He woke up early today. No, he had intended to wake up early to begin with. For the longest time he has been with these people, and, he does not know why anymore. He was there for money, to begin with. They promised him that they would find his memories. They never did. Maybe, he wanted to find those absurd memories with them as much as he hated them. Memory was a word that was taboo to him. Whenever someone spoke it he suddenly was lost in some communication error.

He was not Jet Enduro. That young man he was not. That young man died so long ago. No, he was just a guy who had that kid's body laid over his design. What was he really? What did he really look like? He would never know thanks to Jet Enduro. He was not Jet Enduro. He has just used that name forever and as long as he can remember. Remember. How he hated that. All his memories were of a Filgaia he had never seen. Memories of a green Filgaia, and worse off, he can never remember those memories. He just knows he can remember such a place.

It was all Elliot's fault! Elliot Enduro. His desire to have his son back made Adam Kadom into Jet Enduro.

He was alone. He was made to be alone he thought. And, nothing that hit him ever caused him to suffer. He could survive nearly anywhere really. He could last in this desert wasteland.

His name was not Jet Enduro. It was not Adam Kadom. Whatever his name was, he did not know. He, never knew who he was, because of what he was made out to be. When most people were born they were blank, he was not. He was both Adam Kadom and Jet Enduro from the start, and yet, neither of the two.

The sun crept in through the window, and all he could do was stare at the people who led him to this point. He could not stay with them. He never wanted to be with them. He stayed with them, for reasons unclear to him now. He does not remember what he said. Remember. Again, he hated that. He, was going to head forward. He fought to keep going forward. He wanted to live? Was that the reason?

He used to just want to be alone. Run from memories, and everything. Just be alone and try to find something meaningful. He wound up with these people, the Maxwell Gang. And, he did not want to be alone now for the same reason. More and more he has been thinking about outcomes. People, like Virginia. He could tell what made her what she is. He saw that she had many possibilities in front of her. And, she got here. She knows who she is enough.

He wanted to be alone, just so he could find who he was. To restart again as no one and see what happened. He could end up in the same position, but for once, he did not see that a waste of time no matter how long it took him. He needed to know who he was.

There was Gallows. The damn Baskar was drooling in his sleep and, possibly hung-over from an extravaganza last night. The anniversary of the ill-fated day he met on the train with the Ark Scepter those three other people.

Clive was quietly seated aside. He looks like he's vigilant, but, no, he was passed out in a sitting position with his ARM at the ready. Hopefully he does not fire it drunk.

And, there was Virginia who had not more than one drink. She had her fun, and in need of rest went to bed.

He had drinks. Many. But, he wasn't a drunkard. He was also a lonely drunk, so he drank off to the side from all the rest—even though it was really a group celebration. Those other guys understood that he liked to be alone at times, and kept their distance.

Some know better than that, because Jet was rather talkative until a few days ago when they came across a dead man in the wasteland. Gallows asked, 'Wonder who he is?'. After that, Jet was quiet, and even more to himself than ever. When you say talkative of Jet, that means he'll talk back to you, but not to you unless he needed to. So, when he did not even know life went on around him that was the point that one person noticed it.

"What are you doing?"

Jet looked around the room with tense muscles. Who had said that? His comrades all looked asleep. "V-Virginia?"

"Yeah," She opened her eyes and looked in his direction never sitting up or moving otherwise. "So, what are you doing?"

"I, what does it matter when I wake early? I'm just not tired." He defended himself.

"Yeah." She closed her eyes. He nearly let out an audible breath of relief. "But," He tensed up again. "Something's been bothering you. What was it?"

"Uh, nothing. Nothing of any concern. I," He scanned all of his head for an idea and excuse. "I've just been trying to figure out the exact lines to a song."

"You were?" She looks at him quizzically.

"Well, I, just got it stuck up there, and, well, I need to know all the words by heart if I'm gonna get it unstuck."

"Oh. Well, good luck with that." She returned to rest. He moved a foot. "Darned if you know it!" She silently cursed. He tensed up again. "Can't get to sleep." She sits up.

"Uh, well, you haven't even tried." He states. It had only been less than a minutes he would think.

"Well, I can just tell, really. So, let's go downstairs and see if we can get something to eat." She walked over silently. Without her boots she made hardly a noise.

"I, wasn't that hungry."

"Nonsense. You are, trust me." She takes his hand softly. Warm to the touch. "C'mon."

He relented. "Whatever."

Leaving the room the two made it to the stair when she stopped him. "Do you want to be alone again? I mean, really 'alone' alone?"


"I didn't want them hearing us." She commented. "You, can tell me. I'll defend you after you leave, but if you leave, you're going to have to leave now." She sadly noted.

"I, it was selfish of me."

"Did we annoy you? To want to go? Or, maybe something else."

"It, wasn't because I hate you guys. Because, I do, but for my own greedy reasons."

"What did you want to find, by leaving us?"


"So, a spiritual trip?"

"I, guess."

"Do, you really have to do it though? I mean, we may never meet again in many years if, ever, if you go."

"Well, you wouldn't miss me much."

"I, would. We, have been together for a long time now Jet."

"Don't say Jet."

"What do I call you then?"

"I'm sorry, just, call me Jet then."

"I will miss you. So will the others. Gallows will probably say, 'Good riddance' and won't mean it. Clive, I'm not sure what he'll say, he can be unpredictable at times."

"I'm not going."

"Why? Just because I know now, so you'll schedule it another time?" She harshly ridiculed.

"No, I, don't want to go."

"Well, then, how will you get over your, problem?"

"I'll, just deal with it. Don't worry. Going like that will just be, too complicated now."

"So, you're waiting until the end of our team?"


"I wish, I had the answer for you Jet."

"The question."


"You don't know it. The question."

"Well, what is it?"

He looks away. Judging what to say. "Who am I?"

"You're Jet."

"No, I'm not. Jet was Jet. I'm not Jet."

"Well, there was another Virginia before me probably, and they weren't me, but, they shared the same name."

"What?" His words trembled.

"You may have the same name, but, you aren't the same Jet. You're known to all by Jet. You can't change your name now."

"I, never thought, that I could be, Jet Enduro, and not be the, other one." His foot neared the edge of the top stair.

"So, are you Jet?" She wondered with a smile. Toying with his gray hair a bit what with it's current state of 'bed-head'.

"It would, seem-" Then he fell down the stair. He was trying to get away from her when she got closer, and so, he went off-balance in weight and now, he was on the wood floor on the first floor.

"You okay?" She came running to his side.

"I've, seen worse, right?" He joked as he sat up. It was best not to worry her now. He had picked up on that over time. Whenever one of them got hurt, she would be concerned over them. So, it was best to tell her right away now.


Jet looked to the tall statesman-like man before him. The suit, clean and prime. His hair slick. Gray, but the man was young. Older than he, but not by much. His lapel was a berry. "Huh?" Jet was taken by a painful headache. Something like he had way back when he was in places like Yggdrasil.

"You're, Jet…Enduro." The man bent at the knee. After a brief moment he took Jet in a tight hug that almost caused bulging eyes.

Virginia watched in caution. "Uhm, just, who are you?"

"Huh?" The man looked to the woman. "I am Dr. Enduro. Clyde Enduro. Anthropologist." Jet suddenly felt so far away. He should not feel that way. This man was nobody to him. And yet, he was everything to Clyde it seemed. Virginia was with mouth agape. She had no idea what to say. She, just remained at Jet's side as the man helped Jet up, and offered a hand to her which she took. In silence they moved to a table. Jet said nothing. Virginia was not sure she should or could say anything. It was not here moment. "I, thought you died, so long ago. In, some vague memory of mine."

"Are you really, related to Jet?" Virginia wondered.

"I'm, his older brother."

Jet remained quiet. "Isn't that, just wonderful Jet?" He remained quiet. Her smile fell a bit. She was thinking he'd be happy.

"Uh, is he mute, or deaf?" Clyde wondered.

"N-no, he wasn't last thing I knew." Virginia replied as Jet seemed to be getting farther from the table.

"Hmm, well, if he finds his tongue, I would love for him to come by the homestead and see his sister-in-law and nephews."

"H-He will be glad to come by later. Where is the house?" Virginia answered.

"Just, outside town here."

"Right…the…mansion." Virginia gulped. Just what was Jet missing out on? He was looking for a fortune when he could very well have one for all she knew.

With a quick farewell Clyde left the two. She stared at Jet. Placing her hand on his arm and gingerly moving her hand on it for comfort. "My brother? No, he's not my brother! He's Jet's brother!"

"Will you, take this away from Jet's brother though?"

Jet remained quiet. "I-I should go there. Just, once. Tell him, that I'm not the brother he had. Tell him that Jet really is dead."

"If, you feel you should. I, suppose he deserves such."

"Uh, you wanna come?" He wondered. If he was truly going to be in this team he better always have backup.

"If you want. I bet Clive would like to come too, seeing that your brother is a anthropologist. They'll talk up a storm. And, Gallows likes big things like this."


"It'll be fun and just fine." She comforted.


"You are, still conscious right?"


"My blouse doesn't support my breasts anymore. What do you think? Time for a new one?" She pulled at the blouse.

"Wh-Whatever." He said with a blush trying not to look now.