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Kuri: See but that's why you like it

Ddc: ::raises eyebrow:: Care to explain oh enlightened muse of mine?

Kuri: You get to rant and rave and be as sarcastic as you want for a few lines!

Ddc: -.-;;;;;;;;;;

Kuri: Hehe I always win at this game

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Sniper: ::runs around in Zorro costume:: Muhahahhahahaha!!!

Jin: I'm confused.

Toguro: Well now, THAT'S the surprise of the century right there.

Jin: Hey!!! ::throws chip at Toguro's head:: Shut up Arnold Schwarzenegger wannabe!!!!

Toguro: Owww death by chip. Genkai, sweetie, could you kiss my head and make feel all better? Toguro's got a booboo.

Genkai: Of course baby ::kisses Toguro's head::

Yusuke: ::wakes up:: EEEEKKKKKK!!!!!!! OLD PEOPLE PORN!!!! ::faints again::

Kurama: I hardly would think that Genkai kissing Toguro's head qualifies as a porn act, but sure, whatever floats Yusuke's boat.

Sniper: HEY!!! ::jumping up and down waving around plastic sword:: YO!! PAY ATTENTION TO THE GUY IN THE ZORRO OUTFIT!!!!!!

Hiei: What do you want you annoying twerp?

Sniper: I'm no annoying twerp!! Girls love me! I'll have you know that I have my own fansite.

Hiei: Yeah? Well I have about a million fansites.

Kurama: And I have two million.

Jin: AND I HAVE ONE HUNDRED!!!!! ::bounces around::

Sniper: T.T I'm not feeling special and loved right now.

Seaman: NOOO!! SNIPER YOU CAN'T FEEL UNSPECIAL AND UNLOVED!!!! ::jumps him and makes out with him::

Hiei: HEY! That's what I'm supposed to be doing to Kurama! ::jumps Kurama and makes out with him::

Kuwabara: ::wakes up:: STOP MAKING OUT ALREADY!! ::passes out again::

Touya: Why does he keep doing that?

Kuronue: I donno, it's hella annoying though.

Karasu: Yes it is.

Kuronue: Karasu?

Karasu: Yes love?

Kuronue: Are you thinking what I'm thinking?

Karasu: I believe I am

Kuronue and Karasu: RABID YAOI FANBOY ATTACK!!!! ::grab Kuwabara and drag him upstairs::

Kurama: ::pulls away from Hiei:: What did my rabid fans just do?

Yomi: Oh nothing darling. They just took the stupid orange human guy upstairs and are probably flushing him down the toilet.

::sounds of toilet flushing::

Yomi: See?

Yukina: KAZUMA!!!!!!! ::runs upstairs::

Hiei: You mean the idiot is dead?

Yomi: It's a possibility. It's physically impossible for him to get flushed down the toilet and still be alive. Actually, it's physically impossible for anyone to get flushed down a toilet and still be alive. Well, anyone except for you Hiei.

Hiei: Did you just make fun of me being short?

Yomi: Depends. Will you hurt me if I did?

Hiei: No

Yomi: Then yes I did.

Hiei: ::pulls out katanas:: DIE GOAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yomi: AAHHH!!! ::runs away:: YOU SAID YOU WOULDN'T HURT ME!!

Hiei: I had my fingers crossed behind my back. NOW DIIIIEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!

Kurama: Ah that's the love of my life. GO FOR HIS NUTS HIEI!!!!!!

Hiei: Ok Foxy!!!!!

Itsuki: Kurama's very…merciless isn't he

Sensui: It would seem so. Now shut up and kiss me again!

Itsuki: Your wish is my command ::makes out with Sensui again::

Kuronue and Karasu: ::walk down the stairs grinning::

Karasu: Kuronue my love that was absolutely wonderful

Kuronue: I must agree, I had a positively smashing time


Mukuro: ::still hanging from the fan:: GET HIM HIEI!!!!!!!! Then cut me down please

Hiei: HELL NO WOMAN! ::jumps on Yomi's back and hits him with hilts of katana's repeatedly:: Hey look! His head's hollow!

Yomi: Oooowwww!!! GET HIM OFF!!! GET HIM OFF!!!!!!

Hiei: Tehehe. This is fun! He's a drum! He's a drum!! Bong bong bong

Kurama: Ok Hiei that's enough playing the bongo drums on Yomi's head. I'm getting lonely over here and I was just wondering…

Hiei: ::jumps off Yomi and then jumps Kurama::

::3 young men suddenly appear in thin air and fall all over each other::

Guy #1: Oooowwwwwwww my toe

Guy #2: Look Gackt I know you love me and all but do you HAVE to grope me right this minute?!

Guy #3 aka Gackt: I'm not groping you Hyde, that's Mana

Hyde: MANA!!!!!!!!

Mana: What can I say? My toe hurts, I need a sympathy groping.

Hiei: ::stops making out with Kurama:: Holy shit where did they come from?

Hyde: Wow, the Kyo wannabe is so eloquent

Hiei: Kyo?

Mana: Yeah Kyo-Kyo, real short gothic guy. Except he's a little taller than you. Hehe


Hyde: You mean shorter right?

Gackt: Why what did I say?

Hyde: Taller

Gackt: Oh. My bad.

::Chaos Girls appear::

Hiei: ::launches himself onto Ddc:: MAKE THE SCARY PEOPLE GO AWAY!!!!!

Ddc: Yeeessss Hiei's launching himself onto me for comfort! I WIN KATIE G! MUHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

Katie G: T.T so sad

Hiei: Huh?

Kit: -.-;;;; don't even try to understand those two they're hopeless

Wya: Oh like you're any better Kit

Duo: Yeah really you're just as bad as us!

Kit: True, true. But I don't have to admit that now do I?

Shida: She's got a point you know

Ddc: Oh Kiiiitttt!!!!!

Kit: Yes oh lovely Ddc?

Ddc: ::smirks:: I love it when you flatter me

Kit: I know. That's why I do it.

Hiei: ::still attached to Ddc:: Question!

Duo: Yes Hiei?

Hiei: Why are there scary people here? Besides you?

Ddc: Kit made me put them in.

Kit: Now you see why I flatter her

Ddc: It does wonders, flattery and constant nagging.

Wya: That it does.

Shida: Which is why we need to nag her into writing us each lemon fics.

Ddc: WHAT?!

Kit: ::smirks:: Yeah. You heard us

Ddc: ::smirks and leers at Kit:: Hey Kit, you know how I'm straight?

Kit: Eh…yeah?

Ddc: Well right now you're really making me question my sexuality you sexy little thing you. I say we should get down and dirty right here right now. What do you say?

Kit: O.O AAAAAAHHHHHHHHH!!!!!! ::runs away screaming in the opposite direction::

Ddc: ::rolling around laughing ass off:: Oh my god that was so great

Katie G: ::snickering:: Ddc stop tormenting Kit by pretending you're a lesbian, it's not nice and I think she's going to snap soon

Wya: Plus it scares us

Shida: I mean for all we know you're gonna start hitting on us next

Duo: And that would just not be cool

Ddc: ::raises eyebrow:: Well that idea had never entered my brain, but since you're suggesting it…

Chaos Girls: O.o AAAHHHH!!!!!!! ::run off screaming::

Mana: This is such an…interesting place

Hyde: You said it.

Gackt: ::sleeping and drooling on Hyde's shoulder:: Zzzzzz

Ddc: Tehehe. Ok Hiei as much as I love your head smashing my boobs, you need to get off so I can go and say just kidding to the girls about a million times or else they're gonna skin me alive and that just wouldn't be nice. Cus you see I kinda like having skin, it's really a nice thing. ::disappears dragging off Jrockers::

Hiei: ::blinks:: That was weird

Touya: That was disturbing

Kieko: That was hot!!

Everyone: ::anime fall::

Kurama: Kieko, is there something you feel you need to tell us?

Kieko: Ummm…nope. Not really.

Kurama: Uh huh…Hiei! Why don't you tell us your idea!

Hiei: Oh yeah huh. That. Almost forgot. Jin gets to sing The Llama Song. Now kiss me you fox!!!! ::jumps Kurama::

Jin: They be doin' that a lot now

Touya: Yeah, they're making up for all the times they haven't been making out. Now go sing!

Jin: ::whining:: But I wanna make out with you!!! And then go fly into windows!!!

Touya: -.-;;; just go sing Jin

Jin: Awww ok.

::Music starts::

Jin: ::singing in a weird midget voice really fast:: Here's a llama

There's a llama

And another little llama

Fuzzy llama

Funny llama

Llama llama


Touya: O.o what on earth IS this song?!

Yusuke: ::wakes up:: It's a flash movie song ::passes out again::

Touya: Ummm…ok

Jin: Llama llama







Llama llama



Llama llama


Itsuki: ::stops making out with Sensui:: You know this song suits him

Sensui: Yes it does. Nice and random

Itskui: About an animal

Sensui: In an Irish midget voice

Itsuki: Yup

Sensui: Ok enough talking

Itsuki: I love your ideas Shinobu ::makes out with Sensui again::

Jin: I was once a tree house

I lived in a cake

But I never saw the way

The orange slayed the rake

I was only three years dead

But it told a tale

And now listen, little child

To the safety rail

Touya: O.o he used to be a treehouse in a cake?!

Yomi: Don't try to understand him man

Kuronue: It's impossible

Karasu: He's a flying leprechaun with a horn, what do you expect?

Touya: True, but he's MY flying leprechaun with a horn ::sighs happily::

Jin: Did you ever see a llama?

Kiss a llama?

On a llama?

Llama's llama

Tastes of llama

Llama llama


Half a llama

Twice a llama



Llama in a car

Alarm a llama



Is it how it's told now?

Is it all so old?

Is it made of lemon juice?




Now my song is getting thin

I've run out of luck

Time for me to retire now

And become a duck

::music ends::

Jin: ::bouncing:: WEEE!! That was fun

Touya: ::sniffs:: Awww come here you!!! ::jumps Jin::

Sniper: ::still in Zorro costume:: Wwhhaaaa nobody cares that I'm dressed up as a hero!!!

Genkai: -.- ok you obnoxious brat. Why are you dressed up as Zorro?

Sniper: Because I can ::pleased look::

Genkai: -.-;;;;;; ::picks up chair and throws it at Sniper::

Sniper: EEK!! COOL ZORRO CLOAK!! SSAAVVEE MMEEE!!!! ::tries to shield self with cloak but gets hit with chair anyway::

Genkai: He's worse than the dimwit

Toguro: And that's saying a lot

Kieko: ::bouncing:: NOW can I say my idea?

Koenma: No! Because Botan has an idea

Botan: Yup! And you know Ferry Girls ALWAYS go first when it comes to these things

Kieko: They do?

Botan: Yup!

Kieko: Since when?

Botan: Since five seconds ago

Kieko: -.-;;; why do I even bother?

Botan: I have no idea. Anyway, here's my idea!


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