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-Chapter One-

Every Story Has a Beginning



A young man with black hair in a pigtail slamed the front door of the house where he lived.

He was wearing a shirt, a blazer, a tie and slacks. That young man was named Saotome Ranma, and he had just been to the twentieth job interview in six months.

Angrily, he stomped upstairs while tearing off the black tie, not caring if the two women sitting in the tea-room were startled at his behaviour.

"I'll bet you a hundred yen Kuno arranged for Ranma to lose another job," stated the younger of the two, and sipped her tea. The brown page-boy haircut barely hid the knowing expression she bore. This was Tendo Nabiki. The other, a motherly woman in her mid twenties, wearing a soft expression and a low ponytail hanging over her shoulder, nearly covering the front of her apron, was Tendo Kasumi. These two were sisters.

"That's an unfair bet, Nabiki," said Kasumi gently, with only a hint of displeasure, "Kuno-sempai has done so the past seven times, therefore, if Ranma did not get the job, it must be his doing."

The discussion was interrupted by Ranma trudging down and taking a seat along the table. He seemed depressed, which was not an all that uncommon occurrence over the past three years since he finished high-school. The problems he faced now could not be solved with a fist, and that was nearly the only solution he knew of, thanks to his father's insistence that nothing mattered but the Art.

When he first got out of school, Ranma had no trouble at all in finding a job.

All the construction companies in Japan had wanted him to come work for them, as did the dojos after his reputation got out. It looked like Ranma had his pick of a job, and things were going his way … that is, until the aptly named "Nerima Wrecking Crew" started showing up at the workplace …

When Hibiki Ryoga bumped into Ranma as he and his co-workers were finishing an apartment complex in the outskirts of Nerima, it led to a fight that Ranma was unable to lead anywhere else, resulting in levelling the building the construction company had spent half a year, and billions of yen on, in less than a minute.

Needless to say that Ranma was fired. He was just lucky that they didn't hold him responsible enough to sue him for damages, but rather realised the dangers of having Ranma working for them.

This was repeated, with different enemies. Taro, Mousse and others not worthy of mentioning.

Tendo Akane, Ranma's fiancée, was of no help, as she kept up her pattern of beating him halfway into orbit for the slightest mishap, even if it was no fault of his, resulting in him being late for his job or causing him to miss a meal. No one else in the household worked, apart from Mr Tendo's volunteer job as a Council member of the City Council, which meant that it was Ranma's duty to put bread on the table, so to speak.

Nabiki was a student at a local college, but still found time in her busy schedule to take pictures of Ranma in various degrees of dressed states and genders, and sell the pictures to Ranma's co-workers. This caused Ranma to be fired from at least three jobs, as Ranma's co-workers started making sexual advances on him, whether in female or male form, and resulting in him getting fired because he was disturbing the wa of the workplace.

Some times, Ranma's father, Saotome Genma, would cheat something away from Ranma's employer, thereby having the vengeance reflected to Ranma. This scenario represented ten percent of Ranma's loss of jobs, and Ranma was not happy about it.

These last times, though, Kuno Tatewaki had contacted the employers before Ranma's interview, and spouted poetry that would have made even Shakespeare nauseous from the complexity of it all. In general, this poetry summed up Kuno's opinion of Ranma, that he was a vile cur, an enemy to all women and so on. Needless to say, no employer would touch him, even for janitorial jobs.

All Akane would do in encouragement, was screaming at him for either trying to cheat on her (by this point, her paranoia for this had grown such that she suspected Ranma of cheating on her with either gender), or bash his head in with a mallet for nothing worth mentioning. And Ranma was getting sick and tired of it. She even forced him to try and wrestle her latest meal before eating it. That pudding sure put up one heck of a fight. The noodles that woman made also had a tendency of seeking out victims to strangle.

Not everything had been bad, though.

The Amazon matriarch Cologne, had decided to teach Ranma some more secret Amazon techniques, as a peace-offering. Of course, the hidden motive was that this might make him choose Shampoo for his bride over the other fiancées. Not a very likely thing to happen.

The Amazons weren't the only ones that had taught him something new. The same year he finished high school, and had much free time between jobs, Ranma's mother, Saotome Nodoka had thought it a good time to remind him that the name of his style was "Anything Goes", and as such, she had, in her own commanding way, suggested that she teach him to wield a katana, the family weapon. This led to Ranma inventing his own secret technique, as he did not like the idea of carrying weapons that could very easily be taken away from him. And with the lessons in swordsmanship, came lessons in proper speech. It would not do to be fired or not hired simply because of ones habit of speaking like a scoundrel.

To make it all worse, Kuno had somehow found out that the "Pigtailed Goddess" was the child of Genma, and while said father was in a bar, and quite inebriated, had declared his wish to wed her. Needless to say, at the end of the night, Genma's bar tab was clean, and Ranma's girl-side was engaged to Kuno. Ranma still refused to show his girl-side to Kuno after finding out about it. This also resulted in Ranma being chased more often for "hiding the Pigtailed Goddess" from her fiancé. This did not, of course, sit well with Akane.

Ranma picked at his dinner that night, not even bothering to fight off his father's attempts at stealing it. Akane growled about him being a lazy pervert, while Kasumi looked disapprovingly at her youngest sister's behaviour. After the youngest Tendo made another remark at Ranma's pride, he had enough and slammed his fist in the table, effectively breaking it into pieces, and got to his feet in one fluid motion.

"I've had it!" he bellowed. "All everyone does is blame me for everything, and giving me a hard time, this is it, I'm leaving!"

Before anyone had any time to reply, the pigtailed boy was already upstairs in the guestroom, and packing his things. By the time anyone else entered the guest room, the only sign that he had ever been there was the open window that had the curtains flutter in the evening breeze.

In the darkening streets of Juuban, there was a knocking that the door of the Saotome home, and the only person currently living there answered. She was a woman in her early forties, with reddish brown hair, currently tied into a bun at the base of her neck. Saotome Nodoka, Ranma's mother, was very surprised to see her only son standing at her door with all his worldly possessions with him, and with a single track of a treacherous tear down his cheek, one he wiped away just after the door was open.

"Hello, mother," he greeted with a stiff bow and a sad crack in his voice. "I was hoping I could seek refuge here for the night."

The usually formal mother stepped out and embraced her son and led him inside.

"Of course, dear," she said comfortingly, and encouraged her only son to let his emotions out as he put his backpack against the wall, making the floor groan under the weight, and led him to the room that had been his when he was a child. They both sat on the bed for hours, just waiting for Ranma to give in and burst the emotional dams he had built over the years.

In the middle of the night, Ranma's stubborn demeanour wore out, and he burst into barely restrained tears as his mother buried his face in her shoulder while comforting him. She had barely had any time to be a mother to him when he grew up, and she was going to make up for it now.

The distraught martial artist cried himself to sleep on his mother's shoulder over the next hours, and was gently tucked in and left to rest as the spring-time sun was slowly making its way up over the horizon.

The very next day, in a shady shop not too far from Furinkan High school, a man sold all kinds of magical and mystical items, anything from instant Jusenkyo powder, to phoenix eggs. The owner of this shop was now faced with a desperate man, in search of any means to his end.

Not being one to turn down a client, the owner complied and after some rummaging found what the man was looking for. Being a businessman first and foremost, the owner demanded payment before handing the item over, and was counting the money a second time as the man examined the item.

A great flash filled the shop after some rummaging on the man's part, and all that was left of the man was his smoking clothes … a red silken shirt, a pair of slippers, and a pair of black drawstring pants, and the magical item was gone.

Saotome Ranma was no longer present in this world.

Author's Notes: I finally decided to reread this story, and discovered several errors in this chapter alone … several of them were a shift in past and present tense, these were changed to past tense. The part with the Magic Shop was extended several sentences, and if anyone noticed, I changed the '' into "".