Title: Constant Vigil
Words: 100
Challenge: pirate
Notes: "But Verence had backed away at the first sight of the Twins, toddling hand in hand along the midnight corridors, their tiny ghosts a memorial to a deed darker than even the usual run of regicidal unpleasantness." -Wyrd Sisters


They were pirate slaves, the rumors went, back when there had been rumors at all. Children, two albino children that looked exactly alike, sold to the noble King of Lancre. Red lines on white skin—toes, knees, stomach, head, neck.

Now there is no talk of their looks. There is no one to see them but cats, half-soulled cats, watching them in midnight corridors, watch the phantoms hand-in-hand, their constant vigil. Silent tears and still-bleeding redblack lines, haunting the picture of the King of Lancre who rescued them from piracy.

The picture is ever-smiling.

But the Twins are always crying.