Chapter III: In Reality


Melissa Byrd


Author's Note: Okay, first off I'm going to take some time to answer a few questions. I got asked quite a few and what I don't answer now I'll answer at the next chapter.

1.There will be NO Koga/Kagome fluff, promise. By the time Koga meets her, she'll already like someone else.

2.Okay, the only two masters in this story are Naraku and Kikyo. Naraku's slaves are Kagome, Sango, Kagura, Ayame, Rin. Kikyo's slaves are Inuyasha, Miroku, Sesshomaru, Koga, and Shippo.

3.Pretty much everyone, even the masters, will end up having someone. Doesn't mean it'll necessarily end up happy for the evil ones.

4.Naraku is evil. Kikyo isn't 'really' evil, just concentrates on number one. (Herself)

5.Yes, there will be Sesshomaru fluff. I'd be killed if there wasn't ; In fact, there will be fluff for more than likely every couple..

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7.Yeah, I know the slavery thing has been done, however I'm trying to make sure this one is at least slightly different. I have read a few of the other stories out there, and haven't seen one where both characters, or sets (Male & female sets) were slaves. I'm also working on the detail and over-all ideas of the story. I'm hoping it'll end up one of those where it seems like it was as if you were there. That's my goal, and I hope to reach it.

8.It's not really camp imprisonment. Kikyo and Naraku are the owners…eh, well, guess it could be considered as a camp..ignore the stupid one.

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After fallowing Shippo out to the work yard, he pointed Koga off in one direction. Inuyasha still followed behind. "Inuyasha, for now your job is chopping of firewood. It's a fairly simple task. All you do is…."

"I think I can handle chopping wood you I-"

"Hold your tongue.." he said as he led Inuyasha to the specified area of trees. "Trust me, foul language and fighting gets you into more trouble than what it's worth here."

"Yeah, like what?" Inuyasha asked in a cocky tone of voice.

Shippo shivered. "A few hours with the mistress."


"You just don't get it, do you? I think what little power you have went to your head. Keep in mind, hanyou, you, like everyone else here," he said as he opened his arms towards the field of people, " are slaves. And whether we are youkai, hanyou, or human, it doesn't matter. We're all treated the same way."


Kagome quietly followed the girl out of the shabby little hut and towards the main building on the estate. Since she had not been able to see it before, she quickly glanced at various things. She followed the girl into the manor that had a strange feel about it. The walls were papered with dark blue materials. The only decorations were a few scattered candles and a rustic wooden table with a vase of flowers that had long ago wilted.

She shivered. The air was thick and foul-filled with the scent of blood and death. As she grew closer to her destination, she allowed her mind to wonder. 'Why am I here? D..did he hear us talking about him? Of course not! No one was there accept women… But what have I done wrong then? Maybe it's nothing…yeah, nothing at all. I'm just allowing this creepy place to get to me.'

"I suggest you snap out of your daze before we get there." The girl said coldly, slightly turning her head to stare at Kagome. Her stare made Kagome shiver once more.


The two walked a few more feet and the girl turned facing Kagome and opened the door, then pushed her inside. The room was dimly lit, however it appeared to be an office. Once again the room was a dark blue, and the windows were covered with matching dark cloth. There were a few candles on a small table, allowing little to be seen. There was also a candle on the main desk where the 'master' could be seen..

"Master, here is the new slave you have requested to see." The girl spoke clearly yet quietly.

"Very good. You may go now." He said with a quick hand gesture.

She bowed before making her way out, quickly closing the door behind her.

Kagome stood in uncomfortable silence for a moment before anyone spoke. "Y-you asked t-to see me Master?"

"Hmm…yes, you are the one I purchased recently." He said getting up from his desk and slowly making his way towards Kagome. His eyes were dark and as sinister as his smile. His hair was long and dark, hanging loosely about his face and shoulders. He lifted her chin slightly so her eyes would meet his. "Yes, you will do nicely." He said nearly too quietly. His touch was not a pleasant one, rather a cold one.

"Now," he said as he still stared into her eyes, as if searching for truth, and for light. "I see you have a high spirit. A youthful spirit. One to be broken…" he smiled his usual sinister smile as he let go of her chin. "We will take care of that shortly…." He paused slightly after that sentence. "Now, I must tell you a few things for your own good. One. Do not speak to me unless you are spoken to. Even if you have a message for me, I will address you. Got it?" he asked coldly. Kagome nodded and he continued. "Two. Remember, I OWN you. You are not to do anything unless I give you permission or tell you to do so. You are also to obey me and my ruling at all times." He quickly reached into the drawer of the desk and retrieved a whip to show he meant business. "All those who obey me, will be punished by whatever means I see fit… However, if you behave, no harm will come to you." He stated. "Now, this evening, you will aid in the kitchen duties. Leave me."

She quickly scurried out the door. No longer than the amount of time she was in his presence, she already knew she hated him-everything about him. She could feel the evil just radiating from that room, and made a silenced vow to stay away from that room and man as much as possible.


It was near mid-day. Inuyasha had nearly chopped every tree within the specified area and even split a few logs in two. 'Hmm..these may come in handy..' he thought as he harvested the smaller branches that would be easier to hide. He quickly found a nearby bush and quickly placed them behind the leaves.

"Inuyasha!" a familiar voice called, causing him to jump upright.

"Yyeah?" He turned around to see Koga.

"Come on, we have field duty." He said.

Inuyasha quickly followed him to a field filled with all sorts of grains and vegetables. Not only that, it was surrounded by fruit trees. Inuyasha's stomach rumbled slightly. More than likely due to the fact that he had been knocked out for nearly a day, and hadn't eaten yet.
Koga laughed slightly and kept walking. Shippo, on the other hand walked past Inuyasha. "Don't worry, meal time is in just a few hours."


End Chapter III

Next Chapter: Chapter IV: Friendly Faces, Dark Places

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