The World Keeps Spinning On

Summary: A series of Discworld drabbles, with everyone from Christine to Death to Leonard and more.

Disclaimer: Pterry's, originally all responses to the discworld100 LJ community, tis a great place over there. Title from 'Gone' by Switchfoot, my new favorite song.

Title: Inevitable
Challenge: Time
Word Count: 104. oops.

He is old, he thinks, and he knows it by the way his fingers ache as they curl around the broom handle, by the way he squints to see the cherry trees. He can feel it, Time pulling at him, and he thinks with a trace of bittersweet memory that it is not completely true you can shed it forever.

The cherry trees bloom and sometimes, if he remembers hard enough, they even bear fruit.

He watches the spinners go by and remembers Lobsang, remembers the days when Time was no stranger to him.

And soon, he thinks, he will be ready to go.