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As Rikku hummed to herself on the outskirts of Luca, she had a big fuss on her mind on what happened earlier this morning. She had a big argument with Cid, and she couldn't handle Brother's loud mouth! Brother had gotten her crazy from a big argument followed by pops. She closed her eyes and breathed. At least they were at Luca. She had always had a feeling that she would be in Luca on day like this. Well, she finally wanted to live by herself and do whatever she wanted when she wanted to. She continued walking down the street humming. That was the best thing she could do when she was sad. She thought about all the places she could live and could possibly afford. She needed to get away from Brother and Cid. Forever.

' Drats, all I could do is think of someplace to live while Brother and Cid are sleeping peacefully at home... Ah well...'

She thought, of all places of luck. She had no idea what it would take. Didn't have enough gil.

' Hmmmm, Besaid. No, Yunie and Tidus! They do all the icky stuff! Um, Bevelle... No, Paine and Baralai are there! Poopie! Anymore city's.... I'll just run away!'

Rikku ran home as fast as she could and packed up all her things. She heard a loud knock on the door.

" Rikku! What are you doing!?!"

" I'm packing up father." Rikku replied as she opened the door and was greeted by a sleepy-angry Cid.

"WHAT FOR?!" Cid asked, being red all of a sudden.

" Pops, I think it's time I leave you and Brother." Rikku said closing her eyes shut unaware of what she was going to hear next.

" Rikku, are you serious?" Cid asked not being so loud, but sad.

Rikku opened her eyes slowly as she let out a sigh. He didn't scream. She blinked a few times then answered.

" Pops, I think it's best that I left."


" You don't need me anymore and I can't take it anymore either."

"Can't take what?" Cid was sad with her answer. He didn't want his daughter to leave.

" You know what I mean Pop's. The fighting and hectic. I can't take it anymore. I think I know what's best for me, and I'm old enough to make my own choices."

Rikku sounded so determined with her answer closed her eyes and answered once more, " What I'm trying to say is...I'm leaving, for good."

Cid just stood there.

"No." Cid said, and he became angry again.

"What you're trying to say is that I can't go?" Rikku asked.

" YES! YOU CAN'T GO!" Cid practically screamed out causing Brother to wake up.

" But Pop's! I'm on my own!" Rikku protested.

" No!"

" YES!"
"YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Rikku screamed on the top of her lungs.

Cid was beyond shocked and he, finally came to a conclusion.

" Fine if it's what you want go and never come back to live here again!"

Rikku's heart swelled up with joy! She practically jumped and got all her things.

" Well, I'm off!" And she gave Brother a slap.

" You deserved it!" Cid joked.

She left.

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