A/N: This is the last part of this story. While it is very short, I felt it needed to be on its own, and so it is. Once again, my deepest thanks to Nuwie who helped me get into the mind of a werewolf. Thank you to all my other readers, you made it worthwhile: )

Part Four

Mr. Remus J. Lupin (I.D.# 83650273):

We at the Ministry thank you for the effort and time you have given in writing us. It is through concerned citizens such as yourself that we are able to address the problems of today.

As you are catalogued in our database for Magical Non-Human Creatures, we are well aware of your time as professor at Hogwarts. We are also aware that you resigned under curious circumstances just before rumors circulated of you attacking students and faculty during a full moon. As you may recall, we have already investigated the matter with you and other witnesses, so this information need not be repeated.

Such as it is, your judgment and the judgment of your peers concerning the events surrounding the Tri-Wizard Tournament we do not consider valid enough to spread nationwide panic. As an educated person, surely you realize what sort of implications would arise if we were to give in to your request to announce the return of He Who Shall Not Be Named. It is a false rumor and we will not cause unrest within the society if we allow such rumors to abound.

While your 7th Year thesis was informative to those of us not as familiar with your species, it brings up some disturbing problems that we plan to address. This unreasonable pent up anger you appear to hold against mankind is an issue we recommend you face. Enclosed with this letter is a Mind Healer at St. Mungos highly reputed among unique beings such as yourself. However the choice is yours on whether or not to see her.

Either way, you may expect an agent from the Magical Non-Human Creature branch of our department to further investigate the matter. Especially concerning the issue of the danger repeatedly posed to innocent children during your time as a student. Until you are approached by our agent, we recommend that you refrain from using magic.

Needless to say, we have considered and rejected any notion that those of your species are treated as anything but equals. Your comparison of the Ministry and the American government during the 60's and 70's is insulting and shows your lack of understanding in the matter. We here at the Ministry have only the safety and happiness of all our citizens in mind and we do not feel the need to justify our actions from either current or past times. To allow non-humans certain allowances would be to put the rest of the society at great jeopardy. This anger which you described solidifies our judgment in the matter. We would not wish any hasty actions of angry non-humans to harm innocent civilians.

We trust in your understanding and thank you for your time. As always, we embrace new concerns and ideas.

Very Respectfully,

Andrew Callista

Head of Magical Non-Human Creature office

Arachne Stellaron

Head of Half-Human Affairs

Olivia McMurphy

Head of Department Against the Dark Arts

Gov. Thomas Lampra

On behalf of the Minister of Magic and all Departments of the Ministry