Possession of the Heart


Melissa Byrd


Note: These characters do not belong to me. They are property of Rumiko Takahashi.

Summary: Inuyasha, Shippo, Sesshomaru, Koga, and Miroku all belong to Kikyo, as Kagome, Sango, Ayame, and Rin belong to Naraku. Their masters treat them as that which is lower than dirt, but when reality hits the slaves, they try to break their chains, however, will they ever fully be able to break free from that which ties them to their masters?

Authoress' Note: Well, here's another idea of mine. This story contains ideas of slavery, abuse, rape, and violence at some points. You have been warned, so please do not continue to read if you can't handle the above.

Chapter I: Where it all begins.

. It was just after dawn, but already several 'visitors' had made their way into the foul-smelling market. One at a time, they made their way through the maze of cages, stopping ever so often to look in a cage. Some of the women looked frightened, but they were new to everything. Others just carried about with their own thoughts, while others still were trying to clean their faces from the dirt and filth that managed to gather.

Kagome sat in the corner of her cage, her chin resting on her knees.. She sighed refusing to move forward to be picked over. She hated being caged up like an animal, but she hated the stories she heard about the way some women were treated even more.

The sound of a whip cracked, catching the attention of the women. Those who could made their way to the front of the cages, for they new if they did not, they'd be punished after the 'visitors' left. The men stood in the center of the room, some gawking at the women, others smiling, while a few stood emotionless.

Kagome now sat, her head down, her hands in her lap, as she had been 'taught' to sit. The men began to browse, and most passed her over without a second glance. She inwardly sighed, wishing she would be purchased by a good person-something she was starting to doubt that existed, at least as far as owners were concerned.

Suddenly she was jarred out of her thoughts by the sound of a whip cracking against her cage, causing her to fall back.

"You," the market owner began to say, "Pay attention." And he then turned his attention back to the 'visitor'.

"What is her name?" he asked, his eyes boring into her, almost as if he were examining her soul.

"Whatever you want it to be." The owner quickly replied as the girl in question shivered.

The visitor smirked. "I'll take her." With those words he began to walk away, quickly followed by the owner.

Kagome looked behind them fearfully. 'Oh no!' she thought. She saw the owner quickly signal two men who began to walk to the cage carrying what looked like an injection needle. She quickly crawled back as far as she could, but the other man grabbed her by the leg and pulled her forward, as a few tears escaped her eyes from the pain. "Be still." The men ordered as the one injected her with a clear solution.

Kagome stared out the cage where she'd been replaced, and tried to focus on the men. "She'll be ready to go momentarily." The owner said as he pointed towards her.

"Excellent." Was the visitor's reply as she started to fade out of consciousness. The last thing she remembered was seeing his horrid smirk.


The male slave market wasn't much different then the women's. The foul odor was the first to great the visitors, and the men were caged as animals-sometimes the kennels were even double-stacked. The main difference was the location and the sex of the slaves.

Most of the 'visitors' had not yet arrived, due to the fact that they thought they needed their beauty sleep, or so most said when they arrived late. However, a few were there looking about. The owner stood in the middle of the room with a whip in hand.

Inuyasha sat, propped up against the side of his cage, with his arms crossed against his chest. He didn't bother to look up because nearly no visitors passed his way. He was a hanyou-a half-breed, and degraded even by other slaves. He rolled his eyes at the thought. "Feh."

Footsteps-those of a woman-started to be heard coming his way, followed by a set of slower and less confident steps. "Now, this hanyou.." the visitor began, causing Inuyasha to raise an eyebrow, "You say he's strong?"

"Yes. His mind, spirit, and body are of equal strength." The owner replied. "He's also quite handsome, if I must say so myself."

"Hmm.." Inuyasha glared at the two staring eyes. "He is. Tell me, what is his name?"

"Whatever you want it to be." The female owner giggled slightly.

"Well, I do need someone of good strength." She smiled. "Have him prepared quickly."

"Yes." The owner signaled two men to prepare him. "We shall see how long his spirit lasts…."

End Chapter I

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