What is Love, you ask me?

Summary - James asked Lily what love is, she didn't know what to answer him. Today, she's giving it a try. Short, so pleee...eaa...ase R/R!

Author's Note - Just an idea I had... Hope you'll like it! Read and Review pls!!! It's from Lily's POV. I like doing things from people's POV. It's getting old I know...neway, read on...

Disclaimer - As usual, anything you don't recognise is mine, otherwise it isn't.


Yesterday, you asked me what love is. I didn't know what to answer. I thought about it, but I'm afraid I have no concise and clear answer.

What is love, James, but a feeling? A feeling born within the very core of your heart... but which does the greatest damage on your head and your thoughts?

It could be born within matter of seconds or constructed over the years. Some believe that Love just happens...Others make it happen...but I believe that our love was meant to be.

Love is being blind with your eyes, but seeing so clearly with your heart.

Love is the giving away of your heart and soul and knowing that you won't want to take them back. It is about being hurt when your heart is rejected or cheated onto...but it doesn't always have to hurt to feel good - you showed me that.

Love, James, could be fire – powerful, unstoppable and at times, devastating.

It could be water – calm, pacific and quenching your thirst of passion.

Love could be the earth beneath our feet – we sometimes forget that it's there, but it is. Always.

Love could be glass – once shattered, it can never be the same again...but at the same time, like China, if it's meant to be, it will never crack.

Love is just a four-letter word. L for Life, O for Outstanding, V for Virtuous and E for Essential and Eternal. For once you love a person, you always will, even for a thousand of years. Love is just a word, yet a word mustering so much.

Love is a bond, shared by hearts. It gives without asking for anything in return...and gets the most pleasant of surprises when they get do get something in return.

Love is like God – we cannot see it, but we can feel it and we know that it is there.

Love is about getting funny little feelings each time the one is around. It is about not being in control of anything anymore. Control, is what you have on me - yet you do not abuse of it. My heart is in the palm your hand and all that I do, it's because of you and for you.

Love isn't about being perfect... but rather about being perfect for the one you're with.

Love is a feeling I never thought I'd experience, James. Never in a hundred of years. But it took me by surprise. I wasn't...I was not prepared for it. But at the same time, it felt like I had been waiting for it all my life...It's kind of hard to explain...

It makes same feel like I'm travelling halfway around the world...when all along I was here with you.

It makes me feel giddy, like I am going to faint...but I know you'll catch when I fall.

It makes my insides become mushy, but I can feel the blood pumping through my veins.

It makes me feel alive...yet my heart stops each time I see you.

Yesterday, when you asked me what love is, I did not know what to tell you... Today, here is my answer James Potter –