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Chapter 1


"HELLO EVERYONE AND WELCOME TO THE WEAKEST LINK!" Master Hand said, when the spot light came upon him. He waited for his applause. He waited...and waited...and waited... "Um..."

"Where's Anne?" One audience member yelled.

"I don't know, but she mutter something that sounded like ,'Oh Master Hand. Take over my show please.'" The giant hand said in a girly voice.





"Yes well, let me explain some rules quick. Since Anne was so nice as to give me the show, I am gonna bend some rules. For one, there will be ten players. HAHA! Atleast, I think ten...Meh." Master Hand said floating his podium. "Tonight, we have the Super Smart Smash Brothers! Let's meet our guest, shall we? First we have Luigi!!!"

Luigi was standing at the first podium with his Poltergust on his back. "Ghosts...everywhere....They can see me... STAY BACK!!!" He pointed the Poltergust at Master Hand as he backed away.

"Next is Bowser!"

Bowser stood at the second stand with a little teddy bear in hand, 'singing' it to sleep. "Rock-a-bye Baby, on the tree top. When the wind blows-"

"Poor...uh...bear..., he's gonna be traumatized." Came the voice of Mewtwo, the third contestent.

"How is Blinky gonna be traumatized?!" Bowser yelled back, but then going back to rocking his baby in his arms.

"Because...of...the...GHOSTS!!!!!!! AAAAAAAAAAH!!!!" Luigi said, hiding under his podium.

"No, your singing a song about a baby falling off a tree and dying..." Mewtwo stated.

"Ok..." Bowser thought of a new song to sing his baby/bear. "Ring-a-round the rosie! Pockets full of po-"

"Oh now your teaching him about the Black Death..."


Mewtwo floated over, picked up Blinky and started singing in a Brittish accent. "London's burning, London's burning. Get the Engines, Get the Engines. Fire, Fire! Fire, Fire! Pour on water, Pour on water, London's burning."

"Right...Anyway, our fourth idiot is Falco."

Falco stood there with a goofy smile waving at the Camera. "Hello Fox! See! I'm better then you! I got on a sho- OW!" His gloating was cut short by a shoe getting thrown at his head.

"You idiot, I'm in the audience!" Fox yelled. "...Can I have my shoe back?"

"Fifth is our very own, amazing, sexy, slutty, you guessed it, PEACH!"

Peach flipped her hair and gave her taunt. "Sa-WEET!"

"Yes....Saweet...Thats not even a word." Mewtwo said, rolling his eyes. "It would be, Sweet..."

"The ghosts must have messed with her head...Poor, poor girl. DAMN YOU GHOSTS!"

"SHUSH! Blinky is asleep."

"We have a little brat who is always getting in the way of things, NESS!"

Ness was jumping, as to be seen over the large podium. "Help...me...can't...see...the talking...hand..."

"Standing on the seventh podium is one of our two balloons, Kirby!"

"Dats, Kirbsta to you!" Kirby said, wearing a little punk type outfit that had Micky Mouse's head in the center. "Yo betta getz dat right, biATCH!"

"Eight is the popular Roy...Yeah..." Master Hand moaned.

Roy was also hiding under his podium like Luigi. He stuck his head out a little. "Ar- Are they...gone?" He asked, looking around.




Roy turned around to see a giant wave of fangirls jump ontop of him, ripping random peices of, what he hoped, was his clothes off his body. "I got his shirt!" One screamed. "I am soooooo selling this on E-bay!!!" After a while, the security was able to fight off the mob of fangirls via tear gas and smoke bombs, leaving a naked Roy lying on the floor in a daze.

Mewtwo laughed. "Heh, It must suck having tons of fangirls attacking at the worse possible time, leaving your pride broken as you lay there naked on national TV."

"The ghosts must control their bodies..." Luigi said, looking back and forth for his ghosts.

"Okay then, moving on, the next contes- Kirby, please do not poke Roy with a stick." Kirby dropped his stick and went back to his podium muttering something about how adults can't accept him. "Number Nine is...drum roll please...He's the cute little mouse, with his serect plans of world domination, PICHU!"

Pichu was sitting on the floor with some blue-prints of the Smasher's house and marking 'possible bomb placement areas', before seeing that the camera was ontop of him. "AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!! Um...Hi...My...My Name is...Pi-Pichu...Yeah..." He turned away, took out a pad and pencil and wrote at the top, "Kill Camera man, destroy tape." He then put a little arrow next to "WDA, World Dominators Anonymous", and pushed it down a few spots. "Damn you Master Hand...One day...I will get my revenge...MAWHAHAUAHAUAHAUAHA!!!" He said, letting out his most evil laugh, but only got the responds of, "Awwww!". "Note to self- After taking over the world, get a slave to deliver my evil laugh..."

"And last and least-" Master Hand started, but noticed something on the cue card. "Oh, I have to be fair to them...but no one likes this guy! Come on!!!..." He let out a big sigh. "Why me...Number ten is Yoshi..."

Yoshi stood there eating some fruit, not at all caring that Master Hand had just anounced him. "Bsst, Yoshi. Your on." Said the Camera man, but to no avail, the dino was to busy digging his way into the furit.

"Well, now that we have meet our very smart contestents, I shall go over the rules. Durning each round, I will ask questions! If you answer them right, your money goes up. If you answer it wrong, you lose money. If it's your turn and you have money, say, BANK and that money will go to-"

"The Bank! Oooooh I get it now!" Bowser said placing his little Bear in it's nappy-time sack. "Ahah! I am like soooo Smart."

"Yes, it will go to the Bank, The money you have in the Bank will be for the winner. At the end of each round, it will come time to vote off..." He paused for dramatic tension. "The Weakest Link! If there is a tie, the strongest Link choses who they want off..." He looked around at Luigi hiding under his podium, Bowser feeding his bear, Mewtwo just floating there, Falco playing Cowboys and Idians with Ness, Peach was swinging her head back and forth with a very very scary smile on her face, Kirby muttering something about politics, Roy was still naked, Pichu was planing his domination plans and Yoshi was eating. "Or...in this case, I will chose who will get voted off..."

"The ghosts...they for me..." Luigi said, looking around. "An-And that hand..." He said pointing to Master Hand. "He's their leader..."

"Your the leader of the ghosts?!" Falco asked. He ran up to Master Hand with a book. "Can I have your autograph?"

"DON'T TOUCH HIM!!! HE WILL FILL YOUR MIND WITH GHOSTLY THINGS!!!" Luigi yelled, standing up, turning his Poltergust on and sucking Falco up. "I will never trust the giant talking hand...YOU HEAR ME?! NEVER!!!!!"

Master Hand backed away from Luigi's podium slowly and returned to his own. "Well everyone, it's time to play..." He paused again for dramatic tension. "The Weakest Link!"

To Be Countinued...maybe...

A/N: I just needed a break from that sad excuse of a Horror Story. Enjoy! Oh, BTW, This is based off the old Weakest Link story I wrote, which was removed, might I add...(sigh)...So, if anyone has writing one like this, I'm sorry.

Oh, That song Mewtwo sang? Yeah, thats real.

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