faulted, even at a time like this!

"Sango, I uh... how am I supposed to respond to that?!" He asked desperately. Not wanting to have his wife angry with him for doing something as natural as getting his wife pregnant.

"I swear Miroku, you're never touching me again! You here me?! Not ever again!" She shouted at the top of her lungs. Kagome and Kaede had a sweat drop appear behind their heads as they watched the ridiculous scene.

Sango groaned in pain and squeezed Miroku's hand. "Sango darling, my hand, I think… I think you're breaking it!" He panicked.

Sango glared at him and shouted, "I'm giving birth stupid! And all you can think about is your precious hand?!" She practically seethed.

"Uh...No! Never my dear Sango." He said in a pathetic attempt to try and trick her.

Sango narrowed her eyes and screamed as loud as she could. It echoed throughout the entire forest of where they lived and some birds flew out of the trees from the deafening noise.

Inuyasha was in the other room, holding his sleeping son in his arms. Shippo was sitting next to him. After the scream had passed Shippo had a shocked look on his face, "W-What was that?"

"That my friend is the sound of a beautiful thing about to happen." Inuyasha whispered and looked at his son.

"Hm, it sounds more painful than beautiful to me." The fox demon responded and shrugged his shoulders.

---End of flashback---

Kagome giggled. Inuyasha looked at her, "What's so funny?" He asked.

"Oh nothing really." She said and smiled. Although Sango had said her 'vow' to never have Miroku touch her again, she sure didn't keep it as she was now pregnant with her fourth child.

"I'm not it, you're it Kaden!" Taikan exclaimed. Kaden looked over and placed her fist on her chest, "I am?" She asked in a small voice and looked around.

"Yeah, now come on and chase us." Sanae giggled and started running to where Taikan was.

Kaden laughed and began to run after Rikku. The children were laughing and playing. All the while, they seemed to have run a little further away from their parents, but they could still see them sitting against the tree.

A sound came from the shadowy trees of the forest they were near and they all stopped running to look towards the forest where the sound came from.

They heard the strange sound again. It sounded strangely like a groan in pain from some creature.

"W-What do you think is in there you guys?" Asked Rikku and she hid behind Taikan. He stood straight and looked behind him at his little sister, "I think it's some kind of animal, come on, let's go check it out." He said and looked at Sanae next to him.

Sanae narrowed her eyes suspiciously toward the forest, "I don't think we should, mom and dad said to not go in the forest alone without them."

Taikan rolled his eyes, "Oh come on, what could happen?" He asked and looked at Sanae. She looked back with a glare. He just shrugged his shoulders, "C'mon. Nothing's gonna happen."

"But mom and dad said not-"

"We're just gonna go in there for a second, and then right back out. And besides, I'm sure doing the exact opposite of something never hurt anyone." He said in a convincing voice.

Sanae rolled her eyes, "Whatever, let's just go in there and get out." She said and looked at Kaden.

"I'm kinda nervous." Kaden said and looked at Sanae, "Don't worry, we'll be here with you." She said to comfort the younger girl.

Taikan smirked once again, "Alright, let's go."