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It was the barren waste-land of the weakest link stuido. Crazy floated over to Master Hands old podium and dust some...dust off it. "Hello everybody. It's been three months since the last episode of Weakest Link. Look!" He pointed to the banner reading:


Still flying high. "As many of you know, I was supose to be the host of The Weakest Link. However, my dearest loving brother stole it away from me with not a second thought. This normally would lead to murder and death, but not me!" He said with a slight twitch. "Nope! Not the Giant Floating Talkin' Crazy Hand!!! Oh. You wanna know what these fools did with themselfs after The Weakest Link? Sure!"


After winning, 'The Weakest Link', his name became a household one. He became one of those rich and powerful movie stars that everyone thinks is hot and has stared in movies such as, "Only the Evil Die Old" as Miss Strongest Link, "Lord of the Rings: Fellowship of the Bling-Bling" as Gandy, and much more. Bowser remains single, although he keeps saying that Link is his future ex-husband.


Roy gave up at being a Smasher. He took his fangirls and two fanboys up far, far into the mountains, where they now train and worship Mawhuaiionomijki. His motto is, "Peace at Heart, Peace at Cake. Mawhuaiionomijki loves Cake. Give Roy cake to give Mawhuaiionomijki."


His running joke became so popular with the crowd (Although to Kirby it wasn't a joke), they decided to give him a record deal. Kirby, or Mista Homie K-Basta!, as he is known as, now has twenty songs, three of which made it to the top ten list in the world, and one won a award. He is also the singer of: "Da K-Punk", "Rappin' justs a bunch of clips", and "FO SHIZZLE KIRBS NIZZLE!" However, when Kirby was discovered to has fed his pet Pikachu crack, his music career fell into the basement, then into the sewer, where he could sing to mutant turtles.


The ghost boy here became very very famous because of his obession for destroying ghosts. He was casted in the movie, "GHOSTBUSTAS!", but he didn't fit the role as he was then sucking up everything, including the crew. Luigi tried starting his own show, 'Fear Itself', which was taken off the air after one episode, after Luigi tried to suck up the contestants. Now Luigi wanders the world, waiting for the 'Great Era of the Ghosts' to begin.


Yoshi followed Ness's idea and bought another copy of the infamous book, and learned all the dirty tricks he needed to learn. After a month, the name, "Yoshi" was the name of death if spoken. And in another month, Yoshi has taken over the entire Mafia and re-named it, 'The Yoshia'. Once a day, he says thank you to the great FRANK R. who without, none of this would have been possible.


The little boy, coming in 2nd, had some fans. But he always wanted more. So the little Ness tried to do everything like Bowser, even staring in the same movie as "Frodo". Why wasn't that enough?! HE DIDN'T GET PICKED FOR A GRAMMY!!! So Ness gave up on his life of good and joined the Yoshia, where Yoshi welcomed him with open arms. Together, they both plan the death of Bowser in serect...shhhhhhhhhhh!


Beleive it or not, Mewtwo joined Roy in his training on 'Mount Mawhuaiionomijki'. But only because it gives him a nice quite place to think over that one question he can never ever EVER answer.


Peach was quickly locked up in a 'Crazy Person' house, where she waited till her day to become a free woman. It came. After Martha Stewart went to jail, they decided to grab the closes thing next to her, A crazy woman who has big breasts. So Peach was then signed a year's contract to the show, where she appears on TV everyday at 4, always saying what's in, what's out and what's fiiiiiiiiine...


Although convicted of crimes of all kinds, Pichu is too young to go to any form of jail. So the little rat is now no longer to leave the Smasher's House unless for an tournament. This didn't stop Pichu. Every night he would crawl into the wall with a lanter, go to Master Hand's bed side and watch him sleep...waiting....and waiting....and waiting....


Was eaten by Kirby. R.I.P. Falco...-Sad music-

Fox & Zelda-

After losing both their shoes, they fell deeply inlove and ran off and got married, where they lived happily ever after in their new bare-foot world.

Téa Gardner-

After getting away from Tsukasa, Téa became another household name, after staring on the newest season of Barney. However, she was fired, as Barney did not hug the kids until they turned blue, singing about friendship.


His body was found two afters after the 'Anneadenct.' Poor Tsukasa. His soul was nearly drained from his body. After a week, he was back on his feet and married Subaru...to his surpises, not only was he a she, but he had just married a car.


His body was also found, but in a mangled heap on the side of the road.


Ganndy joined the Yoshia to try and get back at Pichu for messing up his dream trap.

Mr. Janitor-

Was killed by Roy... R.I.P. Mr. Janitor... -Sad music-

Mr. Voice-

Still a invisable voice from no where.


Has been left in the closet until Master Hand releases her.

---Back with Crazy---

"Well there you have it folks." Crazy said. "That's what they all did after the show!!! Oh...my brother?" He gave a twisted evil laugh. "I signed him up for another Game Show! It's call, Big Brother..."

---Some house---

Master Hand floated up to the door of a nice blue house holding a brown bag. "Ah, now this is more MY kinda job." He took out the keys and opened the door...


"HOLY BURNING SHIT IN THE FIREY BOTTOMS OF HELL!!!" He screamed, dropping his groceries. He looked before him to see Samus, Fox, Popo, Nana, Zelda, Pikachu, Mario and Marth standing there with a big, 'WELCOME HOME HAND!' sign. "No...it can't be..."

"It is!" Marth said.

"Crazy told us you wanted us on your new show." Samus told the hand. "So we beat up those 'humans' and took there spot!"

"We can be bestest friends forever!!" Pikachu smiled, hugging the giant hand.



Bowser: Or is it?! -Twilight zone music-

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